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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera for drone, $995
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  • I appreciate it ,great info !

  • New firmware

    • Added record start/stop trigger on HDMI output.
    • Added HDMI timecode output support.
    • Added indication to the user that camera is genlocked in the HDMI display overlay.
    • Added option to change frame rate settings via S.Bus.
    • Added option to change codec settings via S.Bus.
    • Added option to toggle auto focus via S.Bus.
    • Fixed issue with a small vertical pixel offset between HDMI output and RAW recording on Micro Cinema Camera.
  • Great news, especially about the added S.Bus commands, been hoping they would implement those but didn't think it would ever happen. Time to update my remote control software (just in time as my stereo BMMCC rig has been laying dormant for a while since I dealt with other things like moving home).

    The genlock display is handy too, I had to build a control box with coloured bright LED indicators that showed Genlock status (or how far my two bodies are out of sync when Genlock isn't available, useful for 'workaround' stereo shooting).

    Thanks for the headsup VK.