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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • His shirt collar seems to be doing a merry dance? and the fence @49sec?

  • @driftwood

    That sounds very good about the 720p. I guess I am glad I got the 35-100mm F2.8 then because without ETC I wouldn't be able to get much reach.

  • @TheWindCharger those video are really nice but actually they are heavily color graded so they don't show too much about GH3 capabilities.

  • slightly off topic maybe but has anyone managed to get their GH3 to work with the wifi link through the iPhone lumix link app? I have tried for 3 days now and the phone [iphone 5] tries to connect to camera [it sees it in wifi signals] but cant connect. Bug maybe?

  • The GH3 offers your iphone a password to enter when you enable Remote Shooting (a new connection) off the wifi menu. With your iphone goto your wifi settings and connect to the GH3 both should find each other.

    As I stated earlier the Lumix Link App isnt working fully. You have to swipe your palm close to the evf to enable a highlighted 'Camera' icon on Lumix Link App so you can take a snapshot. Motion recording does not work - even if you try and enter a time period.

  • I enter the password but it wont link, I will keep trying-bit disapointing really.

  • Full review about the last iso test video : and High iso samples and GH3 vs GH2 samples ! :

    GH3 with firmware 0.5 not 1.0 ! ;)

  • Bad compression but it gives an idea...

  • @amateur, In thath video I do not appreciate a big difference from the GH2 and dark areas lack detail.

  • @manu4vendetta i see that GH3 is more sharper and have more dynamic range (see the detail of the tree in the top of the building)

    the sky have a more beautiful colour (purple)

    grain seems to be very similar ,But it is firmware 0,5 so i hope new test with firmware 1,0 will tell more about the comparaison

  • Well it looks like greenish tints are in the rear view mirror now... I say good riddance!!

  • @driftwood What picture profile/film mode settings did you end up using for the GH2 vs GH3 comparison pictures? The GH3 looks more saturated and higher contrast than I would have expected, so maybe I need to change my expectations. :)

    Thanks for the great testing, and best of luck finding the flattest profile!

  • On my monitor the wedding vid colors are slightly off, but that's just my monitor. I use Huey Pro, which is not the absolute top of the line but it is usually in the ballpark.. Foliage in the mountains is not green, and the sky and water don't look right, and there's some orange tint. But no green tint~maybe I would buy the GH3 if the video is no longer green.

  • Enough with the weddings videos. We all want some cats footage :)

  • @tenjin +1 yes, cat footage please in super slo-mo, preferably when jumping or drinking milk. This is what the GH3 was designed for.

  • Is it me and my monitor - or is the moire and aliasing pretty bad at the beginning of the new wedding clip???

  • Lumix lens TERRIBLE aliasing and moir !!

  • @thepalalias Undoubtedly in all my tests so far GH3 Standard profile all zeros against GH2 Standard profile all zeros produce more blues and reds - slight saturation of colour - and the GH3 does use Full Range. I believe GH3 at -2 on saturation evens things up. The GH3 a has -5 to +5.

  • Does anybody realizes that the Australian PAL version of GH3 there is a limit to the recording time to 29 minutes?

  • Should not be for the 29:59 limit is a EU-tax problem and has nothing to to with Australia. As far as i know was the GH2 not limited either in Australia.

  • @driftwood Do you consider the moire and aliasing of the GH3 as a deal breaker? I am still using a hacked GH1 and was bound to get the GH3. But the moire in the clips is really a little bit disturbing.

  • @lumixgeorge We've seen direct from camera clips that don't show this extreme aliasing. It could be because of the render settings used in the NLE during post. It has happened to me before with FHD progressive camcorders.

  • I'm still doing tests. Don't like advertising but this may help those finding it hard to buy a GH3

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