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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @driftwood

    Three .mp4 options, but no .mov file.

  • @jrd, you have to be a member of vimeo and signed into your vimeo account to be able to download the 4k version

  • You have to sign in then the 4K file is available...otherwise you will not see it.

    @driftwood, I downloaded and had a look at the file...beautiful!! I will buy this camera definitely!!

    As a side note I showed my wife (who is a 3d texture designer and graphic artist) I showed her the video (on a 2650 x 1440 screen) I said to her..."some people complain the skin tones are plastic looking, there is not a good enough image etc..) She replied "You're kidding right?". I said No!!... many people debate this subject on forums, she just laughed and said...they look perfect to me, can you get much better? thoughts exactly.

    I had a good look at the hat too (at full resolution) Wow no moire!! no strobing, no artefacts that I could see!! But don't worry people will find something to complain about, just give it a little time and the usual non filmic...Canons colors are better, I can see jaggies, looks video like and the skin tones are off statements will be made in the due course of time.

  • Anyone have the PanaLeica 25mm 1.4? It would be interesting see how it performance with the GH4.

  • @Driftwood thx! curious to hear what you had to say to your new baby for 2 minutes :D

  • @Driftwood The downloaded file of your Brighton test shot is showing as 54Mbs. Is this correct or is it my software not displaying correctly? I would also be interested in a 4K 25P shot compared with the same shot at 1080 25P as I will be working in PAL exclusively.

  • @driftwood Ok. Gotta admit. Looks flawless. No edge shimmering or aliasing what so ever. Thank you very much for this test.

  • I was able to download Driftwood's video from Vimeo and added a LUT to the footage. It looks like the Cine D Profile grades very well!! I also like how there is no moire on the hat!

    4096 x 2160 - 2M
    4096 x 2160 - 2M
  • @driftwood I downloaded your test, and wow, it looked great on my calibrated Flanders CM250 OLED grading monitor. It's resolution is only 1920x1080, but my Blackmagic Mini Monitor card can send just the center of the image to the monitor. This gives me a 1:1 pixel mapping that shows the true resolution. No aliasing/moire at all. The skintones look great, and fell perfectly on the vectorscope. I played with a few curves in After Effects, and the footage loved it. Can't wait for some more tests. On that note, if you get a chance, can you do a test against green screen in Cine-D C4K, 4K and 1920x1080? Preferably with some hair in the foreground in focus and out. I hope to make a test DCP soon and bring it into a theater to see how it holds up on the big screen. Thanks again.

  • Driftwood skintest-video holds up very well in youtube 4K, because it's perfectly shot and exported. I think basically we could just disregard some previous (not so great) gh4 tests we've seen so far, shot using too much sharpening etc... :/

  • @driftwood - hi Nick, how accurate are you finding the LCD screen? A step up from the GH2?

  • and @driftwood I second the greenscreen thing and also I would like to know if you get a colour shift on the LCD like on the GH2 - or not, hopefully!

  • Well then my GH4 is pre-ordered! It is a cart before the horse situation however because my 2010 iMac can barely deal with grading full HD, got that damn spinning beach ball so much of the time. So until I can afford a new iMac with the best GPU, tons of RAM etc. can someone please help me with how I still might take advantage of shooting in 4K - for ex. rather than try to edit and grade 4K on my slow computer, should I down-sample 4K clips to 1080P before importing them into the NLE and would this be an advantage in image quality over shooting just 1080P to begin with? What are my options in terms of software for this downsampling or is this usually done in the NLE? For example should I use proxies to edit and grade and then relink to the 4K and render out to 1080P? Would that be what is called downsampling? Thank you everyone for all your valuable input with all of these posts. I have not been here in a while but am glad I came by and will soon make a donation to the site.

  • No noticeable green screening at all.

  • @Driftwood I just finished looking in detail at the Brighton street shot and noticed quite a bit of noise in the red shopfront panel at the far left over the main subject's shoulder. I am being very picky as it's not a problem, just a bit noisier than I was expecting. I brought it into DaVinci Resolve and did a light grade. It looks great! I then added the Filmconvert filter (Demo Version) using the GH3 Standard preset, Kodak Vis3 stock, 35mm academy setting & 50% grain. Red noise disappeared and the shot looked absolutely amazing. Used the same process on some other GH4 footage I have downloaded and was VERY impressed.

  • Great about the colour not shifting on the LCD. By greenscreening I meant as in @fredfred27's comment - that would be useful to play with if you had time to get some footage. Sorry - I should have expressed that better! Thanks for the Brighton footage! Downloaded the original MOV and amazing to play with in Resolve - a bit of curves and exported as 1080p and it still looks superb.

  • Had a look at some grabs from @Driftwood s skintone tests in PS and my initial impressions are: 4k bitrate is not enough to produce clean results with a LOG-like acquisition. In raising contrast, macroblocks in monochromes tend to pop out as well (the areas of interest have no issues). I think that going for a relatively baked in look in 4k will be the recipe (for a clean look) and those who want to do extensive grading will be better off shooting 1080p in a high bitrate.

    This whole idea about resampling-> downscaling to 444 1080p will not be of any use whatsoever from scrutiny of internal recordings. External 4k is a different thing. To get anywhere near such a result you would need very good downscaling logarithms with some smart pre-processing as well (de-noising?). I have no doubt that such software / plugins might turn up sooner rather than later.

    Personally, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a 4k recorder.

  • @driftwood has anybody looked into the iso bug? The footage looks amazing. Definitely picking up a GH4.

  • @RRRR Those images are lower rez screen grabs / monitor profile Dell jpgs. Not original. Download the 4k file and make your own.

  • @RRR - you should download the original .mov. Plenty of bit rate for log aquisition as far as I can see

  • @driftwood - we know you're a busy man, but would there be any chance of a 1080 25p clip for upload? Thankyou, sir..

  • @RRRR you can't judge an image off a screen grab... Download the original .MOV and it's much better with no noticeable macroblocking as far as I can tell and the Cine D Profile handles grading very well.

  • Andrew, a/k/a Voldemort, did an interesting comparison between the GH4, BMPCC, 5D mkIII, and Nikon 7100. He also compared a GH4 4K single frame to a 16MP jpeg, concluding that they looked almost exactly the same. Makes sense when you think about it, because the 4K footage is using 1:1 photosites and is essentially a cropped full-sensor pic. Speaks well to Panny's codec that it looks about as good as jpeg compression.