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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @driftwood Very beautiful frame indeed. Could you share the original file, please?

  • If that was a photo I'd be very happy with it and print it as is, but then it would probably not print because @kholi said the gh4 doesn't offer an image.

  • Very nice, can't wait to see it graded!

  • That earlier screenshot was ungraded cineD -2 everything apart from Hue (0) - nothing done to it. Ill be uploading some of these files as soon as I can.

    Just uploading a very quick 4K test to see how Vimeo comes out from the earlier images so you can take a look.

    FCPX C4K.jpg
    4252 x 998 - 1M
  • @Mistas The motion you see are warping artifacts caused by the rolling shutter. It's really not a big issue but its there and it is a baked-in characteristic all CMOS/rolling shutter owners need to deal with. I'm all in for the GH4. Let's see if BMD can steel the show again at NAB ...

  • @jonpais

    I'm not going to argue over it, each to his own, but yes, your shots do have the characteristics of HDSLR skin tones, to my eyes.

    Better color correction would help, and it's also arguable that for moving images, as opposed to stills, it doesn't matter a whole hell of a lot. And this small sample says nothing about what the GH4, or even the GH3, is capable of.

    But since you asked....

  • @driftwood

    If you had told me that was a GH4 still image using the ETC mode for stills I wouldn't have batted an eye. That looks VERY good for video. I don't think that we are too far off from grabbing high quality stills from video. I have a feeling that the GH4 is going to shock a lot of people who don't know what m4/3s is capable of.

  • Is it fair to say at this point that the GH4 is overall going to be a much better 1080P/24fps cam (with better image quality on moving shots) than a GH2 with Moon T7?

    @driftwood, I don't know if my GH2 is an anomaly, but it is not good at all for stills. Have you tried out the GH4 for any stills to see how it holds up? Ideally I would like to sell off my current stills camera and keep a GH4 (for stills and video) and a GH2 with your latest hack on it for video Camera B or whatever.

    But if the GH4 still isn't as good for stills as my crop sensor DSLR, then I'm not sure what I will be able to do...

  • @tjabo The GH2 is great for stills, I think there is a thread around here going back and forth between Crop sensor canons and the gh2, give it a look. That being said, I imagine the GH4 is even better on the stills side too

  • @johnnymossville

    I should have said "in comparison to what I'm accustomed to shooting daily/often."

    So, in comparison to an F35, BMD cameras, and Alexa, I was hoping for something similar to BMD's 4K camera in a smaller package for specific 4K utility.

    Hopefully that clears things up.

  • @driftwood you say you shot with the Sandisk Extreme 64Gb 95Mbps cards...did you try all modes and video recording over a long period of time? I want to start right away with my GH4 and would buy according sd cards before so I am all the question is jsut which ones will do or do I have to buy the super expensive new toys?

  • @olli66 Good point. Yes I do record with them and so far the longest C4K recording Ive done is around 7 minutes before I stopped.

    I'm doing some extended tests in all the memory hogging modes tomorrow - Ill let you know how the Sandisk Extreme 64Gb 95mb/s cards handles hi-bitrate long recordings because a lot of us have them.

    Also Ill be trying out the 15mm f1.7 Leica. If anybody in the South East UK wants a look at the GH4 in action Ill be where the second picture is tomorrow. ;-)

    15mm f1.7 Leica Summilux.jpg
    1106 x 622 - 518K
    GH4 Location Brighton.JPG
    1224 x 1478 - 556K
  • That's for the clarification, @kholi . I really love the specs on the GH4, but I'm still not 100% sold on the color & latitude. Unfortunately, the camera that I really love for color & latitude is the Blackmagic Cinema camera, which by most accounts is a royal pain in the arse to use.

  • First Quick Test of GH4 Skintones (loads to come!) CineD 24p 100Mbps (Fw 0.5) f4, 50 ss, 200ISO, Pany 35-100 lens. I suggest you download the 600Mb file!

  • @vicharris I think you have it the other way around, buddy

  • @driftwood I hope that finally puts all the nonsense about skin tones to rest. Very nice job

  • @driftwood The 35-100mm really sings with this camera, nice work! I see Canon just knocked another $2000 off the 1DC, so now it only costs 6 times more than the GH4 :)

  • @driftwood The 4K download is not available on Vimeo. Thanks for the nice test. Most complaints about aliasing and artefacts are because the examples have been poorly exposed, incorrectly white balanced or shooting into the light etc. Also I think a lot of posters here don't understand how shutter speed (angle) will affect the appearance of footage.

    I really like what I see from the GH4 when it is used with skill. I have to deal with a lot of professionally shot footage every day from Sony XDCAM and HDCAM cameras and the image from the GH4 looks way better, including skin tones. (sorry for mentioning it!)

  • Wow, watched the 4096 download on my 30" 2560x1600 monitor using VLC player ! Here is a 2560x1600 screen capture :

  • @caveport right-click 'save as' on pc or right-click 'Download Linked File As' on Mac. Promise it works.

  • @driftwood do the audio meters go off screen after 10 secs like on the gh3? Or do they (hopefully) stick around for the party?

  • @5thwall They stick around for the party! Take a look at pic. Couldn't be arsed to talk to it any longer so stopped it at 2 mins!

    1106 x 622 - 482K
  • @driftwood

    Sorry, but right-click what element of the page? It just wants to save the page itself.

  • @jrd Click blue DOWNLOAD button then right-click to save as/download linked file on pc/mac on this bottom option;-

    Original .MOV file (4096x2160 / 638MB)