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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • @driftwood thats the new Lumix Link app on the apple app store now

    just trying it out now, you can adjust Aperture/Shutter, ISO and white balance in video mode and photo mode

    The focus point can also be input on the remote device and the playback option now works :)

  • @gib Yep, same 'ere. :-)

  • Strange that you can start recording from the app must must stop from the camera button.

  • @Jspatz - you holding? Would love to see one and check it out... Lemme know if you need any assistance - set up/testing.

  • @Jspatz yes it's a strange way to stop video recording

  • Being working with the GH3 for just under a week now, and am I the only one that finds it strange that there is a jump from ISO 800 to 1600 on video?

    I predominantly used ISO 1000-1250 on GH2 for low light stuff and i'm still seeing too much noise with ISO 1600 on the GH3.

    Would also like to see an ISO limiter for the video side of things, this would allow me to trust the Auto ISO for the more run and gun situations.

  • @Jspatz

    Strange that you can start recording from the app must must stop from the camera button.

    To prevent you from accidentally stopping the recording. I don't agree with that thought process but I believe that is why they did it.

  • @Sph1nxster

    set to extended ISO in the Settings. Extended ISO OFF limits to 200, 400, 800, 1600 ...

  • @Sph1nxster : From "Out of the box, the ISO options on the GH3 are: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200. Only 5 of them. But if you dig deeper into the photo menu, there is an option to turn on 1/3 increments for ISO’s that will open up all the intermediate ranges."

  • To bring in the extra ISO settings simply go to a photo mode (e.g. 'M'), hit menu, over to photo icon, Switch 'ISO Increments' menu to 1/3 EV (up from 1 EV), switch back to Movie Rec mode, press the ISO button and there you will see in each 1/3 stop increment all the other ISO modes. Movie Recording ISOs using the above start at 200 and end at 6400 with everything inbetween at 1/3 stop increments. Picture photo modes start at 125 ISO going all the way upto 25600 ISO with 1/3 stop increments with the additional 'Extended ISO' menu function switched on.

  • True, 1/3 gives those small increments and extended ISO enables 125/25600 ...

    @GH3 owners, what is quickest way to access focus assistant (magnification of the image center), with manual lenses?

    on the GH2 I just needed to push the dial. The GH3 requires to push an assigned F-button followed by the SET/MENU button. That sucks because the set button has a bad position for access whilst shooting ...

  • For recording video with the app can some tell me if you must use this timed record mode, or if in creative movie mode you can only start recording? Would a wireless remote shutter work around this? Mine is being shipped now, but wondering if someone knows.

  • @alex, in both Photo mode and Video mode, you can touch the LCD screen and the GH3 goes into 10x zoom mode (centered wherever you touch the screen)

  • Initially the pricing was supposed to be around $2000 US for gh3 + 12-35 as a kit, but this hasn't materialized yet...

    May have just been marketing. Or a pipe dream. But you're right, less of an issue with the lens price drops.

  • Wi-Fi Operation Overview:-

  • My quick timelapse test... 4 sec intervals, 1 second exposure, electronic shutter.

    Has anyone noticed 2 second intervals seem to pause intermittently in the sequence... I'm wondering if the camera just can't write RAWs fast enough in the buffer on a continuous basis?

  • @Tron what kind of slider are you using. Very nice!

  • @tinyrobot, I think that's just a post-zoom.

  • @tinyrobot Oedipax is right, it's just a post-zoom, but I really love the amount of detail available in these files... I can add the ungraded version if you guys want to compare them.

  • @Jib yes, touching the screen brings up magnification but that doesn't help when using the viewfinder and I prefer to use the EVF in most situations ... Focusing manual lenses seams to have become less convenient ...

  • Any new owners care to comment on photo capabilities. I'm interested in opinions comparing photo quality to 5d Mark II quality. If it's there, I'd swap 5D for gh3 and keep my gh2's. I need a camera for high quality photos in addition to the video we are getting from hack and now apparently, the gh3.

  • Hey guys, I just got my GH3 and noticed that the REDS are coming out on the orange side for photo and video. Anyone notice that? Upping the saturation didn't fix it either.

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  • No. I have not seen anything like that. Just quickly took an under-exposed shot. I don't have a coke can, but the Pepsi logo should have red in it. This is Standard {0,0,0,0} with AWB. ISO 800, 1/80th, f1.8. The focus point was the red in the Pepsi logo. The only illumination was the overhead light in this bedrooom, two 60W bulbs. No color adjustments made.

    It is easy enough to adjust in PP, but...I've not yet seen the Color Balance so out of whack in any stills I've taken. What were you using for WB? The 2nd pic is just a copy of yours after a couple clicks in LR (like Color Temp adjustment and remove blown highlights, etc).

    I did have an ugly yellow cast to some CAF test videos I posted, but...that was my own fault. I simply chose Tungsten for WB, assuming that would be correct. But, the lamps were actually compact fluorescents, and, clearly their color temperature was not 2800K! Also, those CAF videos were shot at ISO 3200 and ISO 1600 which might also push the CCT off a bit?

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  • @driftwood doh! Thanks for pointing that out. That makes a lot more sense.

    Now if only there was a movie ISO limiter.......