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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • Im still unable to use the iphone wifi link with my GH3-seems the iphone once connected with the wifi code given from the GH3 simply cannot connect to the camera....I hope this get sorted as it is one of the main reasons I bought.

  • I'm sure it will need an app update as the app was out before the GH3 was a twinkle in an engineers eye.

    If everyone who buys a GH3 hits them with email requests they might expedite. If they still have staff left.

    I'm hoping for a 6mnth firmware update with focus peaking. I'll miss my varavon loupe on the GH3 for focussing.

  • @matthere

    It is not topic about how you like or not the price ( despite the fact that you seems to compare kit to body)

    Check first post, it is only for user reviews and opinions, for ones who have cameras.

  • I've only had the GH3 for about 36 hours. So far I am very happy. However, it is true that the EVF has issues. I've used a GH1 for 3 years. It's EVF is decent, and I never noticed anything 'unusual' with it.

    The EVF on my GH3 will have out of focus areas on the edges, if you are not viewing perfectly straight in, and, that does often happen. But, in my limited experience, this has only happened when viewing MENUs. I've yet to notice this effect when framing shots using the viewfinder. I know that seems strange, but...

    Still, for a $1299 camera, it seems like it should have a had a better optical design to the EVF. It is annoying when navigating the menus, but it is not a deal breaker for me.

    I've almost NEVER used the LCD screen on my GH1. I'll probably start using the OLED screen on the GH3 for navigating menus.

    Perhaps this is a QC issue, and some people have EVFs that are worse than others? But, for me, when viewing menus, it is annoying, but not terribly bad. And, so far, I've never noticed this effect when framing a shot.

    PS: Yes, I've adjusted the diopter to get best results for my eyes, but, I still seeing the annoying out of focus fringes on the far edges of the EVF, but, only when viewing menus.

  • @vitaliy sorry I understand.. but those prices ARE both for body only! I was just expressing my opinion about GH3, Panasonic are charging too much here in the UK! :)

  • I quite like some of the Creative Control modes.

  • 29:59 recording limit in the EU: The topic is NOT solved by Panasonic. The camera stops after 29.59 and does NOT continue to record automatically.

    So besides PAL-NTSC, another reason for the hack.

  • Yep that a confirm on the > 30 min PAL problem.

  • @AKED

    I do not see why you expected it to behave differently, as this guys seems to be really fixed to save few $ :-)

  • @Vitaliy I do not quite understand what you ment. Who seems to be fixed to save some $?

    In the interview with Panasonic sales Manager Matthias Matthes, he said, that the GH3 woud stop recording, drop one frame and then continue to record. But maybe this is with the 4 GB limit, when the camera continues to write the video in a new file, once reached the 4GB limit. Not with thw 29:59 recording time limit.

  • @AKED looks like VK is saying Its the EU Camcorder tax thing..if the GH3 had unlimited record times then the tax for the camera would be higher (considered a video cam). So thats the saving money aspect. This is widely known and old news. Its no different than any other DSLR in th EU. They all have the restriction. Dont want the restriction? Import a NTSC model...or wait for a hack.

    Not sure why you expected otherwise...Panasonic Managers dont know everything and its all about selling cameras. Like this bullshit about peaking "may" be in future firmware. They got your money.

  • @Driftwood How is the battery life? The GH2's was weak im hoping this has been improved!

  • @Mimirsan Thanks, got that. I know that the Panasonic Managers don't know everything, but I was not expecting explicid wrong things, for I have asked exactly about 29:59 and got that answer. Anyway, let us hope for Vitaliy.

  • @Mimirsan battery life shows a marked improvement. You can comfortably film a 90 minute gig (constant) like I did last night with half battery spare.

    @jjj_ri_usa And you can lock down tracking as in (below)

    999 x 797 - 302K
  • The tracking I have been waiting for since the GH2 (It w as working on the Photokina 2010,, Firmnware 0.2 but no more in the final GH2).

  • Does AF track work with video, or just stills? I'd love to see a shot of a subject walking right up to the lens (with camera on a tripod) while the tracking feature racks focus... it will be incredible if it can pull it off smoothly without any hunting. A slow motion shot would be interesting to try as well (conformed in camera at 40 or 50%).

  • AF tracking also works in video mode (finally). But I have not had the time to make the test you suggested.

  • Thanks for the info AKED... I'll try and run the test tomorrow when my copy is delivered!

  • Looks like WI-FI will be ready this week....

    ▪ “Aperture”, “Shutter Speed”, “Exposure Compensation”, “ISO Setting”, “White balance” can be adjusted while monitoring live view image of camera in remote control.(GH3)

    ▪ Focus control using a variety of “AF(Auto Focus) mode” and “MF(Manual Focus) mode” is available in remote control.(GH3)

    ▪ ”Touch Shutter” enables focusing and shutter release by just touching the target point on the camera’s live view image in remote control.(GH3)

    ▪ All settings in the camera’s “Q(Quick)-MENU” can also be adjustable in remote control.(GH3)

    ▪ Video can be recorded with timer setting in remote control.(GH3)

    ▪ Images can be transferred to the smartphone / tablet automatically right after shooting.(GH3)

  • That AF tracking is quite huge to me as it somehow missed the final release version for the GH2. It's especially useful if you're using the GH3 on a stabilizer.

  • Someone responded to the quick CAF test results I posted this morning. He requested a comparison with the Lumix 20/1.7 at f3.5-4.0 It's night-time here, so all I could do is get some clips inside at ISO 1600 and 3200.

    Standard Mode {0,0,0,0}. ISO=3200. Zero grading, only added titles and encoded as an MP4.

    The 20/17 is very poor at CAF in Video, and sometimes even fails to focus at all. It can sometimes not change its focus from the previous subject if panning back and forth. Really bad. However, the 14-140 had no issues. It is silent and and always acquired focus. I don't think this is any different than on the GH1 or GH2? So, it's not anything new.

    The results are very conclusive. You never want to use CAF with a 20/1.7 lens. BTW, I just set the WB to tungsten, but, yuk, yellow cast to everything. I probably should have stuck to AWB? However. I don't care. This was just a CF test.

    Also, I won't be able to do anything else with the GH3 till next weekend. But, that's OK. We should soon have test results streaming in from much more qualified GH3 owners than me. :-)

    I look forward to reading and learning!

    @driftwood: Thanks for the tip about Focus Tracking. I've not used it but my guess is that it would only function well on the 'HD' lenses (like 14-140)?

    @vitaly: Sorry about posting to the wrong thread before.

    This second clip has all the same setting, but ISO 1600 rather than 3200

  • My Initial impressions: It appears that any amount of NR turns the grain from beautiful to ugly. Sharpening -5 for Lumix lenses and -2 to 0 for non-lumix feels right at this point. Contrast -5 and saturation 0 rounds out where I want to be going into post. This is all modifying the custom scenery setting.

  • @Driftwood et al.... All this detail/dr/pixel peeping is nice, especially the last one, Nick. When can we see some tests with skintones? Thanks and I really appreciate all of this!

  • All in all the GH3 is an incredible successor to the GH2 and a better camera in most ways – even when compared to a hacked GH2. With that said it does potentially suffer from more moire than the GH2 and the jump in image quality isn’t drastically different.

    The biggest and most notable improvements are: a stronger body, slightly better image all round, 1080/60p, ability to record proper timecode, better audio control and usability, added dynamic range, and Wi-Fi remote controlling.

    It feels likePanasonic have actually listened to what their customers wanted and included nearly everything that GH2 users wants that camera to be. The camera is not perfect, but no camera is.


  • nobody has a comparative res chart GH3 vs GH2 with analog and lumix lenses?