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GH3 rumors topic
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  • Frankly I'm quite happy with 1080p24 and 720p60 from Gh2. Don't get me wrong. I already like Gh3 a lot. But no money and no immediate need. Today I was googling After Effects Plexus. Yeah special effect. Cool stuff. That's what I need right now. By the time when I need Gh3, hopefully price cut in half.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I am with you. Not that I don't think it isn't useful for some types of work it is just that I would much rather see a higher frame rate video.

  • I really hope the body is not higher then the GH2 (+1cm) or it wouldn't fit in my cage...I really don't need a bigger camera, shooting handheld without at least a shoulder support sucks.

  • Is there a possibility: GH3 may be full-frame?

  • @kholi said "I'm becoming more excited about this release than the Magic Cam... at least I know Panasonic will ship on time."

    Not my experience. Sometimes Panny is very slow, e.g., how long did it take for the AF100 software upgrade? Yeah, I know -- different division, but I'm not optimistic we will see it shipping in any reasonable quantities this year.

  • @simurg cant be done since m4/3 standard cant fit fisically a full frame sensor. Sorry

  • It's not Full frame.


    Their products ship, just maybe not in good quantities. That's why I have my friends get me one from Japan. xD

  • That's why I have my friends get me one from Japan.

    Yep, most probably we'll also get one from Japan, same as with GH2.

  • @Psyco Gh3 for only fat fingers :)

  • I care about 1080/24P and then1080/60P for slow mo stuff. I think 30/48/60P look terrible at normal speed and plan to hold out as long as possible waiting that people will come to their senses. :)

  • @Vitaliy_kiselev

    I hope you guys get one very early... at this point I am talking too much again, but just wanted to throw that out there.

  • @svart same thoughts here!

  • I hope Varavon will release an GH3 upgrade for their loupe owners (if the LCD screen is the same size of course)

  • Oh man! I'm almost more excited for this than the BMCC! Panasonic has been given a real opportunity to crush the DSLR market... and it looks like they're taking it.

    I can just imaging the conversations at Panasonic over the last few years...

    4 years ago: "Oh man... canon beat us to the video-DSLR-hybrid market... we'll never be able to compete now."

    Today: "Wait... What's that? Canon hasn't improved anything in 4 years? And they're trying to sell marginal, sub-par, improvements in $15,000 video-bodies? Oh hell yea! They're fucked now!"

  • I expect good things from this camera, i think it will be changin arena from sony and panasonic. All war is again ON.

    Lets wait for full frame A99. But im shure Panasonic has something ready, there is too mucho developement in the hack, to much even that panasonic didnt realize.

    I would like to know a little bit more about the processors it has and i hear is 4 cores now. But the arquitecture is RISC or what?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Meh. IMHO full frame sensors for video are overrated. They present as many problems as they do pluses. Personally I prefer S35 (APS-C) sensors as the standard, with m4/3 coming in a close second. With so many improvements coming to the GH3 (it's like they were reading my personal wishlist) I think it's going to be THE camera to beat in the mirrorless category. But competition is good, so bring on Sony, Canon, and whoever else wants to mix it up! We as consumers all win. :)

  • place your bets:

    what will be the GH3 body only usd MSRP?

    a) sub 1k

    b) 1k

    c) 1.5k or near

    d) 2k or near

    e) 2.5k or more

  • I'd say 1700$ - 1800$ for the body.

  • Nooo, too much for body only. Current GH2 is at ~$650 US for body only; im guessing as with new product launches the initial SRP will be ~$1.1k, but anything more may be pushing it. A ~$1.5k body only GH3 is too much for me, and would rather invest more $$$ for actual video camera (AF100, BMC and the likes)

    If I needed excellent stills id invest in a good camera instead. No sense in using hybrids. Just my 2 cents :)

  • I hope it gets the Panny Direct discount!

  • I think a lot of the price would depend on how good the camera is. And based on whats leaking out right now, it will be very very good, but we will see. I for one would pay $1,500 for the Camera if it is that much of an improvement over the GH2 with more flexibility, increased DR, weather proofed and so on. Its still only half of what the BMCC is asking and has many advantages over it, it takes all m/43 lenses, probably has higher frame rates and several frame rates to choose from, programmable from external apps, and not just tied to the Mac as the BMCC is (Thunderbolt etc.) The BMCC is obviously going to be a great camera, but if the GH3 lives up to the leaks, it will definitely ruffle a few feathers for the time being.

  • Wasn't the original GH2 w 14-140mm kit about $1,500? I would assume that a similar kit with the new beefier water sealed body would be about $1,800-2,000. Then they could have a premium kit with the new 12-35mm for a bit more.

  • Right, the original release price of the GH2 w/ 14-140mm lens was $1500. That would put the body around $1000. So, I'll place my bet for GH3 body at $1200-$1500. The problem is if the last two GH releases are any indication, we won't see a body only release until well into 2013. :/

  • Everything sounds great. But no upgrades for me - no cash. New body, new battery, etc etc...

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