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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • @Driftwood thank you, I'm glad I wasn't hallucinating. It jumped out at me as nice immediately in the editor. I just wasn't sure if I was seeing what I was seeing since apparently none of the settings mean anything, you know.

  • @kellar42, does FCPx has problems chewing on all hacked footage or just spizz? I have noticed my slightly older pc with Adobe, runs faster with FM than Cluster X but that maybe cause of 3gop vs 6gop structure.

  • @otcx, that footage does look very high resolution, maybe the best detailed scenes with trees and branches I have seen with the GH2, and something I have been looking for. Seems to handle camera movement with this extreme detail better than Sedna. I did notice in the downloaded Vimeo clip for me there was some slight instability in the last few seconds of video, is that present in the original?

  • @JeffGibbsTC

    Yes maby. But in this case all flaws is due to my shooting, or too slow sd card. And it was trial 2 settings, and maby i use a bit too heavy codec settins for vimeo

  • @jeffgibbsTC you think so? I thought it looked ok in the trees, but much better close up on objects.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup, well I liked the resolution across the board but I will run some tests myself this week. Trees and branches are extraordinarily difficult--been working on a documentary in part about problems with forests/trees and its maddeningly tough. Even with film. With Sedna with a pan across branches sometimes seemed to be something not right at times in the rendering of motion in 24p. So far I more impressed with the resolution of these hacks than the GH3 of which most of the stuff on Vimeo starting with Bloom's piece look soft to me. Not all, but a lot of it. Resolution isn't everything, but it counts for A LOT in my world in which things made with small cameras are intended for the big screen.

  • @jeffgibbstc

    maybe for any kind of motion in such a highly detailed shot use something a little softer?

  • Of course...normal motion blur based on shutter speed.

  • What I experienced with Sedna might have been more during vertical than horizontal pans--and it was judder, not motion blur. I will give the news settings a work out soon and report back. By the way I am one of the few people that thinks that one can never have too much resolution and I never want a softer image for the big screen--I think the problem with a video look lies elsewhere.

  • @jeffgibbstc

    I agree with "can never have too much resolution" it's easy to soften in post, and you can do the same with detail, but it's not an "authentic" detial. if that makes any sense

  • @tonalt what looks like a "hoax" to you is actually its called beta testing:

    its been done on every piece of hardware and software you ever used. were the tests dry or mundane? probably yes. did you notice the effects as an end user? probably not.

    While your opinion is still valid, it doesn't make sense in the context of a forum about a firmware hacks unless of course you bought a GH2 as a result of an elaborate camera hoax by Panasonic.

  • @bkmcwd it is cloudy and snowing, there is no light at all, spizz is waiting in the cam, looks like gonna make indoor testing only. 720p looks good haven't tested 24p and HBR yet.

  • @bkmcwd @Driftwood Are the cluster X settings ALL-I (intra) ?? I there anyone that is stable by now? Thanks!

  • @danielvy. Cluster X settings are 3GOP (Spizz), 6GOP (Nebula) and 12/15 GOP (Drewnet). Based on my testing, Cluster X Nebula trial 4 is pretty stable and spans.

  • @bkmcwd Spizz HBR test: Cooking with spizz: shot on 20mm1.7 at 50shutter F1.7 iso1000 AWB Smooth all-2; last two takes iso800. sorry for shakiness, handheld. Outside was too gloomy so I decided to make an indoor test. to my eyes spizz has beautiful HBR resolution and color rendition. Mom decided to cook some rice with veggies "bulgur Pilaf" so I took my chance and shot my test. I tried to keep the EV +2 as @shian's -2,+2 advice. I only had one time in cam playback issue with H 720p mode, but none with the HBR mode. have not tried 24p mode yet. Quick editing done in FCPX: lowered the mids by 10% on Exposure tap and raised the mids and highs up by 20% on saturation tap. Sandisk 45mbs 32GB card is used and had no probs so far. I hope this would help. thanks for great presets again, cj.

  • @cjdincer

    Many thanks for feedback! :-)

    Since I am still doing the last test of New GOLGOP3-13, I will start improvement of Spizz next month, but I refer to this.

  • @driftwood

    Hi mate,

    Cluster 'VK' is a very interesting setting!

    I also try later. :-)

  • @driftwood Thanks for the settings! Tested out the 12gop one and it really shines, lovely in color grade and smashing colors out of the camera.

    Got a question. I really liked the Gh2toGH3 setting in HBR, but can you recommend one of these cluster X series for HBR 25p (steady one)? Or what is your opinion on which is better?

    Again thanks a lot for your effort.

  • @driftwood. Nick, I am curious to know how far do you go in testing a new setting before you release it? Do you fully test all modes to the point of no failures or just focus on specific modes like 24p and leave the rest to the others to test?

  • @Zaven13 All modes are generally death chart tested and zoomed in/out. Some of these settings are on the cutting edge and require feedback from beta testers. Hence why they are trials. I can say that only small adjustments need to be made once I receive a failure report.

    As I work thru the GOPs new things become apparent. Also I utilise Elecard Streameye, Stream Analysis and Buffer Analysis plus a helluva lot of reading - these take an age to measure results after each flash. Each of the settings above have had more than 200 firmware upgrades to complete.

    This is why the release candidate of each setting won't be a Gold RC until all trials are complete.

    I spend an age trying out each setting. Some of these have taken many days to complete. Some of the settings are attempting different things. But no man can complete all situations hence why I need guys like you. All will be revealed in a write up once we return satisfactory results from users. I am loathe to talk about anything until then. ;-)

    Unfortunately there are very few people trying out new settings which is unfortunate as they have a lot of new ideas and look very good. The new Trial 4 DREWnet is coming along nicely at QP12.

  • @driftwood. Thanks for your quick and detail response as usual. I did my quick routine test scenario with Panasonic 14-140 and Sandisk 64GB 95MB taking shots of my street. 24p Intra mode records fine with excellent quality as usual. HBR records fine but as soon as I try to zoom it freezes. FSH/SH and surprisingly FH/H stop recording after a few seconds but do not freeze. I also use the IA mode to give it a little more workout. Cheers and thanks for all your hard work.

  • @Zaven13 That refers to 'VK' ?

  • @driftwood. Sorry, yes that refers to VK.

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