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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • @bkmcwd @driftwood Cluster X Gop1 VK in HBR with 14-45mm lens it records fine but doesn't play in cam; tried both with Sandisk 30mbs and 45 mbs 32GB freshly re-formated cards. but plays after I turn the cam off and on again. in FH/H cam gave read error mesage couple of times again turn off and on plays fine. Had no issues with Gop 6 version but spizz did the same playback issue one time. maybe the cards are problematic or slow. I'll shoot more with other lenses also.

  • Thanks @Zaven13 and @cjdincer - Some cosmetic GOP elements are being worked on for HBR/FSH and 720p across the board of settings.

  • @driftwood How does Cluster X hold up against Intravenus I and II? Is the idea behind Cluster to out perform Intravenus?

  • Cluster X Series is all about trying to measure the best use of the GH2s's codec, memory and cpu to produce the best looking quantisation results and PSNR in dbs for each of the GOPs. For certain pictures Intravenus and the other high quality matrices like Boom, Cinema Smooth and 444 Soft will look superb and very hard to beat.

    For very high detail wide angle shots and fast action - with strong signal strength and quantisation - Cluster X series endeavours to find new answers... which in certain cases already shown provide the best seen pictures yet.

  • Coincidentally, in this video here I was able to use Intravenus II on the mediums and close ups, and the wides were done with Cluster X (2 different cameras). The grain is from RGrain. Also the lighting and whatnot may not be top-notch (as I was busy with the whole 'sound engineering' thing).

  • @cjdincer make sure you format your SD card before recording with a new setting.

  • @rigs all the time pal no worries as I wrote "freshly re-formated cards"

  • Nice video @kingmixer Panny lenses?

  • The best of my club scenes with the GH2

  • @flaaandeeers thanks! It was actually the 25mm voigtlander and 12mm olympus for the wides. The shot of the vocalist was a 50mm voigtlander.

  • @pop24

    Really nice one.

  • Cluster X series is starting to become my favorite. X VK worked really nice boht 24p and HBR. I do not need spaning, but of course that vould be nice. I have not test 720 yet.

  • Video footage for you soon, but I shot 'VK' yesterday morning with the Panasonic Kit lens at the wide end outdoors stopped down high DOF very detailed scenes in constant motion as all shots were with a jib with absolutely no problem whatsoever. Didn't go over 3 minutes in any take but everything performed very solidly and it's looking good.

    One strange note, a conversion in my newly purchased 5D2RGB batch seems to introduce motion problems on a couple of the jib shots with VK, whereas FCPX direct is not. (Which is weird because I bought 5D2RGB after having some problems in FCPX with other hacks, sometimes.)

  • VK looked great in my first tests on a crappy afternoon in toronto. No problems with 24 or 60p, including shooting dead blowing leaves while doing a slider move on the panny 12-35. Combined with a double classic black soft, the results were incredibly filmic. Off to work to have a peak on our $5k OLED monitor. Will let you know if I spot anything interesting...

  • This isn't really an edit, and clearly I've got work with the jib more in a few places but except for the time-lapses and I believe one stabilized shot, here are some 'VK' shots in motion strung together:

    password: test

  • @kellar42 How much CC or grading did you do? It looks really nice and I like the colors in this. I'm looking for a good 30p hack and I'm hoping this is the one.

  • Just back from two hours messing with "VK" in avid symphony alongside a very pretty sony oled studio monitor. @cbrandin @driftwood, this is incredible work. We tried again and again to break the footage -- maxing out saturation, pushing things way towards yellow or blue (mexico to buffalo looks). We couldn't destroy it. It was unreal. I've never worked with dslr footage like this before. About the only thing we noticed with exceptionally agressive grades was noise in the bottom 10 percent of shadows, especially red shadows. But dark blue and green areas mostly stayed pristine, and the red noise was so confined to the red channel it would be a breeze to clean up.

    So glad I cancelled my bmcc pre order and got the 7-14 and 12-35 instead. Was wondering about it until this patch, but now, not anymore. Hats off to you guys.

  • @JDN I just loaded this patch to test out on a project. I'm very optimistic based on your posts. I was wondering if you could share your workflow for this patch? Are you transcoding or bringing straight into Avid? Thanks...and thank you Driftwood!

  • @vlcharris none on that because I was trying to show it as un-changed as possible from the original hacked footage. I agree with the JDN, though, I did a little grading after I posted and trimmed things up a bit and it seems like a very robust hack for post-work.

  • @puttydivision 5d2rgb to proreshq then ama is all!

  • @kellar42, good footage. What lens? look like a manual optic.

  • Thanks @Manu4Vendetta surprisingly it's the 14-140 kit, shooting smooth dialed down. I think it's the patch, the morning light, and perhaps the 5D2RGB transcode giving off the manual vibe.

  • @kellar42 The setting contains insane quantisation levels giving unrivalled quality across the whole picture. Its stabilising the other modes which is proving difficult. However, we are after near lossless quality and things are rather over the top cutting edge!

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