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Official GF2 hack development topic
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  • @imo

    Look at the
    Get cheap external battery, good long cord and store battery under your coat.
  • I send donate from paypal, keep work :)
  • greetings, you can unlock the option of viewing in real time on an external tft?
    would be great, thanks
  • It would be great if you could add the ability to use some sort of remote shutter release (USB cable?)

    Other main required features are full control over ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture while recording.

  • Hello everybody!
    It would be perfect if GF2 could confirm focus with manual lens.

  • Hello!
    I think it would be great if the useless (to me) "iA" button would be assignable to some other function (it could become a 2nd Fn button).
    Is it possible?

    Keep on the great work!
  • Happy New Year Guys,

    Is it possible to add picture and video effect that are available in other Panasonic & Olympus models to make GF2 more fun to play with?

    For example:
    Panasonic DMX-GX1 & GF3 - have digital miniature effect on both image and video.

    others creative control function such as:

    Expressive (pop-art style), Retro (soft, tarnished effect), High Key (brighter image), Low Key (darker image), Sepia, High Dynamic (localized color and contrast enhancement), Toy Effect (vignetting), and Miniature Effect (linear graduated blur towards the edges of the image)....etc

    Many Thanks ;-)
  • Hi VItaly and the rest of the GH2 Liberators :)
    My first post here, came from horrible Panasonic backed forum. I'm planning to get the Panasonic GX1 camera, since it has all the beautiful manual controls of the gf1 with supposedly the GH2 sensor and improvements. It also shoots 1080p 25 (I'm a Pal user) out of the box which is a nice welcome... Any chance the GX1 can have a variation of the GH2 hack? This would turn the GX1 to be the ultimate pocket cinema camera!
  • WOW!!
    I got my little GF2, and I'm ready.
    Wishes.... well, like others, as I can see!
    1- Full manual control over video
    2- external shutter release via USB!! pleasepleaseplease
    3- in-camera 1080p30, p24, p25

    All that comes after is a fantastic plus, but the first 2 points would transform a nice camera in a GREAT working tool!
    THANK YOU! even only to try this!!!
  • Vitaliy you are amazing!

    I was searching for hacking info for my GH2 and just find out that my wife's GF2 has a good possibility that its hackable.

    Thanks for all your hard work keep it coming!
  • Hi Vitality,

    Is it possible to hack the clock setting so that we may set the second manually too? I am not sure how the clock in the camera works with the given setting. But sometimes, we have to sync up the cam in an accurate way so that when photos from different cams are mixed and sorted by the time, it won't screw up. This is also very useful for geo tagging tasks.

  • Add a little love with these requests guys :o)
    Contributions can be given via paypal at the top of the page :o)
  • Hello all, i have not yet donated but I will surely will.

    Vitaliy: I have some requests below, are they possible of being achieved? ( I mean, can the hardware do that ???)
    the other thing to know is: Are you interested in including these requests on your ToDo list?

    Video Request:
    - Is 60fps possible in this camera, even with smaller resolutions than 1080p, maybe 720p?

    I know this is mainly a "video gf2 hack" topic, but I insist in some still image requests, listed
    - External Triggering using USB or...
    - Configurable Timelapse, with bracketing (I really don't understand why the cameras does
    not have that by default, constructing an electromecanical device to do that seems too crappy
    for me!!)
    - Flash triggering at the end of exposition (instead of doing it at the beginning of it)

  • I already did donate after the amount needed to buy the body was reached, but I'll throw in a bit more if it helps!

    I can't speak for Vitaliy but I am an embedded system programmer myself so I can really appreciate the technical difficulty of what he is doing here. Having to disassemble and work back is pretty tricky, but hopefully there is a lot of common code shared by other Lumix cameras which should make things easier.

  • I really LOVE the idea of a hacked GF2... I just got mine, and I'm beginning planning my physical hacks!!!

  • I bought mine in Japan at a greatly reduced price however because I live here I had no option but to get the domestic version and I would just love to have English menus... not that I can't use it... but it would be nice to read them. :)

  • Wow, I am very happy that you are developing for the gf2

  • I am very happy too. I have just ordered 2, both with 14mm pancakes. They were $669 AUD form

    I intend to use them mounted as statics recordeing drumkits during multicams. I am using them on the 26th, and will donate when I get paid for that job.

    @vitally .. I used the GH2 for the first time on paid job .. was low, but shall donate again when I get paid for that one .. that's in addition to the GF2 donation

  • Are we gonna be able to change the language on the japanese GF2 with this hack? I'm new to this hacking things for cameras so I really have no idea... =)

  • Yes you will be able to do this.

    I am working on GF2 and hope that updated PTool with GH2 v1.1 and GF2 support will be ready in January.

    GF3 will be next.

    And after this G3.

  • It would be great news to many GF2 owners. It was the most sold mirrorless body last year. Thanks Vitaliy.

  • I wonder, is it safe to upgrade to the GF2 to firmware 1.1 or better to keep it 1.0 for the hack to work?

  • @vitally .. will you be reverse engineering the v1 or the v1.1 firmware?

  • @kavadni

    This is quite strange question. All patches are always for latest available version. For GF2 it is 1.12

  • I have been watching this space since I bought a GF2 as a B cam to my GH2 A cam. I actually like shooting in 29.97 as I find it more versatile. So happy the GH2 has HBR now for 29.97; the two cameras should now work together very well. I wanted to test the newly purchased GF2 to see if it holds up to zooming and color grading. I used Cine style which does not allow me to set the shutter speed so have no idea what the speed was but I shot in 1080 29.97 which is as you know a faux progressive. I put on Premiere Pro 30p timeline and graded using Magic Bullet Looks. On the final scene of the guy getting on boat I progressively zoomed in 275% and in the last few seconds I slowed it down by 50% to see how it held up. I rendered at 17bit which is about the max of the actual clips shot. I am surprised how good it looks (of course this is in bright sunlight which helps) and think it will match up well with GH2. As you can see though when fully zoomed to 275% and slowed down and color graded it starts to fall apart. Very much looking forward to the higher bit rates and if we are lucky a way to use Cine style with manual controls. So I thought I would share this pre-hack clip movie here.

    PS: just sent a donation your way for the great work you do here