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Star Wars: The Phantom hope - illustrated epic soundtrack
  • A Star Destroyer patrols among hundreds of ship hulks, remnants of a recent battle lost by the Rebels.

    A small ship with half of its engines being damaged beyond repair is trying to speak behind huge debris and survive. The chance is slim, but it is there.

    Feel the full power of Star Destroyer, feel the theme of hope changing to theme of the inevitability of fate.

    Like a huge industrial fan giant ship will, without even noticing, stir up with its lasers all the pieces of ships standing on its way to ultimate goal. And, of course, the little one's fate is set and impossible to escape.

    With the final coda, the Star Destroyer captain smiles a little, looking through the huge bridge window at the blurring wreckage of the little ship and in a duty voice transmits to the bridge personnel - "This quadrant is clear. Calculate hyperjump to Rilot."