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    Quote: Lenin on revolutional moment
    • It should not be forgotten that all the tremendous contradictions that have been piling up in US life for centuries are now developing with irresistible force bringing the masses to the fore and relegating outworn and dead teachings about, peaceful progress to the rubbish heap. Opportunists of all sorts like to tell us: learn from life. Unfortunately, what they mean by life is only the standing water of peaceful periods, of times of stagnation, when life makes scarcely any progress whatever. These blind people always lag behind the lessons of revolutionary life. Their dead doctrines always fall behind the stormy torrent of revolution, which expresses the most far-reaching demands of life, those involving the most vital interests of the masses.

      V. Lenin

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    Coronavirus: C'est pire qu'un crime, c'est une faute
    • What exactly all goverments are doing now?

      • Stopping economy (this is trillions per day worldwide)
      • Fucking with people life by cutting any socialisation
      • Talking with people like with 3 year olds
      • Preparing hospitals
      • Buying lot of supplies, adding medical staff (at most places they still do nothing)
      • Buying ventilators and stealing them from each other despite it is 1-15% positive outcomes for people who are on them
      • Telling how you do not need mask

      What they should do?

      • Stop economy for short period, but constantly turen it back on part by part, see below how
      • Talk to people like grown ups, explain all details, incouding very complex medical stuff and how virus ACTUALY spreads (instead of PhD fantasies)
      • Get lot of volunteers to fast transform at least 100 factories
      • Half of factories must be making simple plastic HEPA closed filters (simple injection molding for case and HEPA grade filter)
        • Normal cost to manufacture for pair of such filters is $3-$7
      • Half of factories must be making full face and half silicone respirators to use with this filters (it is again injection molding of silicone or rubber, few plastic parts plus belts)
        • Normal cost to manufacture for such item is $10-$25
      • Move all full face masks to hospitals, retails and any mass related workplaces
      • Move half face masks to all other effential workplaces and later to all large urban areas
      • In less than 4 months each citizen will have it
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    Coronavirus: Proper protection
    • Below are results of my own research and reading lot of stuff. It is not medical advice.

      Probability to catch virus:

      • Via touching something with your hands and later touching face - really low, but it is best to not tocuh face and wash everything
      • Via eyes - also low, but if you are in normal situation, not inside hospital! Note that virus can't travel via blood or such.
      • Inhaling, via lungs - very high, around 99,8% of people got it such way

      Protection measures:

      • Cloth masks, DiY masks - better than nothing, but really bad, this is that all firms start doing now after destruction of manufacturing outside China
      • Surgical masks - much much better, can be useful for time of low number of sick people, ignore goverments that it is needed for sick people only
      • N95 masks - really overvalued for normal people, as they are exepsive now and it is too easy to get small amount of virus while you are removing it
      • N95 masks with gel padding - much better, bit still not ideal due to filters, some have changable filters and will be much cheaper in long term, check the size
      • Respirators (half masks) with N95 filters (aka prefilters) - Better than any mask, but N95 filters are not perfect
      • Respirators (half masks) with P3 aka N99/N100 filters (HEPA filters) - Best option, closed filters, easy to store, impossible to catch virus via inhaling if mask fits
      • Full face masks with P3 aka N99/N100 filters (HEPA filters) - best option if you want full warranty as it protect your eyes

      Reusing N95 and surgical one time masks

      Having old mask is around 100x better than having none.

      Just put each mask carefully in big transparent packet, close it by turning slowly. Either just put pocket in any place for 3 days, or put outside to the hot sun. Do not do such things if you work in hospital and want to reuse mask each day - is such case you need proper sterilization.

      Goverment and WHO recommendations

      Fully ignore them, as their main goal is to not cause panic and protect goverment clerks.

      So they'll keep telling you that you can go without mask until they can.

      Specific things

      Look for 3M full face and half mask and their Chinese copies. Can use other masks, but make sure you have connector to attach 3M compatible filters.


      Best half mask is 3M 7500 series mask. Internal part is made from silicone. Chinese copies are considered ok.

      Size is really important for 7500 series it is 7501, 7502 and 7503. Below are size charts:



      For filters - you need 3M 6035 P3 filter, better to get 5-10 pairs, as stock will be totally vanishing soon. Such filters are not available online in CHina last time.

      Can even use expensive P100 filters if no other options -

      Try not to use open P3 filters (look like flat disks usually).

      If you absolutely can't find P3 filters use 5N11 prefilters with any other chemical filter.


      Most popular full face mask is 3M 6800, chinese copies are worse, but usable for our task.


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    Coronavirus: Taiwan, Korea and Japan paradox
    • Goggle made special tracking service and here are some results

      Traffic - cultural, entertainment, food (ready), sports


      Traffic - grocery stores and pharmacies


      Traffic - transport hubs


      Traffice - people sitting at workplace


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    Coronavirus: New version - social democratic coup
    • Another mad version.

      What if we see here so called "revolution from above", "revoluton of elites".

      Where social democratic (in modern bad meaning) parts of elites, bonded with big part of largest transnational corporations had reckless attempt to establish kind of "world goverment", that will save Padme, sorry, every hungry citizen.

      This part of elite just saw objective movement in opposite direction, towards world conflict. And also saw how big danger it poses to many international corporations.

      Chinese opportunistic goverment can be leading part of the plot. And provides sample of future ruling methods and approaches.

      Being mad this version fits last 2 years biggest electronic corporations measures, and such strange attempts to remove Trump.

      Sound pretty interesting.

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    Coronavirus: U.S. dairy farmers dump milk, like during Great Depression
    • Dairy farmer Jason Leedle felt his stomach churn when he got the call on Tuesday evening.

      “We need you to start dumping your milk,” said his contact from Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the largest U.S. dairy cooperative.

      Despite strong demand for basic foods like dairy products amid the coronavirus pandemic, the milk supply chain has seen a host of disruptions that are preventing dairy farmers from getting their products to market.

      Mass closures of restaurants and schools have forced a sudden shift from those wholesale food-service markets to retail grocery stores, creating logistical and packaging nightmares for plants processing milk, butter and cheese.

      Year 2020, Last year of capitalism

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    Coronavirus: Why now?
    • Just one image to explain


      22th of April it'll be 150 years since birth of V.I. Lenin

      I think such little strange misshaps and issues comes from little rush.

      May be it is old plan, but new specific reason. Capitalists just emotionally could not miss it.

      Imagine amazing dream - people sit shaking in their homes, while military and police control all major world cities.

      Like small birthday present, way for little shits to show middle finger to the clouds. As they are so small and pitiful it is where their imagination stops.

      They just always forget history.

      Lenins in "social isolation" in Rasliv, 1917, writing core points of Bolshevinks position that in few months resulted in fall of capitalism in Russian Empire


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