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  • Been reading about the collaboration film, but haven't gotten involved yet. It's a bit of a camel at the moment (horse designed by committee), but I'm sure given time somebody with a strong idea/script will present themselves. Don't lose patience...

    I agree with B3Guy that this should be a work of substance, but at this stage it's important for everyone to float their ideas (however paltry they may seem). People have their strengths and weaknesses, and most (including myself) probably aren't very good script writers. Having said that, ideas beget ideas.

    I really wish I had something to put on the table at this stage. This project will be a slog until it's on its feet, but then it'll outpace a Neutrino!

    Good luck everyone, that was my Henry V speech.

  • props for mentioning Henry V. The game's afoot!

    I'll wait for @lolo to voice thoughts on all this before making any page changes. He's put in a lot of effort which should be respected.
  • @B3guy
    :P thank you for that respect :P
    it was your idea the one that started this though :D

    About the subject in question, i like your idea of voting for the main concepts and the elements of every storyline, i like the idea also of ranking those elements from 0-10,
    so problaby we should reformulate the format in wich the storylines are presented on the wiki, in order to everyone to edit his story according to this, i don´t mind if you are the one doing it, but, just make it look in order, respecting the format of the wiki (there is info on the format on the wiki´s homepage)

    on other subject

    About the voting, i dislike the idea that everyone can vote, i think that everyone that has written his name on the assets list (whatever the asset he/she may have) must have the right to vote, but not everyone on the internet, my mom, my friends, my cat, etc... and also that all the vote must be public and with the nickname that we have here, to get transparency every time we do a poll,

  • yep. I'd rather limit who can vote. Your mom is probably not going to bother to sabotage our polling, but I can understand that you'd be rather wary of your cat. Perhaps in the future, I will PM the link to the poll rather than posting it up for all to see. As far as connecting each name openly to the results, I can do that easily enough by providing a comment box as the first question. Anyone wishing to see who voted for what is more than welcome to log on and look at the choices of individual IP addresses (along with the commented username that accompanies).

    Oh, and looking at the results of my second poll attempt, I'm happy to report that the results are much easier to decipher (especially the 1-10 ranking ones. Its beautiful)
  • Honestly, at this point we don't even need to worry about "physical assets" and who will do what. Once we decide on a concept and flesh out a nice outline, the rest of the pieces will fall into play. With a basic script / outline, we can present it to the personal view community and assign rolls to the volunteers from there. Once we have a solid story go off, the ball will start rolling pretty quickly!
  • Just posted my storyline proposition!
    I think we should decide a votation-day just to establish a deadline.
    Next monday? The more we get close to christmas time the more it'll be difficult to do something
  • I'm outa commission for the next two weeks. I can sure participate in polls, but as far as making any more or getting wiki pages organized, I'm out. Next week is the last week of classes, week after is finals.
  • Hi guys, I just joined this forum. I'm an aspiring screenwriter/director/dp...watever :) I see many great ideas here and on the wiki pages. Some ideas requires special effects/specialized locations/large crews and in general high budgets (which I presume we have none). So I suggest that when submitting/considering THE concept, we have to rank budget as our top requirement.

    I recently read a screenwriting book that list the 7 elements of screenplays. If we can have that much in any story concept we would be in a much better situation to finalized an idea. Here are the seven elements that may help the project at this stage:

    1. HERO: the main character

    2: HERO's CHARACTER FLAW: flaw at the beginning of the story that hold back the hero from achieving his full potential. The hero views this as a defense mechanism to keep him/her emotionally and physically safe.

    3. ENABLING CIRCUMSTANCES: situations that the hero has created/found that allow him to maintain his flaw.

    4. OPPONENT: someone who opposes the hero from getting what he wants. This may/may not be a bad guy that forces the hero to abandon his flaw/enabling circumstances and instigates the LIFE CHANGING EVENT.

    5. HERO's ALLY: the person that spend the most time with the hero to help him overcome his flaw.

    6. LIFE CHANGING EVENT: a challenge, threat or opportunity that forces the hero to choose between his flaw and the opportunity present.

    7. JEOPARDY: the ultimate price the hero has to pay to get what he wants.
  • Guys, I really suggest to form some structure and have responsible people for different aspects.
    Otherwise it'll soon become bunch of unstructured information.
  • @kong
    I think that that list is a little naive and incomplete but still useful. However these kind considerations are more important in the phase of writing, and obviously the choosen writer should be a competent one.
    Of course while voting we have to be aware of these things as much as possible.

