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    Good quote: On knowledge
    • A priest is giving a young nun a lift home from church one day... and as he's shifting gears, he rests his hand on the nun's knee... The young nun looks up at the priest and says: "Father, remember Luke 14:10."
      -The priest withdraws his hand, embarrassed.
      Next time they stop at a light, he places his hand a little higher up on her thigh. The nun says: "Remember Luke 14:10, Father."
      The priest apologizes: "The flesh is weak", he says...
      So he drops her off and when he gets home, he reaches for his Bible and he flips to Luke 14:10 and read:
      "Friend, come up higher, then shalt thou have glory."

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    Fargo Season 3 - Fear and Trembling for Philisters
    • As usual Fargo is compilation of all fears and hopes of ordinary philister. Small guy with capitalist ideology hammered to his mind.

      Main character are in the order of importance:


      Gloria Burgle - implements idealistic dream of good government and authorities, but mixed with reality to make it better looking. Always care, but always did not do anything helpful, because it is late. She wanted to help, just bad guys (see below) did not let her.


      Moe Dammick - this is another idealistic understanding of stupid government part, just wrong people. You just need to put right people...


      Nikki Swango - minor role model for philister. Good logical criminal. But finally god must make her pay.


      Ray Stussy - role model. Depicts someone who did not listen to mother and farther. Made wrong choices, did not work hard enough. Loves criminal - wrong thing.


      Emmit Stussy - main role model. Guy did everything right, worked hard, highly moral. As life reward he is businessman, big, but not too big. With happy family.


      V.M. Varga - all small bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie fears combined into one man. Comes as reckoning for trying to get money from wrong people. Capitalist raider. Money launderer. Do not care about finance books, just make fake ones. Criminal talents and criminals around. He do all this citing stupid pseudo communist phrases and with Stalin portrait. And constant Russians mentioning.

      Otherwise it is just almost literal rephrase of children's tales. Work hard and with small luck( just a bit!) you will be good moral businessman living according to American dream, happy family and all good. But look... If you do not learn so hard, if you make errors... look at your drunk brother. He is zero. Bad guy making wrong decisions. But with luck (not a bit) and proper assistance he could also become rich... Sadly not much luck.
      And be afraid, be very afraid. It is big sharks out where. If you make slight misstep they can come for you. And government won't be able to help. It'll try hard, very hard to help. But you know, rules, stupid people. Didn't work out fully. But if you stole few hundred million, we'll put it all on working people and just slightly hug you. Just do not kill guys who in love with criminals, you know. We won't save you here. Not our business.

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    Good quotes: Petty bourgeoisie and two chairs
    • Petty bourgeoisie do not wish to and cannot take power alone and independently, as has been proved by the experience of all revolutions, and as is proved by economics, which explains that in a capitalist country it is possible to stand for capital and it is possible to stand for labour, but it is impossible to stand for long in between.


      Very close is famous quote from J. Reed

      "There are two classes, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie... And whoever isn't on one side is on the other".

      Both quotes are extremely important.

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    DR and sick people
    • Each time I hear about 8bit images and 6-7 stops I just can't bear it...

      Just to make it into extreme to show stupidity.

      Let's make it 1bit.

      • 0 - will be defined as "low building".
      • 1 - will mean "high building".

      Dynamic range will be ratio between low and high buildings heights.

      One stop just means that this ratio is equal to 2, two stops that it is 4, etc

      Did you noticed that we never referenced specific heights numbers here?

      In reality we can define "low building" as 1 meter and "high building" as 8000 meters (we are free to do it, can also use other definition).

      Hence we have 13 stops, using 1 bit.

      Well, you can say, but we are losing all buildings in between. After encoding they will become either "high" or "low".

      May be this is where the limit is? Well, no not here.

      For 8bit we have 256 separate values now. We can make out definition as

      • 0 - lowest building
      • 1 - one that is 2 times higher
      • 10 - one that is 4 times higher
      • 11 - one that is 8 times higher
      • etc

      So it'll be total 256 stops. :-)

      We'll talk where the limit lies soon..

    17 comments 18 comments Vitaliy_KiselevJune 23Last reply - 1:22PM by LPowell Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: UK Homelessness Surges 34%
    • Homelessness surges 34% ... with 100,000 more families losing their home compared with 2010.
      120,000 children are living in temporary homes as councils illegally place families in unfit accommodation.

      The statistics paint a bleak picture of the UK housing crisis and the impact a lack of decent, affordable homes is having on thousands of families.

      There has been a 60 per cent increase in the number of families being housed in insecure temporary accommodation. In particular, bed and breakfast-type hotels are increasingly being used to house families for long periods of time as local councils struggle to find them proper homes to live in.

      There are now 77,240 families in England currently living in temporary accommodation – up from 48,240 just six years ago. Of these, almost fourth-fifths (78 per cent) are families with children, meaning there are currently 120,500 children living in insecure, temporary homes.

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