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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera for drone, $995
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  • also need the inspire for the x5/x5r .the bmmcc is the only escape

  • also the x5 camera is poo for the money, lots of problems and you have to calibrate the lens a few times just to get it to work... i have been following rcg thread and would not go anywhere near it yet for another 6 months.., update updates with dji,

  • ok its december now, whats going on

  • Hopefully on Christmas?

  • Hopefully on Christmas?

    Let's hope for this and not next Christmas. :-)

  • It's frustrating. But on the upside, they have now had plenty of time to fix all the firmware bugs or incomplete features, so it would be nice to get a fully working cam when it does show up.

    Maybe the firmware is even (one of the) issues. The remote control might be tricky to get right, it sounds like you can assign remote inputs to pretty much any parameter, so there's a lot of get right.

  • I've though about why the Cinema is so delayed. Obviously BM is a small manufacturer with a wide product range, and a lot of risk to manage. I wonder if they look at the amount of pre-orders (and subsequent cancellations) they're getting, and deciding the launch schedule based on that to maximize profits. I mean I would in their position (assuming it's the only way they can do it).

    If so, maybe there weren't enough Cinema pre-orders, and they decided to prioritise other cams like the Micro.

  • I think many of us didn't pre-order, waiting for first user reviews. At least that is what I do. However, radio control over this little beast would make me really happy! And Santa is just behind the corner ;)

  • It probably depends if you had the Pockets. I did so I pre-ordered. Image should be similar, perhaps slightly better DR and lower noise. I doubt they fixed the moire, I wish they would.

    Of course you can buy aftermarket AA filters, but they're really expensive (I think about $350+ USD). Worse for me as I use two bodies. I get they're high-quality optics, but the price still seems crazy.

    I don't understand why BM don't build them in - well, probably because they would raise the price a lot. But surely they can get a much better deal on them. They could sell the AA filter as an option, even for DIY installs if they don't want to complicate their product line (they could still take a cut and save us money).

    Sometimes you can grade around moire but sometimes you can't, and I like shots where you can't and it looks bad (eg. distant city lights in focus).

  • @_gl: would you point me some link to video with that moire issues? I own Bmpcc and never witnessed this problem (mostly I shot nature).

  • Actually I have a Pocket nature shot, typical early test shot (attached + 400% zoom crop). I don't often get it on trees, but when it's bad it's awful! I also couldn't see it on the little screen, you really need an external monitor to catch it.

    EDIT: it's on the water too.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1256 x 1018 - 656K
  • But on the upside, they have now had plenty of time to fix all the firmware bugs or incomplete features, so it would be nice to get a fully working cam when it does show up. Maybe the firmware is even (one of the) issues.

    Might be spot on, from BM forum:

    "Ok so I spoke to Bm on Friday. What was said to me was that they want to release the camera with all features enabled, they don't want to be doing firmware updates every 2 weeks to enable features like they did for the bmpc 4K, Ursa and others so they're working very hard to finish testing so this camera can be released ..they're aiming hard before the end of December as they're trying to get it in people's hands before the year is out."

  • @_gl: Thanks. Not so bad, 100% with no crop looks fine to me.

  • Really?? To me the shot is ruined.

  • I said: not so bad - what means: bad, but not as bad as I would thought...

  • Well you said "looks fine to me". I don't agree but that's ok : ).

  • OK, I should have said: I can accept it - as long as my client does ;)

  • I think this is a great upgrade from shooting DSLR to more professional looking work. Wonder why there is so few test footage of it online.

  • Curious as to what about it appears to be an upgrade from DSLR in your eyes. Also - not much test footage since the camera isn't out.

  • @filthy because you're not shooting 8bit 420 with poor dynamic range, but instead 10bit 422 with great dynamic range. A big upgrade over a DSLR!

  • @IronFilm - OK I understand your point now. But tricky to try and judge how big of an upgrade it will really be since the cam has yet to be released in to real world hands. It's currently possible to get 10bit 422 out of certain modern day mirror-less DSLRs (i.e. GH4) via HDMI out. I'm still plenty anxious to see how this new BM cam fairs once released though. Would be nice have such a small aerial cam as a replacement for much of my current work. If the specs are proven, the small package and fully remote controllable everything is a huge plus in my book. Is this thing still supposed to be shipping in next month?

  • I like the 'non-video' look of Blackmagic's cameras. But no slow motion option + poor battery life of the BMPCC, was not enough to convince me to buy one. Also the dynamic range for color grading is a plus, for me. @filthy

  • @dlzn if no slow motion and poor battery life is what put you off the BMPCC, then you'll be keen to try out the BMMCC!! ;-) As both those issues are going to be better.

    @filthy, it is very very easy to estimate how much better the BMMCC will be (at a minimum) over a DSLR/MILC. Because we already know how much superior the BMPCC is :-D At the BMMCC is based off the same sensor, but tweaked/improved.