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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • @Driftwood thank you, I'm digging it very much.

  • @driftwood. Nick, are you going to further stabilize non-24p modes of the VK?

  • Yes. 12/15 is on the round of updates first ;-)

  • @driftwood -- I didn't notice any problems with 760p in my tests of VK. Is there anything that concern you (or other testers) at this point? Really want to use VK in a shoot and 24p seems solid, but will need 720 and want to make sure I'm not playing with (too much) fire.

    Thanks again man. Just incredible work!

  • @JDN. I only use Panasonic lenses and they are notorious in usage of camera resources and causing write errors. There is nothing wrong with 720p or 1080i60 quality. I just get write errors with Panny 14-140 lense specially when I do zooming. Other than that, VK is a very good setting.

  • @Driftwood @Bkmcwd @JDN @rigs @zaven13 had many crashes in HBR mode whilst other modes were working, with 14-45mm, 20mm and 45-200mm panny lenses; also playback issues in cam. I went back to Cluster V9 boom 444 matrix again had couple hick-ups in HBR mode then I figured one of the sandisk card was heavly fragmented because of frequent usage. my bad. Then I had all my cards formatted in "Low-Level" and re-formated them in the cam then re- Load VK and now VK is working just fine in all modes even with Class10 cards like old verbatim toshiba etc.. (I tried all cards I have) I don't have 14-140mm panny lens to test. and with manuel lenses I had really excellent results which I'd like to share soon. and still waiting Nick's final versions of cluster X series to hit the road.

  • @cjdincer. Thanks for sharing. I will reformat and try VK again with Panny pancake and 100-300 lenses also to see what the results would be.

  • I find that by increasing the NR from -2 to 0 helps with stability on slow cards.

  • @driftwood: for wider and rather detailled shots, would you rather recommend spizz than VK? Which is a better run and gun allround setting? thank you for your efforts as always!

  • 24p both good - theyve been scaled. @Mirrorkisser

  • @veloci

    I noticed same thing.

  • @cjdincer.. Were you able to get playback in camera from VK or Spizz?

  • @Aashay

    For me plyback works great with sandisk extreme pro and sandisk extreme HD video

  • Test shoots with Cluster X VK HBR Oly 45

  • @driftwood: thanks mate! So many good settings to choose among. Love IntraVenus1, Valkyrie and the footage i shot last year on cluster v6 nebula is still among the best looking i ever shot with a gh2. Loading VK right now! Cheers again for your hard work!

  • Can also confirm no problems with playback of either 24 or 720p60 footage with sandisk extreme pro cards. However, the earlier post reminded me it is time to reformat the cards at a low level.

  • Just wanted to say "thank you" for all this nice work. I´ll be testing in a few days (after finishing a job) the VK intra setting, looks very interesting.

  • Any spanning reports on X series or previous 444/cinema matrix patches would be appreciated as need something that matches VK but for stand up interview. Will be testing myself and report back but if anyone has already done the work, would appreciate knowing findings.

  • @JDN

    Cluster X VK with sandisk extreme pro 95 24p spans fine. HBR do not span and freez cam sometimes if there is lot of action. But look damm good.

  • @otcx VK being updated today.

  • @driftwood

    Ok really looking forward to that. Cluster series is just awesome.

  • Great video @otcx Looks like there's great visual detail in VK and it didn't look noisy from what I can tell. This might become my 30p hack!

  • Cheers Nick @driftwood. What do you reckon will happen if I just changed the QPs of your Cluster X to let's say 17-18? Would it break anything? Or would I need to change other parameters? I'd like to achieve some settings that would just be a little more economic...

  • in HBR mode still have in-cam playback issues (couple of times so far) but I turn cam off and on clips play fine and there saved. no big deal for a trial version as @driftwood said an update is coming I think we'll have a smooth and butter VK soon.

  • Hi Guys ;) I'm a complete newb, could someone give me a simple explanation as to why there are 4 different settings? How do they differ and which one is recommended for narrative film making. Thank you.

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