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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera for drone, $995
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  • Haven't seen anything yet (no news from my seller either), except B & H are listing mid September:

  • @_gl Before NAB 2016 probably, usually everything BM announces is available within a year. If people just ignored what they say and go by their track record there wouldnt be disappointment over "delayed" releases.

  • @theconformist I don't think the BMPCC was that late, my hunch is first (low) quantities shipping inside a month, but maybe a few months before we get higher numbers.

  • B+H is saying September now. I knew it.

  • A bit of bummer for sure. But better late and solid than early and buggy. Still have high hopes for this little camera to possibly replace my GH4 for aerial work.

  • I'm looking at it instead of a Pocket. The Micro rigged up with a SmallHD on my Velbon SP-1 will make for a fairly light and flexible kit.

  • Has anybody heard anything about BMPCC SpeedBooster compat? Logically it should work (same sensor size) and a BM rep said 'probably yes' but nothing definite.

  • It's not just about the sensor, it's about physical space.

  • @BurnetRhoades, explain? The BMPCC is the same sensor size, has to be the same distance from the mount (M43 standard after all). So what could be different?

  • There could be issues with non-sensor related clearance. The model-specific BMPCC versions of the SpeedBooster don't work with all MFT cameras. They were tailor designed for how much space was available in that camera that may or may not be available in any of the plethora of other MFT cameras, all with same exact distance from mount.

    It's quite likely that there's just as much space in the Micro as the Pocket, but BMD could have designed it such that something occludes into what might have been empty space on the Pocket. It's very likely it will work but there's no guarantee until someone tests it.

  • Yeah I know, and that's my thinking, it's very unlikely that they wouldn't make it backwards compatible as they stuck to the Pocket sensor size. I already have two for my Pockets.

  • And I'm hoping this is the case, because I'm looking forward to getting one and the BMPCC SB plus the standard MFT SB I have means every lens is like having three lenses on these little guys, which is pretty cool.

  • :). Yeah I love the Pocket SBs on my Tokina 11-16mm's, though that combination does produce soft edges. The only other downside is the huge lenses and weight (I use a two-body 3D rig) compared to my old GH2 rig with the tiny Panny pancakes. OK much more flexible and more light, but I wish there were some ultra-wide DX pancakes.

  • I'm still looking for a wide that will work nicely with my Biotar and Biometar and there doesn't seem to be anything that vintage wider than the "Hollywood" 28mm that's not super soft.

  • Go for some cctv or S16 lenses. 10mm, 12.5mm and 16mm are very easy to find and cheap as well.

  • mid september or end of, even october you know how it go's....i brought a bmpcc of ebay just to get used to the settings ect...glad i did, coming from sony cameras its a lot to learn, also 14mm or more like 40mm on a quad with gimbal is a mofo :), still tuning the gimbal, use to use sonya5100 with nice big sel10-18 lens, this 16mm cropper is a real shocker, but the image is horny, i love it,,been iching since april for the new bm,,,ordered the 9mm lens and 12mm, also 12-32mm panasonic, have the 14mm at the moment its not to bad , but picks up ant slight wobb from the gimbore...hmmmmm....globle shutter will be interesting also 50p, and video out so no more hdmi convertor:), pwm is a :)..its all looking good

  • if anyone is looking for a gimbal for the blackmagic micro this one from x-cam is really nice, the controller is poo, i'm using 32bit alexmos. the bmmcc will also fit:)

    2688 x 1520 - 1M
  • My seller (ProAV) is also now showing ETA Sep:

  • should be out in the next few days

  • great news :)

  • Great if true. @woobirdy what's your source?

  • i was talking to these guys and was told they will have stock next week.... he was told this by blackmagic at ibc...

  • @ 9:25:

    • about two stops of DR dropped in global shutter modes across all BM cameras (as expected). So does the Micro have 15 stops in rolling shutter mode as speculated? (hope so, would not want drop to ~11 stops in GS).

    • Micro cin cam shipping 'early Oct'.

  • wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat early october:(.....for the micro camera boo hooo boo hooo, i was told it would be out this week, so i guess that was bull poo.....classic balckmagic