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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Slashcam-video is the second best GH4 clip i've seen, right after @driftwood clip. Good. Sony is a no go.

  • This is my grading vision of Mr. Driftwood's video. Best regards and keep up the good work. I like the way it can be edited, but I think it needs 10 bit, 4:2:2 color sampling and high bit rate for the image not to be degraded. If the image is to flat in 8 bit and 4:2:0 color sampling, nasty things can happen after strong grading.

    I will also love to see a standard video profile with everything on default :)

    4096 x 2160 - 2M
    GH4 org.jpg
    4096 x 2160 - 2M
  • Low Light Test vs 5DMKIII

  • Not a word about skin tones :)

  • @driftwood - I got your uploaded file to vimeo and made my own stills. (png from vlc)

    If you want I can show a moderately "graded", downscaled still. Mind, it's form PS, not a proper grade.

    Nevermind, my frame was pretty similar to the one @eno made above. Check the jackets of the people out of focus.

  • I must say that @driftwood 's footage and shot of the guy on the street with the herring-bone cap was quite interesting. Seeing his clearly flat-shot image I was thinking it would grade quite nicely ... and looked at the cap and thought if ANYTHING was going to trigger moire in the cam, that cap would do it.

    Then watching the graded footage ... yea, that skin is looking very fine, that cap is amazing ... this is quite impressive. Oh ... sorry, I didn't poo-poo on M4/3.Panny/GH-X skin tones & moire, must be something wrong with me ... ;-)

  • @RRRR Yep. Nothing is perfect. :-(

  • Combo of Red Epic and GH-4 (Red Shooting all aerial scenes).

    One shot at 1080p.

  • re: Fashion Film - wow. What a great freaking edit.

    (Footage was nice! But loved the edit.)

  • @Eno,

    I think If You Get rid of the Red Cast In the Video It looks a little better

    redcast removal_00003.jpg
    4096 x 2160 - 857K
  • @bleach551 and @Eno ...

    Yea, it's a bit better less-red. Although my laptop's "close" it's not near the same as my calibrated work monitor, and that's ^skin^ there, not plasticine.

  • I downloaded the .mov file from Driftwood's "skin test", looks so great but in Premiere I just get a green screen when importing the file others like the Porsche and other files that have been uploaded here before all work well am I the only one with this issue?

  • @driftwood Any chance the GH4 has aspect ratio frame guides like 2.39 crop for example? If not do you know if there is a way to add them via a custom menu? Thanks!

  • @bleach551 and @rNeil. I think the beauty of color grading is not to get perfect colors but the perfect atmosphere you intended to give to the film. Yes, there's an accepted definition abut the hue of the skin tones, but...the beauty is in diversity, if not all the films who'd have the same colors :).

    @bleach551 , I personally don't like you grading, I could get that look shooting standard profile and get rid of all the work and the noise and artifacts associated with grading super flat files :). I thin you want that super flat look to be able to play with the file any way you want, and create the desired mood for that scene.

  • @bleach551 @eno - why don't you start a separate grading thread for GH4 footage? And @bleach551, I'm looking at driftwood's clip on a pro monitor in one of our grading suites, and I can't see any red cast to the footage.

  • The GH4 footage examples have a ton of detail, but no harshness. Pretty interesting look.

  • feb_sales18.jpg
    800 x 597 - 71K
  • @Vitaliy_Kisele, thank you for the sample photos.

  • GH4 really looks like an almost perfect camera for documentaries and low budget films... Still I'll wait to get my hands on one before ordering.

  • Driftwood's footage of the guy on the street has a ton of character. A movie shot with exactly that look in 4k would look incredible. Seriously nice looking footage.

  • Sorry, but it really does depend on the tastes and expectations of the viewer and whether 35mm film is, or is not, the standard by which digital images are judged. This viewer would be very interested to see material shot with sharpening at its minimum and non-lumix lenses.

    As a side note, I downscaled to 1080p 444 10 bit uncompressed, so as not to deal with downscaling issues for display. The shot required only the slightest s-curve in the way of primary correction, but it doesn't appear to have anything like the grading lattitude of BMD ProRes footage, no matter what Voldemort says.....

  • @jrd, of course it's all personal taste, that's why people argue. If everyone thought the same way life would be no fun. enjoy! :) It sounds like you found your camera in the BMD. That's great.

  • I went by the clip that @Eno posted as the "before" image which, with my eyes, appeared to have a "red" cast to it.


    I believe before you start doing anything to an image that you have captured , that you have to identify any "real" or "perceived" problems with the image then fix those. In the clip you used to show the "before" look against your color correction, it appears "to myself" to have a "red" cast. I personally don't like your grading as well. Your grading seems to neglect keeping skin tones accurate and you seem to crush your blacks to the point of loosing information in them.

    However, to each his own. One mans "red" cast is another mans perfection.

    The photo image on the left was the "before" image that @Eno Posted, this was what I based my "red" cast assessment on. The one on the right is my correction of @Eno's image.

    4096 x 2160 - 2M
    4096 x 2160 - 857K