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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • *** News *** VK has been renamed 'Moon' to avoid too many name confusions in threads and has been slightly updated. Spizz interim update Trial 3 is now going up too.

  • @driftwood You have recommended All-Intra 1GOP settings (Moon, Sedna A, etc) for tight, detailed scenes. Which settings would you recommend for wide, detailed landscape scenes?

  • @TheRuggedAdventurer: I would also very much like to hear driftwood's response to this question. I noticed that he made mention of some of his methods for wide shots in this post: but I am too new to the GH2 and hacks to fully understand.

  • @driftwood @doctor: i had asked that question aswell. As i recall, Nick said that VK/Moon was also good for wider and more detailed shots in 24p, as it was scaled. I really like the new settings, but try for yourself in wider scenarios. Or use Spizz, which should be awesome aswell.

  • Hi @driftwood. Which of your patches will you recommend me to combine with my GH3 to shoot a live event. Will be shooting 24p on GH2 and 60P on GH3. Looking for something with good motion and preferably low bitrate. Thanks.

  • @TheRuggedAdventurer @Doctor 'Moon' is the best wide Intra setting at present as its coded for low QP (=better quality for the unknowing) across the whole picture. This means we are distributing the bitrate more effectively across the whole picture to produce excellent quantisation for all scenarios.

    @HillTop1 Experiment between 'Moon' and 'GH3onaGH2' Intra setting.

  • @driftwood So in your opinion 'Moon' out performs intravenus for detail and grain?

  • @thougts2uk In tighter shots to mid shots theyre both similar - though in my opinion Intravenus grain is more filmic looking. Its just wide shots of Intravenus produce poorer quantisation results. The HVS (Human Visual System) is easily fooled - better QP doesnt neccesarily mean it looks better - I suppose what looks great is down to personal taste. Its like using different film stock.

    Always experiment (and don't forget to grade test)

    *** NEWS **** Spizz 3 GOP has been updated to Trial 3 for increased stability and a better L setting (72Mbps)

    Spizz Trial 3 offers nearly 20% savings in bitrate over 'Moon' for comparable quality. However, the Intra 'Moon' setting offers better average frame sizes, motion and Quantisation than any 3 GOP like 'Spizz'.

  • @driftwood

    I suppose what looks great is down to personal taste. Yes it always is, and in the moment i just love VK/moon. Just flashing tiral 3. Werry exited.

  • Do not count me as a GH 2 fanboy, but in a moment that cam with it prizetag just amazes me.

  • Moon with 24L setting. It was shoot thru the glass of living room as you could see the top front door picture on it. No span on H setting only, work all all other mode.

    2306 x 1226 - 602K
  • @tinbeo Looks v good. You can reduce the H setting of Moon for spanning.

  • GH2 Driftwood "VK" Trial 1 test (manual lens 28-105mm 2.8-3.5):

  • @producer That lens has some amazingly funky bokeh. Yipes!

  • VK has been renamed to avoid thread confusion to Moon.

  • hello. I have a Panasonic GX-1 and 95 MB SD card. Which of setting up for me will be better ? I tried Cluster X Series - 'Spizz' - 3 GOP - Trial 3 - setc. but the video is twitches and MP4 format does not work. and I need a setting for time laps. Please help

  • @slovach Wait for DREWnet and Nebula new trials coming shortly.

  • i'm pretty impressed with moon trail 3, jpeg compression doesn't do it much justice, but you get the point. I've been looking at canon 6d footage the past week, so this was actually a breath of fresh air lol

    lens - rokinon 35mm t1.5

    moon - trail 3.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Test with Moon

  • moon trail 3, 24H Canon 24-105 at F4 ND. Touch up in post. Wow this is Just crazy Thanks Drift..... :)

    1920 x 1080 - 4M
  • LOL @ NEW Cluster X DREWnet setting... ;-) coming shortly

    Looks good quality @Tifose Happy?

  • I was not really happy with the way it look straight off the cam but after i drop it in AE Food in mouth! Just loving it :) will upload the vid soon

  • @Tifose Care to elaborate on that? Is it the flexibility it has in color and grading or?

  • Superb grading @daisuke doesnt break up so much as other settings out there when pushed in the red channel for example.

  • Gotcha, I'm testing this out soon to compare against intravenus. Thanks!

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