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Official GF2 hack development topic
  • As I got GF2 bodies, I am making this topic.

    Right now it'll be closed. I'll open it after I get dumping results in about a week.
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Maybe you already know ... but I noticed on my GF2, but also on the GH2, that in QVGA MJPG mode the codec is 4.2.2 Planar YUV full scale (VLC-Tools-Info Codec). It would be great if a new version of PTOOL could operate on QVGA.

  • i amatuer, and i try hack panasonic GF2 i read,watch more website tutorial hack.but i dont understand ( english my bad, and dont have tutorial for GF2 )

    pls help me tutorial hack

  • The same evening...

  • good footage :)

  • Clean Low Light now is possible!! Fast lens are necessary. In this clip: Vintage Canon FD 50mm f1.8, 1080i AVCHD, Mode P, flickering reduction 1/50,-2 EV on the weel HACK: Cluster X Series: 1 GOP Intra 'Moon' Trial 5. ISO isn't lock, but remain low if there are lights in the frame.

  • Could you explain how to change from exposure to ISO on the wheel? If that is what you meant. Thanks!

  • Good news, thanks @Oswald :)

  • @AlbertZ Earlier video is taken with olympus 14-42mm lens. Here is other test, it is taken with old centom Om mount 28-200 f4-5.6 lens.

    If you want, I can take more videos. :) Edit: Camera settings are: shootmode P, Iso limit is 1600 and automatic iso sensitivy.

    Edit2: Here another test:

    and here is with intelligent auto setting:
    (it will upload first, 12 min)

  • @Oswald Very using old legacy lens on GF2 you are able to shoot in manual mode! It is a latest ptools improvement?

  • Gf2 has sort of l full manual controls. Lock the shutter speed and then change your iso value to the explosure wheel. Then the camera dont change explosure. I tested this on latest firmware update and latest ptools. It is possible to change iso value between 100 and 1600. But with the legacy mft lens, it start to stop it down little bit. Here is little test:

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Hi I am new to this forum. Thank you so much for hacking the firmwares for GH1 and GF2!

    I have a small hack request for the GF2 if you have any time left on your hands to do so...

    Is it possible to add to the camera menu, an option to disable the flash completely?

    Reasons: 1. Can't close camera flash underwater to disable flash 2. People who's camera flash popups wont close anymore..

    If you think it is possible, I would be happy to donate more for your time and efforts :)


  • Has the hack been posted? If so, where?

  • Is it possible to enable analog video output while recording video on GF2? If you start recording a video, output shows only black. Would be very nice to have a preview on an external screen.

    More Details:

  • I am an European user, are there mjpeg 720p 25fps patches on gf2/gf3? or 720p is only 30fps?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Risking to be banned :) Is there somewhere some statement about GF2 manual settings? I saw this message:

    It is not development. I made topic in this category: Any unrelated next post here will be deleted and author banned.

    Then I went in that category and on GF2 discussion topic I found a request for Manual settings with this reply:

    Check this topics -

    Which brings me here again because I did not find topics on manual settings.

    Am I missing something or it's a short circuit between threads :)

    Thank you in advance

  • Oh, my god, what a bad starting: Tks, Vitaliy ;)

  • Hellow, I'm new in this forum, writing from Barcelona. I've got a GH2 and GF2 working perfectly with Sedna. I bought GH2 knowing all the advantages, but I accepted some risk a week ago with the GF2. Here in Barcelona we're waiting for a tax rise up next Sept 1th, and I bet by an investment in a 299€ GF2 (nice price here in the city, but near to expensive for most of you in the dollar countries). (search for GF2).

    Ok. Once presented, I'm going to be another pain in the ass for Vitaly. Forgive me: What about the development of GF2's video "manual controls"?... is there any option to have some news for the end of this 2012?...

    I have been doing tests, and I think that we can "be ok" with a AE lock for Aperture Priority mode + flicker 1/50 mode. More simple: to fix the preview setting in that mode trough the moment the rec button is pressed.

    Sorry for my weird english and congratulations to you all, people.

    Tks, Vitaly. You're making the dream of great cheap cameras be real for a lot of budget film-makers.


  • @subco thank's for the answer, sorry for the late... you understood what I meant, sorry it's my first camera... When you said "there are ways around this without having to use manual lenses." are you speaking about the shutter control or about patchs? When you're talking about the 1080i are you sure it's upscaled? what are your sources? you're not just talking about the 540 lines by frames, normals to make 1080 interlaced lines by doubled frames? (sorry if my english isnt' perfect, I'm french...).

  • Any news on enabling Manual settings mode ?

  • @Jaskir, you can always go back to the original firmware by loading a PT made firmware with everything unchecked (or leaving only the checks you like like removing time and iso limits).

  • Thanx @ AlbertZ for filling in. I guess I have to live with that then. The law of trial and error. I have used mainly wide lenses, still the same problem with every lens.

    Looking for a GF5 already. Propably not going to hack that after this experience.

    I had some minor twitching with my GH2 on some version of a hack that I tweaked back and forth .. but with the FlowMotion 2.02 I have had no problems.

  • My GH2 is now hacked with the latest Ptool 3.65d. It has some important improvement now and a great thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev!

    But still: 1. The GH2 HDMI out sends an inoperative video signal out which can't be used for external recordings with a Ninja 2. Yes ok it is 1080 50i but all sharp vertical lines seems to be brocken like only the half horizontal resolution comes out of the camera. Is this because Panasonic has placed a "hardware brake" which can't be hacked? 2. The focus assistant can't be used if a device is connected on the HDMI out. Can't be hacked? 3. The "AF/AE Hold" don't works during recording a video (what an idea of Panasonic...) Can't be hacked?

    I would donate a lot if those points where fixed in a future hack.

  • @jaskair " I shoot has gone heavily "twitching" - in every rec mode. Same thing when panning the camera or someone/somehting moving in the shot."

    It has happened to me too, jaskair... expecially using long lens (50 and more, 100 equivalent) I've noticed this issue too...there are many videos online realized with gf2 where you can notice this problem..I think it is a problem of GF line, since I had the same problem with my GF1, while my GH1 never shows this problem..

  • I can post an example if needed. However if anyone knows "why" this has happened Im more than happy to hear suggestions...

  • I hacked my GF2 with EOSHD´s HBR patch a month ago. After that all movements/moving pans in the video footage that I shoot has gone heavily "twitching" - in every rec mode. Same thing when panning the camera or someone/somehting moving in the shot. A little less perhaps in Motion JPG. It shows both in view finder as well as in the final playback, in editor too. Same thing with "Cluster" patch.

    I tried to install the original FirmWare, but the cam does not see it in the SD card. Tried all kinds of known tricks, but no luck. I also opened the original FW patch and savet it with Ptools without any modifications, still the same thing. As far as I can tell my GF2 is no good anymore for video work.


    best, Jaskair