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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @driftwood dont leave us hangin too long before first report! ;)

  • At last, finally the GH3 in the hands of someone who knows their stuff. Can't wait for the report plus it will be interesting to hear Mr Bloom's thoughts too. Hopefully next week. Seems that panasonic might be prepared this time with stock :)

  • Two questions to those who have GH3 in their hands.

    1. Does it allow changing ISO while recording in manual mode?
    2. Does it allow to lock/unlock exposure with AE Lock button while recording in P/A/S modes?
  • Congratulations Driftwood. I need see videos with this machine. :)

  • @zigizigi

    1) Yes. 2) Doing tests tomoz along with others so Ill tell you later. Gotta go out now - night filming.

    First impressions (like the other week) I kinda love it :-) Highlights and shadows look soooo good. :-) It sorta has that GH2 feelgoodfactor about it - remember when you first got your GH2/and the hacks? Its like that :-)

  • Delivering ahead of schedule? Wow, Panasonic is off to a good start :)

  • Totally psyched indeed!

  • Lots of nice creative scene [SCN] and picture modes to play with in all REC modes (we'll be going thru them tomoz). Some of the FX scenes only work on photos though. Lots of vids and info up over the wknd, promise. :-)

    GH3 has lots of picture and scene modes to play with.png
    1825 x 827 - 1M
  • files P1030110 and P1030111 seems to be the flatest ones. Which mode are they?

  • @driftwood

    nice to see these images.

    curious to see the PHOTO STYLES: Standard / Vivid / Natural / Monochrome / Scenery / Portrait / Custom

    in combination with the CREATIVE CONTROL: Expressive / Retro / High Key / Low Key / Sepia / Dynamic Monochrome / Impressive Art / High Dynamic / Cross Process / Toy Effect / Miniature Effect / One Point Color

    mainly the High Dynamic

    Maybe the "custom" Photo Style allows to create a profile in computer and load to camera like people do with Canon cameras. If this works this way the Dyanmic Range can be manipulated in a custom profile as done by technicolor, Marvel, Lightform, Visioncolor in Canon cameras.

    Also a comparison between GH2 and GH3 in a sun/shadow image showing the best possible Dynamic Range from each camera would be great. Smooth is the best balance between highlights and shadows in GH2. Maybe GH3 will be Natural+High Dynamic?

    One question: the i.Dynamic in GH3 can be locked or is it "just auto" as in GH2?

  • merged and erased.

  • merged and erased.

  • Pampuri's latest - some high-iso, low-light shooting:

    edit: downloaded hd version and did a little neatvideo noise reduction and sharpening via fcpx - looked really good to me. would love to know which segments were at 3200 iso.

    can anyone comment whether that amount of ca would also be present with the gh2/pana-leica 25mm combo?

    edit-edit: i pre-ordered early on from b&h. not "cancelling my pre-order!" as others here have reactively flexed. looking forward to using the gh3 as a primary for its strengths and my flowmotion-ed gh2 as a secondary.

  • looking good. finally useable, banding-less high iso.

  • Looks fanatastic... can't wait for my copy to arrive!!

  • my GH3 arrived today. I have spent about 6 hours trying to work the wifi linking [one of the main reasons i bought camera]. Seems it just doesnt work yet, how frustrating.

  • I'm waiting before pulling the trigger, but aside from a few drawbacks it looks like it may be a good tool for me. It seems a bunch of people could get their hands on it since the release but it is quiet so they all must spend their time playing with it... so please: Put that down for a minute and come here reporting and posting video samples! Can't you see we are all dying here?! :)

  • @WalterH The 25mm Leica has a little bit of CA at max aperture in extreme contrast situations but its gone by f1.8-2.0.

  • @Tron thanks. figured it was lens-specific.

  • That 25mm 1.4 is a real head-scratcher for me. I hope focus (in auto) will improve with the GH3.

  • I'm excited, I need to see more videos and photos of what is capable the version of production GH3 . Philip Bloom said that soon will leave his test with the final chamber. Two weeks ago I took a workshop here in Santo Domingo with Philip Bloom, told us that the camera they used in Genesis had to be arming every time I went out and was taped, he seems to be a great improvement, but does not dare to give a verdict until end test version of production.

  • @manu4vendetta It's better to wait for Drifwood review.He is more trustworthy:-).

  • The numpty who posts under the Youtube name "DiscoverMirrorless" responded to my criticism of his mistakes in his video on the GH3. He wrote:

    Paul, relax, take a breath. There's no need to become defensive. Instead of jumping in to criticize, did you ever think of asking nicely for clarification? Take another look, GH2 hacks DO have a response to frame rates for folks who need them.

    To this, I composed a nice reply:

    I'm not the one defending here. I merely pointed out a factual inaccuracy. And I didn't need clarification when the error is very clear to those who are familiar with GH2 settings "hacks", none of which affect the frame rate. However, on the basis that there is a chance that I'm wrong, I'd be happy if you could point out an online resource that describes how "GH2 hacks DO have a response to frame rates."

    That's when I discovered he blocked me. Guy obviously can't take criticism.

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