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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • @residentjack Hi-Jack! (sorry couldnt resist the pun!) Start here;-

  • @driftwood I'm not sure what VK changes you're making Nick, but Version 1 is super. I started with a gloomy day in the swamp with a really light snow with the 14-140. The details are great. In post I tried to break it but it just kept getting better.

    I took it out tonight with a Canon 50mm 1.8 and videoed some street scenes. The small amount of noise is unbelievable.....Hell, even the reds are red.

    This is your best work yet!!!

  • @peternap Hi Peter, Just adapting the HBR modes and 720p for stability (and better quality!) It'll be uploading soon. 24p hasn't changed - its pretty fucking amazing as it is.

  • @driftwood Thanks for the link! Really feel much better (and a lot less dumb) now knowing what GOP is ; Thanks also for all the hard work and quick reply :)

  • "its pretty fucking amazing as it is"

    It's funny that this is actually an understatement. Can't wait for the new one Nick. Shooting tomorrow (four days in -30... that'll be interesting). Would love to use the latest if its up in time!

    Oh, at @otcx thx for the note on spanning. Will doublecheck VK and report back but its great it will span on the right cards. So long sedna C -- it was fun while it lasted.

  • @peternap "This is your best work yet!!!"

    I absolutely agree with that, especially the "VK" setting is the best you can get for the GH2! I've tested it on a 40"inch flat panel. Incredible!!!


  • Looking forward to trying out the new version of VK soon.

  • @keller42 That footage (CaSA roof) looks great. Thanks for posting.

    @driftwood The Cluster VK as seen in keller42 footage is a whole new level. I'm still loving Boom for a project I'm on now given its' unique look, but will be testing Cluster VK for a future project. Some of the shots by keller42 really had that hollywood level look to them. Great stuff.

  • @matt_gh2 I agree in my testing there is something really different about the look of the VK hack..It almost looks like when people add the pop adjustment in colorista to give footage a more 3D feel but not as harsh..The texture of the images are not like any other setting I have tried,not to mention I didn't have one crash in any mode on a Transcend class 6 card.I only use manual lenses.@driftwood great work!

  • how does cluster vk gop 1 compare with intravenus I or II?

  • @driftwood "how does cluster vk gop 1 compare with intravenus I or II?" That is indeed a good question. If one would not want to change settings on set but stick to one "that rules them all".... (as always, speaking about manual lenses and "cinematic" look..).

  • *** NEWS *** Intra setting, Cluster X 'VK' Trial 2 now out ****

    Goto Page 1 to download.

    HBR and 720p 60 modes very stable and higher quality.

    50p and 25p modes also improved.

    Is this the best setting yet? Let me know.

  • @matt_gh2 thank you. Just b-roll and need to get better with the jib, but loving the patch.

    Did a few quick tests on an ugly overcast day today, not to bore anyone but in case it's of use we have the following all in VK 24p Smooth:

    Screenshots: One of direct import into FCPX with Nikon 35mm F2 and La7200 and un-squeezed which I'm not thinking is the best combo after seeing this, the other a Nikon 18mm F 3.5 out of FCPX same way.

    And links to download, ten seconds each:

    Original .mts of the LA7200 shot: 5D2RGB 709 Full Range Same Shot:

    Original .mts 18mm Shot: 5D2RGB 709 Full Range Same Shot:

  • Oops, had this open for awhile just noticed @driftwood released the new patch, maybe 24p mode is the same so this post is still valid?

    Also screenshots were missing above for some reason!

    Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 2.18.10 PM.png
    2560 x 1091 - 3M
    Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 2.25.29 PM.png
    2560 x 1440 - 4M
  • @kellar42 Its the same except I notched it up 1 more bit as a joke ;-)

    Whats improved? The HBR30p/FSH 60i modes are immense. Ditto 720p60, ditto HBR25p/FSH50i. Ditto 720p50


    Lovely pics by the way - loving your footage. Encore!

  • Cluster VK trial 2: all modes works fine, but only 24h -80% stopped recording after 5-7 sec. with a message "Limitation of the writing speed...". Card SanDisk Extreme HD Video 32GB., Lens Oly 45/1.8

  • @Kolbasa Yep. I know - and I tried editing it down a bit but it blew quality on 24p normal so I left it for now (maybe next trial). Actually, try the L setting for that - see if that works. TBH The 1080i60 and HBR30p modes is very very good.

  • *** News *** Incredible GOP3 Spizz Trial 3 coming from @bkmcwd and me very shortly. :-) ***

  • Thanks Nick for the explanation. I'll try L settings.

  • @Kolbasa Change the 1080p24 'VIDEO BITRATE 24L' setting if you like to something like 88000000 or 90000000 (roundabouts) it should still work fine wihout errors but it gives you great quality 24 80% mode. Don't adjust anything else or you'll upset the apple cart! Experiment and let me know :-)

  • Taking it to a whole new level, "Cluster X" settings particularly the "VK" setting is just pure madness!!!!!

    Don't know what to say, but lemme say THX TO NICK DRIFTWOOD - this man is a genius!!!!!

  • @Driftwood Thanks Nick! I'm still playing with 1. I'll load 2 in a few minutes. Spizz 1 BTW, is also great. I love the grain but it's near impossible to cut it in with other cameras. With VK, I can ugly it up a little and get a pretty good match to the AC160.

    I'll say this about VK. With many of the settings they really don't improve on OEM until you take them through post. With VK, the improvements are evident right out of the camera.

    To quote one of the greats, "Just fucking amazing".

  • @driftwood. VK trial 2 looks really good. I raised the FH/H by 10MB and it gives me H mode in 45-50 which I like. I also raised 24L to 90 but the max bitrate I get even on the death chart is 51MB. Is that normal?

  • @Zaven13 Did you also change the 1080p Low Top and Bottom settings accordingly?

    What are you after a low bitrate setting? Wait for Nebula and DREWnet new settings coming in the next few days.

  • @Zaven13 Oh I think the error lies in the fact that the L bitrate setting is unbalanced (a small oversight) as its higher than what we originally set in Low Top settings therefore do this to achieve your requirement:-

    Leave the top one as it is or if u like enter 90000000 and then enter in 1080p Low Top Setting = 89999 and leave the Low Bottom setting as it is. That should work.

    Ill do a small update tomorrow.

    Also the L setting is good for 80% mode.

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