    You're definitely right, i think that to create different departments with supervisors is the first thing that we should do after choosing the concept/script.
  • Well, I'll lay down the law first here ;-)

    (nothing sinister, check poll results so far if you don't agree with me)

    What is officially going to happen is we will RATE all the script ELEMENTS (scale of 1-10), and APPROVE "X" number of them. This needs to happen soon, but before that the script page of the wiki needs to be re organized into "elements" and "main concepts".

    Can someone step up and get that taken care of? Make a NEW page for this, so as to maintain the original content for reference, but retranslate it over to a new page. (Original authors may then feel free to check and if necessary change the transfer person's transfer job.)

    I would do this myself, but like I said, finals at university for me the next week and a half.

    In conjunction with or soon after the ELEMENTS poll, there will be a MAIN CONCEPT poll, done by rating each script (scale of 1-10), and either eliminating a bottom percent, accepting a top percent, or choosing one. We need more poll results for me to feel comfortable making a call on how we should do this. (I was pretty comfortable officializing an "elements" rate-poll, as the opinions on that seem to be fairly harmonious.) Please participate in the poll if you have not already, and pay special attention to the "whole script" options. We could eliminate, accept, or select a single.
  • @B3Guy, well said.. I won't have much time until the later part of next week, so if someone else can do it before that - I'm all for it.

    Quick question though, if I have missed it or not - is there any way to have a look at the poll results so far? Maybe not recommended for those who are about to take it, but.. ;) for those who have done it.
  • yes. check the poll page on the wiki, I think I detail there how to access, along with a request that those who have not yet participated refrain from checking the results.

    In the future, the poll link will be PM'ed to the correct personages to avoid unwanted participation.
  • @B3Guy

    Check poll plugins, good one exist for DocuWiki, I just don't know why they don't work upon install.
  • @thepalalias tracklay and foley build is mainly the 5.1 or more element - happy to let anyone use one of our rooms or been nice to the missus and can use their 5.1 room along with their Nitris and Avids IQ EQ & graphics etc - curry goes a long way!
  • Can't we do something with the fact we're all in different locations?

    A while ago there was some kind of wave of films that showed the interweaving of people's lives in different locations. Magnolia, Babel, .. Or if you want one character in different locations, like say Bourne films, you could shoot that character and cut with footage from users in other locations, possibly using chroma if needed.

    Just thinking out loud here.

    @Kong - Is that from Robert McKee's book?
  • IMHO nominate Prod manager Post manager Writers etc - do it like it is done - in film democracy = anarchy lol
  • @johnnym - The title is "How to Write High Structure, High Concept Movies" by Rob Tobin only 90 pages. Short and to the point. I really like this book.
  • @johnnym
    >Can't we do something with the fact we're all in different locations?

    Some of the storyline ideas address that fact already. If use with caution the myriad of different locations could work to our advantage big time. But we shouldn't let ourselves get carried away. It has been said a few times in this thread but it's worth remembering: Better to do something simple and great than some crappy pretentious failure of a big movie.
  • Guys the next step is simply to decide the days we're going to vote.

    Then we'll close all the enrollment for the project and protect the wiki page in some way.
    Who doesn't vote in those days i think that should be out, who doesn't ask to be in with a proper and explicit proposition and some form of contribution can't be in. We've to be clear.
    When everything will be clarified and the team confirmed we'll create departments and supervisors by voting.

    In the deadlines page on wiki there is a suggestion 20-25 december. Please everyone who partecipate confirm or suggest another day by editing the page.
    I think that we should decide in one week maximum.
    Like 9 of december?
  • So far, only 6 persons have taken the poll. Come on guys! Let's put those asses in gear!
  • I don't see how it's possible to say at this point what percentage will be taken or removed.

    But i took the survey, because i want everything to be judged on a scale from 0 to 10.
  • I voted but i repeat my idea that all the votations have to be nominal. Everyone has to know who votes what. It's a matter of order, responsability and honesty.
  • Not that I'm attached to it (things should go fine either way), but I thought I'd throw this out there now that I've voted.

    The data gathered from "yea" or "nay" surveys may be less detailed than that from a 0 to 10 rating scale, but the surveys take much less time and effort for people to complete and participation rates are traditionally higher. When I used survey rates for research purposes in the past, I found some people were actually anxious about even completing surveys once they got beyond a certain degree of complexity.

    But I know we don't need a 100% participation to make the surveys work, so I just mention it in case anyone wants to make things easier. The results should be just as good either way. :)
  • Poll done. Lets get this thing moving.