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Official GF2 hack development topic
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  • An observation on the GF2 in manual mode.

    When shooting movies it's auto iso and apperture, you can lock shutter with 'flicker fixer'. However when I use a minolta manual lens with f2.8 - f22 .. stopping down effects the image .. under daylight conditions .. stopping down from f2.8 progressively darkened the image until f16, at which point the camera compensates and lifts the exposure.

    An anecdotal observation .. it affords some control

  • @kavadni .Holy GF2 Easter Eggs!! you are right, just tried it with an old industar 69 (2.8 - 16 co-incidentally) you can really control the exposure by pressing record and changing f stop to the low lighting effect required.. I wonder if this is a legacy effect of Vitaliy's attempts at full manual control for GF2 .. I don't have a manual lens that goes past f16 so I can't see or imagine why the auto iso would click back on after that f stop.. very useful, Vitaliy, intended or not You are the Easter Bunny incarnate.. please don't write this out of any updates to Ptool ( unless it's for a more controllable manual mode of course..)

  • Any chance for 4:2:2 or better colorspace in AVCHD mode?

  • Does the hacked gf2 has both 1080p 25fps and 30fps or is it a basic difference depending if you buy a camera in Europe or US?

  • @gameb ptool can enable pal<>ntsc menu once install a firmware with that patch that you can switch format in the settings menu on the camera After the switch and card format, file format is 1080p 25

  • @holmes6, thanks holmes, thats like the PTool with the GH2. But my question was about the file format, is 1080p 25fps the european version, or is that switchable from 1080p 30fps to?

  • @Vitaliy

    What I hope for in the next ptools for my GF2 is;

    Manual Control

    HDMI Live out

    It seems that all popular patches work quite respectably

    Thank you


  • I am buying a b-cam, what do you think its better, go for the gf2 or wait for gf3 and hack? Price wise its not a big difference, but which is the better camera?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Not to stress you but do you think will be possible having manual controls on GF2 like the beloved GF1?

    Thanks a lot

  • @LongJohnSilver

    Yes. Just need some time.

  • @vitaliy, with no pressure intended .. can you estimate a next pTools release which might allow manual control of ISO on the GF2.

    I have a music video shoot for the 28th March, and am contemplating using only GHx cameras. I can shoot with Sony EX1/3s .. so honestly no pressure from me.

    If there may be another release before the 28th, I can contemplate the idea, and plan for both options.



  • @Driftwood I tried to use your Orion right in gf2... my kingston class10 is not fast enough to handle it. :-P

  • @Driftwood, Just ordered a 90mbs 8gb card ;-) Yes, that is the one I'm using now, the "only long GOP you will ever make" :-D :-D I'm starting to understand the theory behind all this. Just hanging here around. I start to understand why all professional videomakers I know refuses to go out of their tracks and their "given good settings and formats" Very few want to know what is behind the hull, why and when a compression algorythm is better than another. I feel like in the beginning of 360 panoramic picture tecnology.... back in 1998...... :-D :-D THANK YOU ALL from the heart. let's squeeze from our Pannyes every single bit they can give us! Luca.

  • VK, is there a reason the 720p59.94fps->29.97fps" patch which Ipowell used in his Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch for GH1 was not ported over to the latest ptools? I wanted to use this setting on my GF2 to get rid of the frame doubling in 720p mode. Thanks.

    I'm assumiming everyone knows the GF2 720 is not true 50/60fps.


  • I guess till we have manual controls, nobody is going to take the GF2 seriously :-(

  • @Rambo .. yup .. manual is all it needs and I can use them on Jobs

  • It's already proving valuable as a 2fps Timelapse Cam in Mjpeg mode.

  • @rambo Not really, until you can control the shutter. I can do 2fps with 1/2s shutter on gh2, but what can you do if only fixed shutter on gf2 is 1/50, 1/60 (flicker reducing mode). So, if only we get the shutter under control, we'll be cool.

  • @seanpj It's fine for what I need TL for. Plus if I need more blur/ blending, BCC (Boris Continium Complete ) running in Sony Vegas Pro does a great job of inducing a variety of motion blurs and interpolation. Having shutter control would be preferable.

  • hey! 10x for your efforts vitaly

    is there anything new on GF2 manual video mode?

  • is there anything new on GF2 manual video mode?

    Do not worry, I'll tell if some news will be available.
    I need to finish all GF3 related first.

  • 10x! but there is hope right?

  • bought the's a very good camera! hope to have the hack soon...patiently waiting!

  • See my video tutorial for gh2 ptool firmware 1.1 installing. sorry it is in Italian, but we understand anyway!!!