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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera for drone, $995
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  • Well could still be out next week. Then it just depends what quantity, and which shops get the first allocations.

  • wonder if we can plug single wires in, so we can control the shutter ect or just the power and video out, rather than using the chunky block of wires that comes with the camera, this would effect the gimbal as all those wires would not move so well...

  • FWIW this is from a dealer in NJ that works with Blackmagic's US distributor down the street: "I just called the distributor... this camera may not show up till November or December."

  • November- December? Sigh...I was anxious to test the new sCMOS 2.0 sensor..

  • i've been told it could be next week , that was last week, also the 25th of october, so by all accounts i'm looking at december or early 2016 really, i think i'll have the e1 camera before i see the bmmcc

  • My gut feeling is that they're spending most of their time and resources trying to get the 4.6K cameras ready for shipping.

  • For now they say Expected availability October 27 2015...

  • It's also possible it will ship in some countries before others. Well here's hoping (selfish, me? : ).

  • i know its the studio camera:) i was wondering how big the expansion lead was and its big,, going to have to chop it down a bit..

  • Cool, good to see one : ) 4K is out now (apparently it's got an awful sensor though). I really like the look of the body. re. breakout cables yeah they've giving you everything, good for prototyping but I will solder my own.

  • @_gl what other camera is that sensor in?

  • @aaronchicago the Micro 4k sensor? No idea, but it's said to have very low DR (someone claimed 7-8 stops), low native ISO and fairly bad rolling shutter. It's not a 'cinema' sensor, it's designed for light-controlled studio situations. So it's nothing like the Micro Cine sensor which is a slightly enhanced Pocket sensor, apparently with a little less noise due to better cooling from the large heatsink.

    BTW he has posted his first hands on impressions including the VideoAssist (no actual footage yet, due soon):

  • "apparently it's got an awful sensor though"

    do you have a link to any of this information about a bad sensor? That guy who got one hasn't tested it at all yet. Haven't seen or heard anything about the sensor quality. Certainly no attempt at a real test.

  • The fact that it's low DR is well known, hence 'Studio' rather than 'Cinema'. BM don't even list the DR on the specs, they would if it was good right? You have to understand that a 4k 'cinema' sensor is going to be expensive, so there's a tradeoff with resolution here (and a different use case). Otherwise they would have put 4K into MCC. And rolling shutter really doesn't matter in many studio scenarios right?

    The rest are forum posts. Actually glad you asked, because digging out the one I was quoting, he's talking about the fullsize 4k Production cam, not the MSC. But it's not crazy to expect similar tradeoffs: Others have posted warnings about not expecting cinema performance in various places.

    EDIT: actually it's not clear which one he's talking about (last post on that page)?

  • .. ah, I guess he was talking about the 'Studio Camera 4K', I'd forgotten about this model: Note how they also don't list the DR of this one.

  • He posted MSC test footage:

  • @BurnetRhoades the "space issue" with the BMPCC speedbooster is to do with the fact that the other m4/3 cameras are also PHOTO cameras. Thus they've got a mechanical shutter, which in many cases can get in the way. I'm almost 100% confident you won't have that issue with the BMMCC and the BMPCC speedbooster will fit on it.

  • , the slow mo was intense, can't find any stock in the uk yet...:(

  • just checked bm web site on its shipping in november lol

  • Really waiting for the MCC... so that the BMPCC price drops! Get on it BM!

  • The same ol Black magic waiting game. You really have to just forget about their projections, and that way when the delivery truck shows up it will be like christmas in July... 2016

  • Gotta admit the doubters were right. Fooled again : ). Of course now it probably shows up next week (ever the optimist : ).

  • i have a gimbal built and new drone frame ready to receive this camera:( ..but i have to accept a 2016 release, happy to be wrong. there's not really another option for the size and weight also the remote control function hmmm so it a double :(:( having to wait while there arsing about...but for fun i predict the 34th of november

  • woobirdy , well there is the X5R..... totally different price bracket however!

  • That - plus the fact that it's not actually available yet either.