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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • I am uploading 2 test footage with a few shots compairing GH2 and GH3 with same lenses and settings, i'll post it here later.

    From what I can see now, the 72mbps All-I looks to be inferior to 50mbps. There are lots of macro blocks noises, especially at iso200. Also the amount of details seems inferior as well.

    Another thing i noticed is that at same settings the image of the GH3 is darker than the GH2, by around 1 stop. The exact same impression I got at the time from my GH2 compared to the GH1...

    I didnt have the time to test the profiles... (i used standard -4 -3-3-3). Has anyone discovered the "flattest" profile?

  • @ tenjin

    i agree with you. any idea, in technical terms, why ALL-I would be inferior to IPB? also of note, the 1080p screen grabs from the files i have on hand (using both v9b patch and stock profile) look much better at 100% than ALL-I gh3. IPB on the gh3, alternatively, looks cleaner - though still appears more video-ish.

  • I recorded a footage with 1080 24p at 72mb/s in *mov format and when I transcoded it to ProRes through MPEG Streamclip the resulting footage came out to be around 300 mb/s. So does this mean anything? Any difference between 72mb/s and 300mb/s?

  • @tenjin

    This camera is only 8 bit, you DO NOT want to be recording so flat. All you are doing is destroying your image. Get all of the color possible when shooting. Leave all settings at 0. By you shooting so flat you are basically killing the color fidelity of your image. Only when shooting raw on such 10-12 but cameras should this EVER be used.

    I repeat once again DO NOT ever shoot with such flat settings, it will introduce so many problems. Get your look you want IN CAMERA, this will give you the best possible image.

  • face palm

  • @shian you did make me chuckle there

  • @filmingArt are you sure about this? GH1 and GH2 are both 8bit camera and still everybody recommended to use the flattest settings possible to have better room in post. I am still not used to GH3 but m guess would be the same. Unless there's a profile and settings that were found to be the best using non-flat settings... then this should be a well kept secret since nobody talked about it around here...

  • IMO flat image and being able to reduce in camera sharpness will allow users to be able to do a better job of tweaking those settings via software in their much more powerful and flexible computer editing systems. I'm not a pro, but i've seen some unbelievable levels of sharpening and color editing done in post. I've been blown away by some work i've seen.

    I like what we've seen so far from the GH3 in terms of an image that can be tweaked to be less over sharpened, over saturated and less contrasty than was possible with the GH2 where you couldn't adjust the settings as much as the GH3. We now know that the -5 settings on the GH3 go beyond what was possible on the GH2. I like that the GH3 doesn't have that GREEN TINT of the GH2. IF anything i'm hoping Pany or someone will come up with Color Profiles like other cameras have developed.

  • Unedited/ungraded mini-feature showing off the capabilities of Panasonic's new GH3 shotgun condenser microphone, the DMW-MS2. This version will be replaced over the next few days (when I get time to do an edit/grade). Written, shot and put together in an afternoon.

  • @FilmingArt that face palm was for you.

    Please get a clue before talking out of your ass. I have demonstrated over and OVER that what you stated is absolute and total bullshit. The only universe in which what you said holds water is if you are editing, grading and finishing in FCP 7 or lower (10bit max NLEs). The rest of the post-production world - the 32bit world - can just ignore your little nugget.

  • BTW - doing side-by-side tests with GH3 and GH2 Intravenus this week. Looking at Dynamic Range - color profiles, and grading.

  • @Shian Show me the universe you live in where an 8bit codec can be brought into 32bit world..... You sir are an Hobbit from the land of Oz...... No matter how much you think, you cannot ADD information that is NOT there..... Lets see how good the GH3 codec hold up before it blows up......

    @Driftwood great work!

  • Im with @shian on this. It is pretty obvious Filmingart doesn't know much about postproduction...

    Anyway here are a couple of tests I did with GH3 and GH2 with the same lenses. They are rough and quickly shot so it is more to keep people waiting before some real tests are made.

  • @shian and @ FilmingArt Don´t really want to join your shootout, but both of you have their point on this topic. shian is absolutely right, claiming that a 32bit workflow helps keeping data intact while grading. It´s simply the math of keeping the level of precise calculations in the biggest possible colorspace. FilmingArt is right claiming that you can´t generate 12bit or more out of the recorded 8bits. His statement that keeping the image flat is always wrong doesn´t apply. It´s right if your histogram doesn´t stretch from left to right (in other words is narrower than the full range) it´s better to try not going flat, cause you are using less than the 8bits. If your histograms uses more than the available headroom, its quite useful to go flater. But there is no absolute rule for this, it depends and you have to know your tools. If you are always going for a flat image there is a big chance that you often use less than 8 bits. Just my 5 cents. Sorry for interrupting (and my rusty english) Holger

  • @FilmingArt Obviously you haven't seen the works by @shian. It's the art of squeezing into 8bit. It's doable. It starts before you click the shutter button. Also if you don't trust 8bit codec, why are you wasting your time on this thread?

  • Who's wasting time? I'm here to see footage and what's being done. My post I said prior was to simply be careful shooting ultra flat. You can actually lose information doing that. I shoot and edit so I'm speaking from experience.

    Also I would really like to see how 32bit from 8bit is being done. I want to see how there is benefit and it being proven. No way in the world can you just magically add something that does not exist.

    Regardless no need to derail this thread, carry on peace

  • It's not about adding, it's about NOT LOSING. You are correct about not being able to add. If you work with 8bit in 8bit the image falls apart. If you work with 8 bit in 32 bit, it doesn't. Just look me up, and my work, and you'll see what everybody is talking about. In brief, I spent enough time working in the professional image processing field to know what I'm talking about.

  • Yeah fellas, bake that contrast/saturation image right in!

  • Now that the GH3 has improved the hookup, monitoring and playback of audio, I am looking to simplify my working setup. The absence of plug-in power limits my choice of microphones unless I want to use a Beachtek, etc. Is there a compact, in-line, battery powered source of 48V phantom power?

  • @shian

    I currently edit in FCP7 where 32bit does not exist. Please direct me to a NLE that does 32bit so I can look it up and run some tests. Also to @rockroadpix it's not about baking an image in, it's about retaining information. If you shoot super flat no matter what you do in post your not going to bring those colors back as if you would have just recorded it normal.

    Leaving settings at 0 across the board is not baking anything in. These cameras do not shoot raw nor have the quality you see in more expensive setups. Just by shooting flat and trying to bring colors and contrast back introduces noise and all other kind of problems. Regardless let me see what this 32but workflow is about.


  • @FilmingArt

    It is wrong topic for discussion. Use existing in grading or make new one.

    I also remember that Chris showed that it is really not good idea to go flat most of the times.

  • rolleyes... back to the topic though! eyeroll not directed @Vitaliy_Kiselev .:)

  • Tenjin, what you show is that;

    1. GH3 has a funny pinkiness/readiness to its images
    2. GH3 has a tighter crop than a GH2
    3. GH3 image is soft
    4. GH2 has better detail and is a cleaner, purer rendition c/w GH3 which is mushy.

    Basically the GH3 looks horrible and soft like 5dmk2/nex/dslr etc. The more I see the pink/soft/mushy image the more I dislike this camera, in fact its horrible.

  • @FilmingArt FCP X, Premiere Pro CS6, Vegas Pro 12, Smoke 2013, are all 32bit

    per VK's wishes a new thread to discuss this in