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Official GF2 hack development topic
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  • I was reading the test wrong. Apologies!! This seems a reasonable explanation.

    If I understand correctly, resolution doesn't affect DR as directly as it does detail levels. There is the conversion process and even the sensor pixel-site quality.

    This is a great, detailed explanation of image sensor performance characteristics:

    Dynamic range = Full Well Capacity (electrons) / Read Noise (electrons)

    Full well capacity is correlated with pixel area. So, for a fixed sensor size and construction, as resolution increases the DR decreases.

    In this case it seems the pixel pitch on the GH2 is 3.6um while the GH1 has a 4.3um pitch. The read electronics may be slightly improved (less noise), but I'd guess it would not compensate for the drop in pixel size — so overall the DR will probably be somewhat worse than the GH1.

    But strangely, DXOMark rates the GF2 as lower dynamic range than GH1. More dynamic range 11.6 EV vs 10.3 EV

    1.3 f-stops more dynamic range


  • @lolodigital: Hate to disappoint you, but GF2 does NOT have the GH1 sensor. It has the G1/G2/GF1 sensor, which is generally considered to be inferior to both GH1 and GH2 sensors, as well as G3/GX1 sensor.

    Despite all this, I still like the camera a lot and think it was very underrated by GF1 owners who wanted a more significant upgrade. Definitely looking forward to what VK and Driftwood can make it capable of. Could be a very handy b-cam for GH2.

  • Vitaliy any rough timeline for when realising this patch ? Even just an estimate date would make us happy :) Thanks!

  • Any release date?

  • koolphoto@ Any release date? keep watching on Vitaliy_Kiselev replies on

  • I hacked my camera with the ini from @stonebat


    I also selected the 'time limit' 'pal<>ntsc' and 'max iso' options. My main aim is to get Pal from the cheap NTSC camera I bought.

    After application of patch .. .. no setting in camera menus to set pal<>ntsc. There is one in Television output .. I changed this to PAL.

    I tried to record .. incompatible ntsc data on card .. good sign .. formatted card. Recorded a clip .. loaded to my workstation it's PAL 25fps .. Yay

    I change the setting back to NTSC .. again cannot record on card .. this time because image count exceeded.

    I haven't done it, but am guessing if I reformat card I will be ok

    .. And windows reports bitrate at 24Mbs with @stonebats ini .. previsously the GF2s never recorded above 17Mbs



  • @vitally

    If I can help I will, I currently have 2 PAL GF2's and a (now hacked NTSC GF2 .. it's PAL Yay)



  • Hi!! Do I understand correctly, the patch is OUT?!?!? Something I do not understand, does it allow MANUAL settings on video recording?! Thanx.

  • @luca_vascon: Not yet. VK has said he plans to work on implementing manual settings for GF2 in the future, though.

  • I'm confused. It's clear that 1080 24p is not possible with GH2. But is 25p or 30p possible? And if it is, what I need to select from rec mode?

  • @tonalt the default setting for the pal mode is 25p and 30p for the NTSC. You can switch between the two using the hack. Nothing has changed with the hack in regards to the framerate (so NO 24p at the moment). The higher bitrate is the main outcome at the moment.

    Mind you, once you switch between Pal and NTSC you have to format your card.

  • I assume I have to choose 1080i from the rec mode menu. But is it really 25p as it is with GH2 with the newest firmware?

  • @tonalt: GF2 has always been 25p (PAL)/30p (NTSC), before and after the hack. As with the GH2 HBR modes, your 25p/30p is recorded in a 50i/60i wrapper, but depending on your NLE you should be able to import them into a 25p/30p timeline and have it recognized, or rewrap them with some other tool to correctly flag the content as progressive. The hack has not changed any of this.

    So yes, choose 1080i from the rec mode menu, and you should be good to go with 25p/30p (depending on your region).

  • GF2 has always been 30p and 25p wrapped in 60i and 50i just like GH2's HBR. Yea it's not a showstopper.

  • This has been quite interesting...

    I see GF2 selling like hotcakes from eBay on to Amazon at ridiculous prices both new an refurbished.

    I can't wait!

  • I want to say thank you for the GF2 firmware hack. i only wanted to change the language from Japanese to English on my GF2 and had no idea about all the other tweeks that can me made. Now I have to figure them out and thats great because I like figuring things out.

  • Can anyone post some videos taken with the gf2 after the hack ?

  • *** NEW *** GF2 GOP6 with B frames. Here's a template setting for all round GOP6 for GF2 users. It will work above stock settings but needs adjusting and fine tuning - I have to assume as Im still awaiting a GF2 to be delivered from ebay.


    gop6 settings for gf2 users - a template suggestion -
  • I'm new to this hacking. How do I use that template file? ^^

  • @ednmolina save the file as a name you'll remember (I used somewhere you remember (I just put it in the same folder with ptool)
    Open ptool (
    load firmware
    click on one of the red round buttons at the bottom of the ptool interface
    find your downloaded zip in the import settings window and click open
    the settings will be loaded in ptool

  • Please explain, how it is possible to change options in camera (different bit rate, fps, unlimited iso in video), after update to hacked firmware? What buttons to press for a choice of different modes?

  • @driftwood ..... nope the 720 b frame files still won't playback in camera ( with yr new GF2 gop6 bframe suggestion) , they play and look fine once saved onto the computer though!!??? hmmmm, I'm going to keep all yr settings and just turn the b frames off on 720 for the mo' and concentrate on the 1080 fhs for now.. hope yr GF2 lands soon.

  • @driftwood & anybody else thats GF2ing, switching off the b frames makes 720p playable in camera again.. I left all the other buffers & gop as per Driftwoods GF2 gop6 settings. 1080 looks good so no reason not to stick with that for now , 2fps timelapse with Driftwoods mjpeg bitrate boosts works fine too..

  • @stockhausen Thats because it wasnt designed to be able to play them back I believe (Panny switched off B settings for 720p)... of course switch to P frames if you like.

    Try out the new Quantum settings on GF2 could you? May have to stabilise them but these are top settings...

  • Oh man, I can't wait to hack my new GF2. Awesome work everybody! Not sure, if this is the right place, but anybody looking for a cheap GF2, for some reason they are dirt (DIRT) cheap in the Netherlands. I don't know what the price will be after import tax, but check out:

    EURO 169,- for a GF2 body!