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Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other CC Suite 2021 products
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  • @rNeil Sounds interesting. Thanks for your thoughts/review.

  • I'll have to check about H.265. Back home tomorrow but not sure I'll be in the studio any, so it might be Monday before I respond.


  • I'll for sure be looking forward to H.265 exports. Sometimes my YouTube videos gets so massive and I'd be able to almost halve the bit rates I use. Basically allowing me to get my videos online quicker. With that said, if the exporting time is something like say 10x longer, that would be a different story.

  • @rNeil Do you know if the new color tools in Premiere are 32 bit? I ask because some of the color correction stuff in Premiere is 32 bit and some of it isn't. (I remember seeing some Lumetri tools in a few versions back of Premiere CC, but it didn't have that "32" icon next to it, so wasn't sure if those did or didn't do 32 bit, and now I'm also curious about the new color tools.)

  • The "32 bit" is whether it's calculated in 32-bit floating point mode. I'll check farther, but basically SpeedGrade just works "there" ... one of the reasons it can be a resource hog. ALL of the new color toys um ... TOOLS! ... coming into PrPro are coming from re-working Sg tools into PrPro's new "Color Workspace", and I think just in the same manner (basically) as they exist in Sg. A couple tools have been "re-imagined" as they call it, taking say the way a tool looks in Lightroom, and using a similar effect from Sg but putting the Lr style control on it.

    Talking with the engineers who designed it, the new Hue Wheel in the PrPro color workspace is supposed to be simply the rectangular hue-control tool that's a linear box in Sg, turned into a circle for the new PrPro space for easier understanding ... it's obvious that it's a continuous spectrum control there, which it isn't at first as a hue line in Sg. However ... my testing got me to subtle things I couldn't quite match with the Sg tool ... and the engineers just looked at me and shook their heads saying it should be the same. But when a couple of the other colorists that were there ... all vastly more experienced and professionally known than I ... heard the conversation, they also jumped in saying that though the engineers may think it's the same, it ... ain't. Whether it's just how we interact with it or there's actually a change in the way it interfaces with other things within PrPro, it's not just different ... it's better.

    And the Lumetri terminology is basically their naming of their own LUT engine. As that's what a "Look" in Sg is ... realistically, a LUT with their own format. The Lumetri "engine" reads any standard LUT format.

    You can also within Sg save any Look you've made and then export it as edl, CUBE, or LUT files.

    But again, I'll check and get back with a more definitive answer on the 32-bit floating-point question


  • Cool - thanks Neil.

  • And yes, confirmed by an engineer ... all the effects in the new-release's Color workspace panel are 32-bit floating point. Still no timeline for releasing it of course ...


  • @rNeil Thanks for checking that. Very cool re 32 bit. Seems like you're having a fun at NAB - seems like a blast.

  • Where is the info about exporting in H.265?

  • Currently not supported. I expect that as the standards for H.265 get completely really truly finalized that it will come into the Adobe DVA's. I'll see if I can get any info on this ...


  • The first version of the standard was completed, approved, and published in 2013. The second version was completed and approved in 2014 and published in early 2015, and includes format range extensions (RExt) (supporting higher bit depths and the monochrome, 4:2:2, and 4:4:4 chroma sampling formats), scalable coding extensions (SHVC), and multi-view extensions (MV-HEVC).[5] Additional 3D-HEVC extensions for 3D video were completed in early 2015. Further screen content coding (SCC) extensions remain in development for completion in early 2016 for video containing rendered graphics, text, or animation as well as (or instead of) camera-captured video scenes.

    Well, all important things are finalized, considering 2D video.

  • My understanding is they're working on building it in ... but implementing all they've announced for the next release seems to be their top priority. I'd love it to be in the next release, but it might not make it into the Adobe DVA's until a dot-update later on.


  • @rNeil

    Adobe software now is service, so they have exactly zero stimulus to implement something fast. Their income will be almost independent from their actions, until something will be absolutely required and demanded by very significant portion of the people.

  • the tone hacker idea within speedGrave; can make and export look/LUT if desired

    pursuing a more "natural" warp prememé - ae combo

  • @maxr We really need to be getting away from the heavily graded orange (amber) and teal color scheme. It's been done to death.

  • @JohnTollwannabe it is just a tool; if you give me a shotgun and I shot my cousin, the problem it's not the shotgun... the problem is my cousin :P  All and all I have to agree with you ... in pursuit of chroma palettes

    Also found this tuto helpful... but for me it is impussyble to memorise ALL the shortcuts from edit to edit (so downloaded the video)

  • I just finished watching the latest Avengers. Talk about teal and orange overload. Of course, it just broke $320mm in sales. I don't think folks are sick of it yet.

    PS. Does anyone know when the new Premiere CC is supposed to be released with the new color correction tools?

  • If past performance is a pattern I would expect sometime mid June - ish. Give or take a couple weeks. Have you been looking at sample vids of it around the net? And do you have particular questions?

  • Thanks for the info. No particular question so was just looking for a ballpark release timeframe.

  • I might be posting a look at the new color workspace late next week. It will depend on whether I can get a ton of other stuff done as fast as I hope ... but would love to get something up on it.


  • Working with getting some info ready on the next-release PrPro color space ... not ready to put it "up" yet. Probably another week, but this is a fascinating project. ;-)


  • I was at the Boston Creative Pro Users group yesterday and asked about H.265 exporting and was told we either need to convert our finished project to a loss less codec and use another software to do it or we'd need to purchase a plug in. Also told that since H.265 takes up a lot of power, it's unnecessary at this time. Almost implying that Premiere Pro CC 2015 wont have it initially.

    I told them that it would help keep file sizes lower for people who wants to upload it to YouTube and was told that YouTube doesn't support it. I was probably mis-understood. I didn't mean YouTube streaming H.265. I meant uploading H.265 files. YouTube will convert the files anyway. I'd be surprised if people wouldn't be able to upload H.265 files to YouTube.

  • The next iteration of PrPro will not ship with H.265 export capability included. So ... using a program such as ClipToolz or VanguardVideo's PrPro plug-in will be necessary for at least the first few months after the next release is ... released.

    As always ... going to this link to post a Feature Request is always useful. They do monitor these, and what sort of things have been "high" on the list is used to sort out where to fund features/fixes. And it's good to get as many good requests in as possible. Some of the things that rate high on bug/feature requests are well ... not the way I'd have ranked them ... ;-)


    Adobe Bug Report /Feature Request form ...

  • Another thing I'd like to see is smart rending of more files such as AVCHD and other H.264 files. Yes, I'll be sure to give them that request.