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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera for drone, $995
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  • Also don't forget the global shutter, kinda a big deal for motion. But yeah it was due to ship in July, still nothing ...

  • been hearing that bm wont drop the bmmcc untill feb/march due to a few problems with the global shutter, at least there not releasing it with problems , unlike dji with there x5 i'm not that bothered as the weathers crap here anyways, but would be nice if bm let people know rather than guess work...

  • X5r dropped in price, you can check the topic for it, so BM still cheaper, but no so much features.

  • the dji x5 is a big fail, lots of unhappy users on rc groups, seems to be ok for photos:)

  • lots of unhappy users on rc groups, seems to be ok for photos:)

    Unhappy with what specifically?

  • Video is the letdown. Low bitrate, flickering images, soft / mushy details and mixed results after constant calibration.

  • great news from BM the micro is shipping in january :) but i'm not sure what year, or is january july or may, who knows ..june?

  • Hello Ryan,( found this on another site)

    Thank you for contacting us. The Micro Cinema Cameras have not yet shipped and I do not have an official release date for that. As of two weeks ago beta versions of these cameras have gone out to our beta testers so I know that we're close to a release. It should be sometime very soon.

    All the Best, [Removed name] Blackmagic Design Inc.

  • the above post might not be true!!! i'm to eager for news

  • Endless rumours, who knows which are true (maybe all of them). Here's someone claiming to have one, though the photo looks pretty staged, maybe even photoshopped (cam looks slightly weird): Or it's a beta tester or BM shill ; ).

  • That's definitely real, it's Noam Kroll's instagram, he's a known blogger.

  • Cool (, he must be a beta tester then. That's a good sign.

  • First short film shot on the Micro Cinema Camera by Noam Kroll

    here are his comments:

  • Thanks, interesting. Nice grade & atmos. I'm not noticing any jello on the walking shots, GS or fast RS? Looks like he's not allowed to post any camera details yet.

  • Not GS, but fast RS.

  • How do you know?

  • @AlbertZ Damn that is a great look on the Micro. Love it. Definitely going to be considering this camera for film work.

  • @_gl just look at the comments here:

    Briefly speaking, the BMMCC seems to have less IR pollution, good response in tungsten lighting and way better battery usage...however please take these statements with a grain of salt, it's very soon...

    No words about DR and Global Shutter yet...

  • Looks like it is susceptible to moiré (at 17 seconds on the chain link fence). The BMMCC is looking better to me from a rolling shutter stand point as compared to the BMPCC. Exciting times - I'm glad I held on to my c-mount lens when I sold me BMPCC. Hopefully the BMMCC will fill the needs, I was hoping the BMPCC would fill.

  • @AlbertZ that's great, so sticking to RS for the better DR is quite feasible for a lot of stuff, something I was hoping for. I guess a side-effect of doubling the frame rate (compared to the Pocket) is that the sensor can be read out faster= less jello.

    @majoraxis yeah looks like it, I wish they'd fit an AA filter already, or offer one as an option. I'd pay more for it no problem (though hopefully less than an aftermarket one).

  • Download of Noam's (H264 compressed) source is now available on Vimeo:

  • Looks like it is susceptible to moiré (at 17 seconds on the chain link fence).

    welcome back all my dear colors. I sold the BMPCC because of the heavy moire but I was holding my m43 lenses because I hoped this issue could be solved at the BMMCC. Thanks for the hint. And by the way: Lumix 12-35, Nokton 25mm/0.9. Lumix 7-14 for sale

  • BMD confirm that camera is with beta testers:

    "Along the same lines as our URSA Mini 4.6K, the Micro Cinema is out in the wild with beta testers as we speak. I don't have a time frame for these being available with resellers at this time but we'll have some update on the forums/website when they are." (Tony Rivera, BMD Community Manager)

    2nd one out there:

  • new BMMCC footage