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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • I would really love to see the videos of some of these posters, who can't even spell their own name correctly

  • One thing worth mentioning - this was shot on uncoated Cooke lenses which can add some color cast/flare effect while shooting directly into the sun. Reid also states in his review that his manual white balance was off from the very beginning. If you grade the images you will also notice that default saturation on the files is relatively high (typical of mfr settings) and things start to look more natural when desaturated to around 85% in the NLE. I preceded to warm up the WB a little and the files looked fantastic to my eyes.

  • Intra heaven @200Mbps and 8x8 adaptive transform on the GH4!

    Finally, my GH2 Intra Settings have been beaten with the forthcoming release of the GH4. Quite spectacular results show at 24p, 25p/30p & 50p/60p 1080 and with adaptive 8x8 and 4x4 transform the compression requirements under H264 Level High 5.1 profile are adequate and comprehensive enough to allow great pictures with superb motion - much improved.

    Here's two pics at 25p showing Intra with a fairly detailed image using around 90Mbps and a death chart proving it fully utilises 200Mbps.

    gh4 intra 200mbps 1.jpg
    2056 x 1024 - 1022K
    gh4 intra 200mbps 2.jpg
    2072 x 1016 - 1M
  • I don't know what these charts mean, Driftwood, but I'll take your word for it. Could you explain to a layman how it shoots 100 Mbps, which many of the unwashed, who claim to see horrible artifacting, aliasing and moire, consider to be inadequate, utilizes 200 Mbps?

  • There's nothing mysterious or magical about the skin tone complaints. The rendering of the color on the side of a truck or a building facade isn't going to disturb anyone. Poor color rendition on a face will.

    It's understood that there's no such thing as "skin tone", in the abstract. What kind of lighting? What angle? What kind of skin? Etc. But there are common characteristics seen in the way DSLRs render skin, and most people don't find it attractive. This may only mean that they don't find DSLRs appealing generally -- that DSLR issues with compression, low light and color come to a head, as it were, with skin tones. But it's not a big fantasy. Just look at the facial blobs on a lot of GH2 footage.

  • @jrd No, jrd. People are specifically pointing the finger at the GH3. Look at the files I posted. Then tell me if you think you can't get a pleasing result. It is not only incorrect, but one poster went so far as to talk CONSPIRACY on the part of Panasonic. He had the effrontery to call their colors an "abortion". Another even went so far as to say it's impossible to get pleasing skin tones in Asian skin. Absolute FANTASY. But as Vitaliy said, this is for another thread.

  • I just locked down the only shaky shot from Andrew Reid's GH4 footage to pronounce the amount of jello the GH4's rolling shutter will produce in 4K. Done in After Effects using warp stabilizer. Cropped to 1920x1080. Slowed down 400%

    original clip

  • Hi Nick @driftwood Thanks for the analysis! :-)

  • @jonpais If you read it concerns 1080p at 25p shooting All-I (Intra) at 200Mbps. I haven't mentioned the 100Mbps 4K in the above!

  • Sorry, I shouldn't drink so much while surfing the forums

  • I really don't know what to think about this thread. Im starting to feel, that one is not allowed to say anything negative about this camera. it's a shame :/

  • What do you mean? this topic has generated 91,000 views and 1,500 replies, and most of them have been negative.

  • Interesting to see how much better results this camera will deliver with YAGH and ext.recorder. in 4K. Feature-wise it is already way superior over BMPC4K. But we are yet to see RAW from BMPC4k.

  • @driftwood

    What memory card did you use for that? Was Panasonic just waiting for faster memory cards in order to do this All-I mode?

    How does the IPB compare to the All-I? Have you found any situations where you prefer IPB for 1080p?

  • So how do any of you guys know what graphics card and what monitor I'm using? Just curious?

  • FYI I've glanced at the footage at 4K on a 4K source, and I'm not seeing a ton of artifacts, just semblances of moire ready to pop up.

    I wouldn't expect this to be an issue if either modes are pixel to pixel (are they)?

    In 1080, though, I'd likely count on it.


    It'll always be the more practical option in comparison to the existing BMD cameras as far as features go... but, you don't need RAW to see the differences in the images here. In other words, the next thing to see's external recording from the GH4 with release firmware.

  • @kholi Yes, I totally agree with you. characteristics of the both worlds are there already. There's probably not going to be some mind blowing differences when we see YAGH footage and BMPC4K RAW footage. But it's all about those little differences that it makes to take these two cameras to the next level.

    EDIT : Im still amazed about how on earth BM pulled off their almost (perceptually) perfectly cinematic image characteristics a specially with BMCC. And it's not only their color science but absence of these little flaws in the image (like aliasing, edge shimmering, moire, macro blocking, etc, etc...) (Not saying that BM cameras don't have flaws, because they do.)

  • @kholi Wait... what? You said the reason "isn't the artifacting"... So if artifacting isn't the reason, what is?

  • @blackspot -- They do have flaws, but the only way they did it was by studying the images that everyone wants and putting those into a price that some people could afford.


    I think the GH4 has a lot to offer, but in my opinion image isn't one of them. blackspot is right, external recording really won't change anything but I'm giving it the benefit of a doubt... just not with my own money. Anyone's free to disagree.

  • I think the GH4 has a lot to offer, but in my opinion image isn't one of them.


  • @vicharris Because unless you're running a $25K 4K DCI monitor you are seeing a rescaled image in one shape or another. Pull the source file into After Effects or an NLE and chop the ends off of the frame and render out to native resolution... you will not see aliasing/moire unless you somehow manage to fuck it up. I've done that myself and the image is unhindered by any moire or aliasing issues.

  • @Alex, not sure exactly what you're trying to my untrained eye that looks like an artifact of stabilizing, not jello. Eliminate the border option on the stabilizer - this will prevent the stabilizer from cropping.

    Re: other comments on that Berlin video - again, to my untrained eye, "shimmering" and aliasing look like they're a result of using too fast a shutter speed (maybe no access to ND filter?) and/ or in-cam sharpening.

    Bottom line: as others have said, you can't use a handful of clips for anything more than basic observation

  • One last point. I don't see it when I download BMPC footage but I do with some GH4. It's not what my computer is doing.

  • C4K cine-D screen grab photoshopdownscale. Videos of my fav people parade spot in Brighton (skin tones) going up tonight. And this is after screen grab to photoshop, crop save to jpg. The original footage looks very good.

    2048 x 1080 - 1M
  • @mpgxsvcd Ive been happily shooting away on Sandisk Extreme 64Gb cards 95Mbps