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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • The GH3 seems to be a very serious camera for still, my GH2 does not approach that.

  • can someone kindly confirm what size is the remote socket 3.5mm or 2.5mm 4 pole? Getting all my christmas gh3 cables shopping out of the way so I'm ready to go when its available. Damn you Australia and your late releases!

  • @MRfanny. Someone posted this earlier. It is a link to the GH3 manual pdf (English/USA....since you're in Oz, the manual might not be 100% accurate for you?)

    p268. It doesn't seem to call out the size?

    588 x 424 - 182K
  • @MRfanny Considering the info in panny's website and the compatibility with the RSL1, it's a 2.5mm jack.

  • @Tron Thanks for info. Same thing as on G5 it seems.

    Would be interesting to know what reasons Panasonic have for that limitation.

  • @Manu4Vendetta I'm sure the GH3 is an improvement over the GH2 is many areas for stills, but put the GH2 into capable hands and it can make great pictures. I see the improvements helping the errors unprofessional people make: controlling ISO and aperture properly. So underexposure and overexposure will be a lot easier to fix with the GH3 sensor.

  • thanks guys. so glad that the remote and mic are now separate.

  • I just received my new GH3 and I'm already really happy with it. Image quality still needs to be tested but I went quickly true the menu, settings etc. and I love it. The OLED screen is such a improvement over the GH2. It's very sharp and clear. The navigation works easy and fast. The continuos autofocus while filming with the 12-35mm f2.8 works like charm.

    Now it's time to go out and makes some tests...

  • Could anybody compare the viewfinder of the GH3 to GH2 and/or GH1? Is it better or worse?

  • My experience with the viewfinder is that I had the same issue with my GH2 that people are talking about on the GH3. My GH1 viewfinder was good. I expected my GH2 to be better but when I got it, I couldn't believe how narrow the line of sight was compared to my GH1. if I moved my eye,just a little, it got blurry. I sent it back thinking that it was defective and maybe it was. When I got the replacement, it still seemed narrow but the resolution was obviously better and I adapted. I do think that perhaps my first unit was a little wonky. Now my GH3: I'm having no issue with the blurring edge that people are mentioning. And the range of angle or line of sight seems better than the GH2. This is all good. But I do feel like it isn't as sharp as the GH2 for some reason. (yes, I've adjusted the diopter) when reviewing a shot in the EVF and zooming, it doesn't look as sharp as the GH2 but sharper than the GH1. It's kind of "grainey" for lack of a better descriptor.

  • @HMR My experience with the GH3 exactly. I can frame a shot but it is not as sharp as the screen, fuzzy is definately how I would describe it. Thankfully the screen is stunning, sharp and touch is very accurate.

  • I have a little Wifi problem I connectet the GH3 with my through my network with my computer and send about 10 pictures to the Computer (Win7) But when I try for reestablish the connection selecting from the history, where my router can be found besides the Lumix Link, I get the message: "No destination found" But it did find it 5 minutes earlier and did send pictures to the computer!

    I have shut the GH3 down and started again and still the same result.

    Any ideas?

    Also any idea, how to disconnect the Wifi? I mean except shutting the camera down.

  • I have now also rebooted the PC, but still the same. "No destination found"

  • I agree with HMR I find the EVF a bit soft. Good way to test it is to try to focus on some letters and it seems softer than the GH2. The way I can tell something is in focus is when "moire" pops up. I read that the EVF is a pentile OLED hence a softer look but more megapixels...

    Also did you guys find the COLOR of the EVF to be way off?

  • Vitally, I'm probably running ahead because most of us have only had our new GH3's for less than a week but are there any plans to start a hack yet, and what initial goals are being thrown around?

    If I may, I would suggest adding NTSC/PAL switching and high ISO for video (at present mine seems limited to 6400 for video but 25600 for stills)

    Add Intra to 50/60P in MOV wrapping as well.

    pre production firmware v0:5 DID have NTSC/PAL switching so obviously it's there to activate.

    Please keep up your mighty good work, I will contribute happily again.

  • @hoodlum. I don't understand why testers do 'scientific' style chart tests with unscientific criteria like different settings etc.

  • Regarding the hack: For me would be priority: 29:59 removal and EX Tele also available in 50p modes.

  • Does anybody know the number of clicks the shutter has (lifespan)? Thanks.

  • @Frank

    Guys, it is wrong topic. We have general GH3 topic for such things.

    This topic is only for opinions, emotions and reviews of owners.

  • @jjj_ri_usa I was joking about the moire, just to make a point that pixel peeping is stupid for a great video like that :-)

  • very good resume:

    "Bottom line: the GH3 is a very capable MFT still camera; a step beyond the GH2 with a price to match. But if you’re looking for a big leap in video performance over the GH2, the GH3 doesn’t appear to be it; it’s more like the move from an AG-AC160 to a 160A than the move from an HPX170 to an HPX250."

    Its true.

  • I just don't buy into that thought process. I can now film at 1080/50p at 50mb/s Where as before the best I could get at 50p was 720p with a stable hack of around 32Mb/s. (I film wedding ceremonies 30-40 mins sometimes)

    This for me is a huge leap forward.

  • Exactly.... GH2 image quality with Hack is excellent. I'm not only buying a GH3 for image quality. First and foremost is the better build. Finally being able to grip the camera means everything. Also now it is weather sealed which is huge.

    These are the other benefits to me.

    • 1080 60fps
    • Oled Screen
    • Stock higher bit rate
    • better lasting battery
    • Built in time lapse feature
    • better photo camera
    • cleaner high iso

    Overall it is just a more professional built camera. The image quality might be the same as Hack or slighter better detail in highlights/shadow but what I really needed was 1080 60fps, better body, better screen and stock higher bit rates. This camera based on that alone is wort price of admission.

    GH2 is an excellent camera with the hack, but the horrible menu system, at times unstable hack and poor lcd imo warrant an upgrade to the GH3.

    • Coming from Canon I know how to deal with Moire, so even if GH3 is slightly worst but better than Canon I am still more than happy. GH3 has a new sensor and you must take the good with some bad. Ultimately though being able to shoot 1600 iso and be as clean or cleaner than GH2 iso 800 means a lot........
  • After looking carefully at everything that has come out of GH3 this far, and especially that last review posted by @endotoxic I'm starting to think there isn't enough of a difference between GH2 and GH3 to justify me buying it. If I wanted to take my image making to the next level, the obvious choise would be to buy Black Magic cam sometime when it's available. Of course there's going to be more work getting the image, but it seems like the next revolutional step for budget people as GH series was. At least that's how I see it with my modest experience. Not to diss GH3 in any way, I think it's a great, great cam, but if you are drawn to the magic of cinema, the age of dslr shooting seems to be coming to an end. Who knows.