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Official GF2 hack development topic
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  • Andy, this is GF2 thread not GH2

  • Did anybody test the new ptool v3.65 already on the gf2? Manual settings?

  • Gameb, no manual settings yet.

  • When manual settings come?

  • It's the next Big Thing ;;;haha

  • It is an again long journey;;;haha

  • Finally ordered a body, can't wait to try this out!

    Ever since this hack has been released the price has risen, I caught a body for pretty low on eBay

  • Ok, i'm on a crusade to find the best 720p patch for GF range of cameras as the upresed 720p>1080p appears to be superior. Hopefully we will have the frame doubling fixed soon along with manual settings. But in the meantime, best 720p on Sandisc 30MB/s cards is the aim.

  • Any news on manual settings?

  • LongJohnSilver, just be patient.

  • Just donated for GX1 & G3 trying to speed-up the queue for GF2 manual control settings :)


  • Perhaps 'manual settings' is too much to expect? I am no expert when it come to firmware modification issues, but it seems apparent that any current modifications to the Panasonic cameras are limited by what the manufacturer would allow to improve/change on their stock firmware release.

    In other words, perhaps the option/values required to add/modify any manual control settings is simply non-existent on the firmware, because after all... why would the manufacturer implement the option to change something that marketing-wise they never intend to update?

    In addition, since the inception of the hack (for the GH1 or GH2), has any camera had their manual controls tapped into?

  • @pdlumina Manual video controls is not too much. VK already told us that it's possibile and it's just a question of time. He has a queue/path/to do list already defined.

    The old and beloved GF1 is a clear example of video manual controls that were not present in the original camera. It was a nice and clever implementation.

    GF2 it's the only GF camera with manual gears and button (GF3 and GX, are mainly controlled only by the touch screen) so we expect a clever implementation as GF1 style.


  • Just ordered a GF2 body and I can't wait to try it out.

    @LongJohn What would you describe as " GF1 style"? What's the typical thing (also in comparison to the GF2)?

    Cheers Jens

  • Hi I did not find an updated thread on the old GF1.

    If I remember well the GH1 part should be the same for GF1.

    Here we have:

    For GF1 style, I mean that the manual video controls should work more or less as shooting manual photos.

    Anyway until we see a new ptool with this hack, mine are just speculations.


  • @LongJohnSilver if manual controls on the GF2 gets implemented, then of course plenty of us will be very excited about it, but just so we are clear, the manual focus ring (for example) is driven by wire, so I guess the idea is to use that same ring and assign manual (by wire) iris functions to it.

  • We should get a pitch in donation thread setup for manual controls on GF2 GF3 cameras, or even a Id donate XX.xx for manual controls to gauge interest in it.. I'd gladly toss some cash in the kettle to get some priority put behind developing this, and I think others would also. These would make fine extra cameras if they had manual controls. Already good for controlled light conditions as is.. VK has said it is possible, it just takes time, lets make it worth his time.

    Basically the only thing you can do now, is overexpose highlights by forcing the camera to lowest ISO with a fast lens and then you can blow out highs.. but cant go the other way, then it adjusts ISO faster.. so if your into bright looks your good, if your into dark looks , not on a GF body... yet

    As for focus by wire, I generally find myself using my old manual lenses.. cheaper and generally far better for the price paid, but yeah it may be a issue for others that don't go the old school manual lens route.

  • I'm in for donations if it expedites the process for manual controls.

  • @Ebacherville but... limitations spark the creative process and ingenuity and proper planning take place to make up for the constrains we face! with manual controls, even a 4 year old child will be making blockbuster movies!

  • Yes, me too.

    "so if your into bright looks your good, if your into dark looks , not on a GF body... yet"

    Well, that would be exactly what I'm looking for. Doing low light situations like shooting our band on stage or in our exercise room. Mainly low light (BTW that's our band: So I'd be GLAD to have those manual control ability. I'd really would spend money for this feature.

    So, donation thread? Well, I guess Vitaly should explain what he thinks about this issue.

    Regards from germany


  • I already told this few times and want to repeat.
    If you want to donate, do it, but not to the specific features.

  • OK, thanks for your clarification.

  • Even if slightly off topic in this thread, this probably the second one of the two better threads to find the right people. So if your free on Sunday and living close to the L.A. area, it was nice if you could join in with the guys doing a large patch test with the GH2 as it was great doing the same for the GF2. Just visit this thread and contact @thepalalias for detailed info:

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    First post here, I have a brand new GF2.

    I saw many post about GF2 manual video mode. Is it possible to know when it will be implemented?

    Thank you


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Is GF2 manual control even on the "to do" list? I know you are busy with GX1 now and G3 is next.