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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @driftwood For the Canon 50D battery grip, it holds two batteries but connects into the battery port. So 2 batteries total - just 1 extra. Do they improve on that for other Canon grips? Either way, you might want to look into the "powering the GH2" thread to test other options if you need longer times because some of them are pretty flexible. The one I mentioned in that thread always gets way over 8 hours. Only downsides are awkward shape and discharge behavior if left unused for a few days (as compared to factory batteries). Cost the same as a GH2 battery, so if works on the GH3 it might be helpful.

  • Does anyone have anything on dynamic range yet?

  • First sign of Macroblocking at 200 ISO - After dialing thru the ISO range rapidly coming down from highest ISO to lowest, when it reaches ISO 200 Ive noticed macroblocking on lighting. See below. The image gets better after a second. This only seems to happen on ISO 200. A Vimeo is going up showing motion settings of GH3 - the ISO200 macroblocking artefact can be seen inside this. Give it an hour (here's a pic of the view)

    Macroblocking at 200 ISO 50 shutter coming down thru the range of ISOs whilst recording 24p.png
    2560 x 1440 - 3M
  • @thepalalias Yep, the GH3 grip uses one in the camera and one in the grip. Nice having the buttons on the side for portrait shots, etc.. :-)

  • @driftwood

    Did the GH2 macro block there too?

  • Am I the only one who can't see any macroblocking in that picture from @driftwood? Hell, I can't see anything but the illuminated areas it's so dark.

  • @svart I didn't see it at first either until you look pretty closely. I circled them in red (sorry I used MS Paint so it doesn't look "professional").

    2560 x 1440 - 3M
  • Ah thanks, I was totally looking for the blocking in the shadows and blacks like we usually see in the GH2.. I didn't even really look in the illuminated areas!

  • Here's the video - the scene is in this at 1:08 in ;-

  • @driftwood, overall that video looks pretty darned amazing IMO. Thx for sharing. This just makes me want one more.

  • @driftwood

    Colors and overall noise look great! The detail definitely shows potential, yet the footage still looks like it's got a bit of over-processing going on in the image though. Are you planning on doing any tests with maybe some manual 3rd party lensing? It could be that the Panasonic lenses, even though their color looks better this time, still go through some extra IC (image correction) processing, that may be causing the crunchy detail?

  • Here's a test screen grab from tonight aimed at a friend being filmed in a dark area in a pub with just a table candle for light at 1600 ISO on the voightlander 0.95 25mm - Ive letterboxed it to show black against the image. 1600 ISO seems better out of the box on the GH3, its not too bad on the noise levels. I'd left the GH3 on Scenery profile.

    Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 01.05.37.png
    2560 x 1440 - 3M
  • The skating footage looks great and clean for low light. However on the high contrast in the background structures and support rails there is severe aliasing. They were everywhere but clearly subdued and less prominent on the 50p footage for some reason.

    We need to test it against the GH2 in a chart setting for it to be compared in that department.

  • Im sick with slow motion, I need the new GH3. The video of driftwood look good good.

  • @driftwood

    Just to be clear. Those macro blocks are present in the original out of camera file and not just this edited and re-encoded version, right?

  • Original. All footage is untouched. Straight into fcpx - shared to vimeo. - thats the only transcode. No prores conversion.

    I believe macroblocking was the result of a very quick drop in ISO from 400 to 200. Ill try and reproduce the bug.

  • @driftwood, your Arabic and penguins ice skating video test is very nice indeed...

  • driftwood, I have some similar problem with the GH2, when I use Final cut pro x, but when I use 5dtorgb everything it's ok. I think my problem is the SD card .. Try it if you have time..

  • No miko. This is in camera. Nothing to do with fcpx

  • I will share my experience about macroblocking:

    Since the HV20 camcorder which is mpeg2 and after with avchd cameras I found all the codecs have a difficulty to handle subtle light changes. I think the light changing moment is when the codec is stressed to its maximum limits because everything in the image changes and it does not have similar information among before and after frames in the gop group to recreate the frames during the light change moment. Changing iso, shutter speed and aperture so fast will stress the codec.

    If the compression is all-i maybe the data rate or the processor is not enough to handle the changes (this is a supposition).

  • Try the ISO change with the 50 Mb/s IPB codec perhaps?

  • Having so many lights facing the sensor probably overstressed the codec - I haven't been able to simulate the problem in other conditions.

  • Much better compression, Can even download the Original file !


    FlickR GH3 samples ! :

  • 5:56 can someone tell what is true and false?

  • @amateur, Great photos on flicker, are they in camera HDR?

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