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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • Here a screen shot from Mysterion at 720 50p. Standard -2x4. Spans without problems. First impressions: colours are very saturated, low bitrates, about 27985 Kbts/s, similar shot with Sedna AQ20 was about 70000 or higher, Camera movements jerks more than Sedna. ARE ONLY FIRST IMPRESSIONS!! No scientific comparison!

    960 x 540 - 574K
  • @terry2 no idea what it is but it's cleary written in the ini "Driftwood GH2 v1.11 requires ptools 3.65D"

  • Looks like when I get home, I will be trying out Mysteron

  • Mysteron is quite awesome!

  • What the hell? Are you lot on a wind up? It's not April 1st yet you know.

    I see nothing about Mysteron on the 1st page

    Am I going blind?

  • Look at the ini file attached at the end of the first post on page 1

  • Doh! I am blind after all :)

  • @CraftyClown don't feel too bad, took me a while to find it too, hah

  • A lot of mistery is growing around BT and Canis or Mysterium

  • Hey moved the Red Epic 5k vs GH2 Driftwood Sedna footage to it's own thread:

    @rajamalik the patch I used is in the title of the video, Driftwood's Sedna q1 and I also posted the behind the scenes footage of us doing the test so you can tell your cinematographer buddy to have another look ;)

    @thepalalias and @fancydancer yup :)

    @danyyyel nope :)

  • @driftwood - sneaky lil' devil. Are you in on VK's dirty little secret? Will we like it? :)

    Oh, I see a new clue on the thread title "Myst". Hmmmmm...

  • @rajamalik

    Yup, you were right. NO RED EPIC. uh huh.

  • hello community, this is my first post in here and i am very thankfull to all of you. i am following the threads here for several month and there have been great discussions and an incredible development progress of the tiny gh2! Honestly, i want to say thanks to everybody. You have spent so much time and passion in this work - wow! the following movie is a presentation of pilot projects dealing with waste management in ethiopia. done with my gh2 and driftwoods orion v4b.

    future megacities - The IGNIS Project (HD) from marcus mangeot on Vimeo.

    sadly, my equipment wasn't the best for african conditions but next time i will be prepared better.

  • Where can I download ptols 3.65? Is it necesary for the new patches coming up???

  • @xavieramelio Driftwood said the new patches are being tested with it, so it makes sense to download it. Mysteron apparently requires it . The link is in the first post of the PTool 3.65d topic.

  • @spiel77 richtig gute Dokumentation ;) Welches objektiv und welche kameraeinstellungen hast du benutzt, wenn ich fragen darf?

  • ooh a deblocking table :) @driftwood Does this 'Recording Limit' force spanning at the time set, or just force it to stop recording gracefully ?

  • Grr someone stop the radio silence around that mystic patch. I'm afraid that the BT and myst patch are a big prank from the vitaley guys :(

  • @klem007 first page of this thread, if you scroll down after driftwood's FAQ, you'll see the .ini patch to dowload, it's names mystic and you'll need Ptool 3.65

  • Mysteron has the same "24H bitrate" as Sedna and Orion. The 50p is GOP 3 and 60p is GOP 6. Have not downloaded the footage yet.

  • Mysteron also has a different matrix than Sedna, my thoughts were that somehow the record limit would make the camera span, however 24H failed to span on my 30mbps 16gb Sandisk.

  • Darned thing is taking a week to flash..

  • Record limit doesn't help spanning. It "gracefully" stops recording at a certain limit so your file will safely be made useable.

  • I see where Vitaliy posted that, I am just curious why Driftwood has entered in 1799 seconds which calculates to 29.98 mins when we all know that failed spanning happens at around 4mins so it would make more sense if he had entered 240sec.

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