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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @driftwood If it's not too much to ask, could you do comparison shots (shoot out) with both GH3 and Hacked GH2.

  • I don't know if it's been discussed yet, but the ETC mode on GH3 seems slightly different than the GH2. I'm reading a 2.6x on GH2, and either 2.4x, 3.6x, or 4.8x on GH3 depending on recording quality. I would like to request a test using 1/2" or 2.3" C-mount lenses if possible for those that own it. Thanks!

  • @TheWindcharger don't link this guys videos. He only tells bullshit...

  • yes he is stupid idiot:)

  • About the iso comparison GH2 vs GH3 video:

    Better? Yes, but just a little bit, something about one fstop or even less because tremble was not solved. Noise reduction will be the same for both because GH3 low light image also tremble in dark areas as GH2 do. Color cast can be solved with WB or color correction in post production. If you want to keep similar luminance grain you can clean just the chroma noise from GH2. So keep GH2 = best low budget decision.

    For me, buy a new hardware must be a big improvement, not a little bit better just to say I own it.

    Waiting to see if DR is a big improvement or not.

  • Yes, that Dutch guy posted stuff shot with the GH2 and made people think it was GH3. Such waste of time...

  • @oscillian haha, seriously? I wouldn't doubt that for a second, I've seen clips that I was pretty sure was a GH2 and people were in awe of the "massive dr" improvement. Do you have a link to any of those videos that were actually GH2?

  • From all the footage I've seen come out of the GH3, it seems the Dynamic range improvement lies mostly towards the shadows. It doesn't seem to me that it has much more than the GH2 for the highlights maybe just a slightly gradual rolloff in the shoulder. This being the case I think it is easier to stop down to maintain highlights and still have exposure in the darks. Colours definitely look more natural and more vivid whereas GH2 usually needs some small color correction tweaks. Would have hoped for better DR but they have me tantalised with the OLED screens for focus/composition and the sturdier body for rig stability. I'll get one when they come down in price, no rush :-)

  • Srry if this is covered already -- been looking through the thread for an answer but can't see it here or elsewhere on the web. Is there PAL/NTSC switching? Would be great to know from anyone with hands on. Seems to be contradictory info out there...

  • That wedding video looks really good. to me. This is the kind of image I was looking for. To me it looks film like in a way that the GH2 does not.

  • @JDN Fw version 1. Ive tried switching to NTSC to no avail - so no 30p/60p. Another reason why we need GH3 hacked.

    1080p Out of HDMI to compatible 'progressive' monitor confirmed as working beautifully.

    Wi-Fi doesnt work correctly for remote shooting using Lumix Link on Iphone/iPad. I havent got an Android to try this out on. Basically it only works if you move your hand across the EVF sensor to initiate photo taking. Movie recording doesn't work. I believe a firmware upgrade/Lumix Link fix will be required by Pany. It didnt work in v0.5 fw either.

  • Wedding footage looks pretty damn great. No green tinge and handled high lights nicely. The panny lenses look nice and organic and not to video like.

  • @driftwood

    I heard a rumor earlier that ETC doesn't work when recording 1080 50/60P. Can you check this?


  • GH3 have Simply better IQ resolution in the tree and the windows at iso 6400, don't put focus in responsable..

    link too :

  • Wedding video looks very good, lots of detail and I like the gradation and color palette.

    The biggest hurdle for the GH2 stuff I shoot in my view is the gradient breakup and this seems to be much improved.

    @driftwood - Can't wait for your in depth tests. I still believe that the GH3 shows at least more color moire than the GH2, I have never come across it on my GH2 footage. I have seen aliasing in many instances but very subdued, color moire has never been a problem.

    Color moire in the GH3 samples looks to be a common occurrence. Lets see how it pans out. Hence why a chart comparison might show how if any detriment or improvements have been made.

  • i should get my Cam on Dec 7th (Switzerland). I will make then some tests, GH2 and GH3 parallel (not same Lens). Maybe this will help a little bit.

  • @Ralph_B Indeed this is true 1080 50/60P can't make use of Ex Tele.

    Any setting using Sensor Output of 50p/60p will not be able to use EX Tele mode. This includes the AVCHD 108050i/60i modes and MOV mode 720p50/p60 which also use a sensor output of 50p/60p.

  • @MRfanny

    so glad to see the green tint gone =)

    (concening low light condition) Yes man +1

    That is one main point. Bravo emeric for your test. Bravo Pana. The over point is resolution but not yet either ND or others didnt do comparison between gh2 and gh3 about did one, but to be completed now because owners are growning :-)

    I think if ND or emeric shows gh3 is on par with gh2 as far as resolution is concerned we will be able to say that we have a FULL winner here.

  • @driftwood

    WOW! That is kind of a big deal to me. That really is not good. I could use 720p @ 60 FPS with the ETC mode on the GH2. Sounds like I am going to loose that now. I guess I could just use the 1080p @ 30 FPS modes with ETC then.

    What 720p mode shoots at 30 FPS?

  • @magnifico I'm doing GH2 v GH3 tests at the moment and tomorrow morning. I'm using my 'GH3MatrixonaGH2' hack with similar bitrates against the GH3. Watch this space tomoz. :-)

  • @mpgxsvcd 720p50/60 on the GH3 All-I is outstanding - the best Ive seen.

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