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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @fathomvfx for sure, should everybody arrasing him for that he gives us the iso and shutter infos

  • Finaly some firmware v1.0 footage, now just have to hack it for finner noise grain :-o

  • Ive got mine today. Here is my meshtest:

    Its positive, but: Dont worry, if you are looking for moire, you will find moire. In any SLR and DSLR. I like the camera very much indeed. Lots of possibilities. Beautiful, sharp stills and amazing video. If you want to be shure to avoid moire, use all lenses but Pana. Just use it, tell stories. If you have a good story, no BMCC will reach your GH3.

  • @Gysenberg. I would rather say: "If you have a good story, no BMCC will reach your GH2"

  • @Gysenberg, very nice demonstration. Also, I saw a flash of pink/purple on the mesh at 4 places throughout the replay - e.g. as I go from 00:06 to 00:07. Any idea where does this artifact come from?

  • @Kob, no idea, Its fluorescent light, was not easy to get acceptable takes. At my first try I had some strange green bands. Im just new with the cam and had never used a gh 2. Will need time to find out all settings.

  • I did a fast look to the pdf manual, first things to hack:

    enable pal/ntsc change

    enable manual WB and manual ISO when using Creative Control image settings (High Dynamic is one of them). The pdf says WB and ISO are just auto under Creative Control image options.

    enable i.dynamic lock (it is just auto, same as GH2)

  • @tenjin

    Cat videos wont make the camera any better. Footage looks like its from those cheap pocket cameras.

  • Great to see others with the GH3 now. You can help by demonstrating each of the key features to people.

    Creative Control modes enable the WB button for different functions according to the creative mode.

    i.resolution only works at LOW mode for movie recording.

  • @amateur ,

    i am not entirely sure but i believe that on GH3 F2.8=F2.8 when it comes to light sensitivity, however, when it comes to shallow DOF i think the guy is right saying that with F2.8 on GH3 (M43) you have the F5.6 equivalent DOF of fullframe.

    F2.8 lens on APS-C would have F4.8 DOF equivalent on Full Frame...

    Like i said, not entirely sure but what i am sure of is that someone will probably correct me if i am wrong :-)

  • Got mine just now from my dealer in Dortmund/Germany without preorder. Will test some things tomorrow.

  • @Manu4Vendetta the article is nothing but positive and the stills look great. I don't get what you find abysmal? Abysmal compared to what? Having the GH3 for a day now I'd say it's much improved over GH2 but I'm not a great photographer anyway. What are you seeing that I'm missing here?

  • Hi guys, today I got hold of the GH3 and I felt very professional, not bulky, even better than I expected. The body is robust, dust-proof and splash proof, it's perfect. But I've heard of problems related to moire with previous firmware versions. Have been resolved with firmware 1.0? I can see the video and comments, but ask for further confirmation, you never know. For the avoidance of doubt :)

    Do you think there will come a hack? I base my purchase also on the answer to this question.

  • Hi All. I took some clips at a karate demo that my daughter was in yesterday. I have a few clips using:


    1080/24p All I

    720/60p All I

    But, how do I get them to Vimeo as MOV files so that you can see them? I've tried this, but VIMEO gives me a warning that the BitRate of 72 MBS is 'too high', and the uploads always fail. I've posted many Videos to VIMEO in the past, but, I always encode as MP4 with a Variable Bit Rate with Max 22, Tgt 14 (I find that a good trade off of quality versus playback for people who download the original).

    So...are people encoding their raw MOV files and not sending the virgin MOV file to VIMEO or what?

    And, as a side question. If in Premiere Pro I import a couple MOV clips, then do some trimming, when I select "Match Sequence Settings" so that I will get the exact same "out" as "in", the file format becomes either MPEG ALL I or AVI, depending on the sequence settings of the in clip. I've never used "Match Sequence Settings" before since the files that come out are HUGE, but...if our intent is to share the actual raw footage from the GH3 internal codec, that's what we want to do, yes?

    I know this is probably not the correct thread for this question. And, also...I've posted a link to a photo from the GH3 in the other thread "GH3 user reviews and opinions". Is that where links to video clips should go, or in this thread?

    Thanks for any advice. It's not like these clips are great movie making, but...since I'm lucky enough to already have my GH3, I thought I'd try to get the footage out.

    Would it be acceptable to use my normal "output workflow" and encode the clips as MP4s with a 2 pass VBR with Max=28 and Tgt=14 and then send that to Vimeo, or...would that defeat the purpose of evaluating the output of the GH3?

    It sure fills up a memory card a lot faster than my old hacked GH1... :-)

    Any advice appreciated on how to share the clips.


    670 x 548 - 264K
  • Hi there,

    Can anyone confirm if the hdmi output is 4:2:2 or 4:2:0?

  • 4:2:0 8 bit unfortunately....

  • Everything I've read says 4:2:0.

    I've uploaded an mp4 to Vimeo. Here's the link:

    Here's the comments I put with the clip:


    Creative Movie Mode, Manual Exposure. Standard Picture Mode, {0, 0, 0, 0}

    1080/24p All I ISO=1000 SS=50 F=2.0 Lens = Lumix 20mm F1.7

    SORRY for the overexposure! I originally took my time and set what I thought was decent exposure for 1080/60p with SS=125. That was not so over-exposed. But, then, I hurriedly changed to 1080/24p All I, SS=50,and...of course, I should have lowered the ISO...but...I forgot.

    I could not get this to load into VIMEO using the original huge MOV file with a data rate of 72 Mbs. So, this is encoded as an MP4 file with a Variable Bit rate of Max=24, Tgt=14. I find this is an OK compromise of quality versus size, especially since it will play well over my home wi-fi network without any hiccuping.

    I'm 100% sure this 1080p video will NOT play well over VIMEO, since their bandwidth will not allow it. The intent is for people to download the file themselves since it won't play well on Vimeo at all.

  • Certain lenses give off more moire than others. Believe it or not the 14-42 X Lens is pretty good with dealing with it. As usual wide to narrow zooming will result in occasional moire. Its worse on the 12-35 than the power zoom X lenses. Its no worse than the Gh2 I'm afraid to say.

  • Lumix Link App Update: The current Lumix Link App was designed for one of the fz cameras - a new and iupdated version of the software for the GH3 is expected imminently - Source: Panasonic Sales Director. This should offer the full range of advertised facilities of the GH3 in the manual.

  • Do we know at this stage if there is a hack coming and the likely hood of it being 4:2:2 as an option. So far I've read so much and seen a lot of footage from the Black Magic and for the price of $3000 its very competitive to the GH3 especially being 12bit RAW. and 10bit prores right from the word go. (for video anyway). I'm torn between getting the GH3 and putting my faith into Vitaily and driftwood as well as others for all the opportunities they hopefully will give us just like with the GH2, or play it safe and get the BMCC and get a free copy of Resolve.

    decisions, decisions.

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