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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera for drone, $995
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  • Still waiting for this to be released.

  • Is it me or is there lots of aliasing in this footage?. Other than that perceived aliasing, I think the footage looks very nice.

  • @darklight, you mean the boxing clip? I just watched it again on an 1080p screen and didn't notice any aliasing, except for what is probably classic BMD moire at 00:16 on the newspaper-style print on the right of the frame. If you definitely see something at 1080p, where?

  • @_gl I was referring to this line here by the window but its is probably a scaling issue on my end.

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  • @darklight did you select HD->1080p on the Vimeo player? I see that window frame aliasing at the non-HD default res, but not at 1080p. You also have to view on a 1080p screen in fullscreen (or 1:1 windowed), or you will see player scaling artifacts that aren't in the original footage (also depends how well a particular player scales).

  • Has anybody heard anything new on release?

  • @_gl like I said in my reply to you. It's a scaling issue on my part.. I am not using a 1080p resolution.

  • new news is there is no news...some beta testers have it so only guess is next 8 weeks?????? blackmagic says shipping march lol

  • very good content @filthy. What's sort of drone did you use ? and what's optic with you BMCC ?

  • it shows on the vimeo page:

    Rokinon 12mm Cine Rokinon 24mm Cine

    Great footage!

  • Not my footage. Just sharing from a fellow pilot and beta tester for the cam. Nick does really great work. I'm pretty sure he's flying his X8 octo here. Total overkill for this cam. But use what you got - right?

    Vulcan X8.jpg
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  • very interested on this cam, not for drones but for handheld shooting, though it may be a terrible idea. Do you think it will be possible to rig this camera as small as possible and to have a good grip on it? I actually just wanted a small and simple screen ( and if necessary something where to hold).. And of course, rig it up properly when necessary, but If I don't find a way to shoot it very easily hand held I can't buy it

  • I Think very small rigs will popup soon after launch, but you will need a evf/monitor and the good ones aren't cheap. Would be cool if black if blackmagic or someone else could design a viewfinder that fits the bm video-assist, that would be a perfect fit for this cam!

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  • Yeah, I wouldn't mind something cagey, with a top handle and a side grip. To top it off with the Video Assist as camera interface to go through the menus (see att. what I had in mind).

    If anyone has some more info on actual availlability, keep us informed! Their site keeps on pushing the release month forward. January, February... March... so who really knows? Also, from what I've gathered none of the sample units sent out were able to use/try global shutter as it was disabled. Is that the issue and why they've not come through yet? Perhaps the Micro Cinema Camera was more a prediction rather than an actual camera. In that case... I wouldn't mind them announcing at NAB that they're skipping the Micro Cinema Camera and bringing out a Pocket V2 with 2.5K sensor. :P

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  • I hope they do pop up.. It could be designed to fit on top plate as to resemble shootin with hasselblad. maybe already with a loupe on 45 degrees.I thought about reaally smal, no need to be good quality. a small monitor fitted the way noam kroll shot Micro already does not look that bad. these simple solutions for the pocket look good for me(ideal if it was not for the angle of theloupe). @Cinegain Really? that shot with the boxer was not with global shutter? I have never used GS, but thought it would help a lot on handheldshooting. cadence and motion looks beautiful on that one..but so maybe you can achieve similar results with a pocket...(?)

    Captura de Tela 2016-03-09 às 11.15.05.png
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    pocket pistol loupe.jpg
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    pocket smallrig.jpg
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  • Well f... me:


    'Not only has Blackmagic Design announced that the long-awaited URSA Mini 4.6K and Micro Cinema Camera are shipping with immediate effect, but, perhaps more significantly, that their spec has been changed and global shutter has been ditched.

    To say this is a move that has taken a lot of people by surprise is a bit of an understatement, but here’s what Blackmagic has to say on the subject.

    “The good news for our customers is that both these cameras are now shipping.

    “However the development of the global shutter in these cameras has taken longer than expected, and has been the reason the cameras have been delayed in shipping as problems in implementing the global shutter feature have been holding up their release. Both cameras have problems with their global shutter but the problems are different between the URSA Mini 4.6K and the Micro Cinema Camera.”

    The company says that its engineers have been working to address this issue for the past six months, but that performance of the global shutter is “not up to the high quality level that Blackmagic Design strives to give it’s customers.”

    Hence they’re shipping as from now without global shutter.'

  • So now the question - keep my pre-order and get a proper synchronized 3D rig? Or wait 'till NAB to see if BM will fix it in the next model?

    I assume the sensor they've chosen isn't up to the task, something they should have known before they announced these cams. I get that they probably needed to finalise quite a lot of the design after the announcement, but you shouldn't announce sensor capabilities until you have at least prototyped the sensor in the modes you plan to support. So why did this go wrong?

    Pretty disappointing, even if I was planning to use rolling shutter a fair bit to get the wider DR. For 3D, a global shutter would allow you to turn one of the two cameras upside down, which (due to the port layouts) lets you get them closer together. You usually can't do that with rolling shutter as the skew would be in the opposite direction on one camera, which is no good for quality 3D footage.

    On the other hand, the test footage seemed to show quite fast sensor readout, I didn't detect any skew in what I've seen ...

  • I assume the sensor they've chosen isn't up to the task, something they should have known before they announced these cams. I get that they probably needed to finalise quite a lot of the design after the announcement, but you shouldn't announce sensor capabilities until you have at least prototyped the sensor in the modes you plan to support.

    Sensor has nothing to do with this.

    BM release times set new record not for this sensor only.

    Actual truth is simple - number of engineers and other staff is not enough for so complex and so much camera models. But owners to keep profits high do not want to increase their count, or just can't. First option is around 100 times more probable.

  • That might be partly true VK, but a guy whose friend apparently works at BM leaked weeks back that they couldn't get the global shutter to work, and that was the cause of the delay. He was obviously right. Of course they're probably short on manpower too, but they must have worked on this a fair bit (they had enough time).

    If you were completely right, there might be a firmware upgrade that eventually implements GS. I think it's more likely (and safer to assume) that if they couldn't make it work in 6 months (!), then it's probably a hardware limitation of some kind and it will never happen.

  • BHphoto and Adorama list as "instock & ready to ship"

  • Perfect, then I'll send in an I.O.U. to get this camera. It's just like money, but without all of the features.

  • I cancelled my order just before sample footage started showing up online. With NAB just around the corner, I figured I could wait to see what gets announced at that time. Even if nothing to compete directly with this camera, a possible price drop would get me to reorder it.

  • Will this cam be better in lowlight than the bmpcc? I'm pretty much expecting the same image as the bmpcc.

  • It's supposed to be very similar to the pocket. Different form factor, power and connectivity, but otherwise very similar with sensitivity and DR. Oh! The real difference maker is that it has global shutter. Or not ;)