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Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other CC Suite 2021 products
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  • Dunno if it's been cover but to add LUTs to Color workspace, you can "Show Package Contents" over PR (mac), then go through Contents > Lumetri > LUTs > Technical and drop there a copy of your LUTs. They will show at input LUT's drop-down list =)   I wish though there was a next/previous button option, as 3D Lut Creator has, to go through a set of "looks" much faster... and also being able to apply them as the output...


  • Handy to know that there is a custom keyboard shortcut available to bypass the effects.

  • @rNeil

    Currently, if I'm going to do fairly basic stuff I work totally in Premiere Pro using the Color Worskpace. If I'm going to do much of a grade, I most often just head over to Sg ...

    Thing about SpeedGrade is you have just the one global instance to work with. I presume with Lumetri you can apply different grades in multiple adjustment layers, much like using Color Finesse in After Effects? Aside from LUTs, any features in PP/Lumetri not available in AE/Color Finesse, or vice versa?

  • The current operation of Direct Link is not what my "ideal" would be. Say, you do something in the PrPro Color Workspace, which uses the Lumetri stuff (which is actually SpeedGrade's color "engine") and then go to Sg ... that Lumetri work you did in PrPro is LOCKED in Sg ... you can't touch it. Very ... non-intuitive, to be mild.

    Using Sg's own color software, in PrPro, creates a "layer" that I can't touch in Sg? Bizarre. This is ... well, rather known to the interior staff. I hope it's clear enough that with a few changes that are promised soon this will be fixed also. There are a couple things that get totally locked up from the Mac side ... such as say clicking the eyeball to turn off a layer from the PrPro workspace while in Sg ... can at times result in that layer just going buh-bye. Permanently. So there are a few tech fixes that must be rolled out soonest.

    That's why currently I do most of my grade/look work in Sg and skip the new workspace that on first trial, I was thrilled with. As far as basic grading goes, the color workspace in PrPro can't touch the speed and controls within even a Di-Link workflow from PrPro to Sg to PrPro.

    I like the layout of the tools of Sg vastly better than say Color Finesse over in Ae. Sg's a bit of an odd duck, but quite a capable one once you get the feel for it. Just hoping we can get some of the tech problems totally handled for once. Ah well ... tomorrow is another day! ;-)


  • Despite some say gaps are sexy...
    Via Premiumbeat

  • Color Correction & Grading with the Lumetri

  • HigherFellows!!! If during project manager cleanings, anyone encounters, this wonderful welcome home carpet

    Disabling export "Including Preview Files" seems to do the trick - working 4 CC2014 and 2015
    The catch is having to re-render delicate wool sweatshirts... nothing major.
    Lenga-lenga from adobe

  • Preview files are often considered something one should simply purge from the system every so often. They can take up MASSIVE amounts of space, are rarely used in export computations, and can be regenerated if needed. No particular reason I know of to save them with project archive work.


  • @rNeil maybe so, but this is not a choice, it is A BUG... like many others adobe very very very slowly irons out... hey but wait, if nobody complains it's it's not there. Anyway dear costumers here's an exciting revamped, re-vitalized new interface on what to drool over, quad extra cheese on top of all brand new bugs and still some old ones for those of you who gained affection. Give me a brake!!!

  • I've not heard a complaint about this particular issue before ... I've heard a lot of complaints about the difficulty in figuring out what the choices in migrating/cleaning projects through Project Manager actually DO ... which is a total pain. If you're not sure what something does exactly, how do you make an intelligent choice?

    The most common comment from working folks I know is they organize their folder/project-bit placements themselves, and use Project manager for a few things, but their own practices for most stuff involving archiving/migrating projects. Big pain, really ... and yea, it would be quite useful if this was a clearer, simpler process.


  • Broadcast Finishing Techniques for Premiere Pro

  • Tilt shift effect

  • Whatup mafiadi casa di banhu =)
    Yet another bug, Premiere - AME (adobe media encoder) related; and its simple workaround.
    If like in this post above you're bringing your own LUTs or an external set to Premiere's Lumetri panel, beware that those same LUT's have to live inside AME's lumetri folder too, otherwise any export through AME will be off, they have to be clone folders (so to speak). Probably the same happens to SpeedGraVe as the ref final image is already showing this.

    My personal view of new lumetri space is unchanged, it looks good on paper but it's very resources hungry, a minimally complex look turns system into a zombie horny for brains to a point of having to chop several heads. For some small and precise finishing touches it works, not so for any serious grading process. This voodoo mojo seems to escalate when using other LUTs than the supplied by default.

    I still have to encounter (other than 3dlut creator) a platform that empowers user with a simple shortcut (previous - next) to preview all LUTs of a given set/list.

    Stills from (remerci) Nick Driftwood's Gh4 showGun run viloGO noseque+


    PR-AME_LUT-prob copy.jpg
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  • Again, some update details

    For Video, Adobe ushers in a new era of UltraHD via comprehensive native format support for editing beautiful 4K-to-8k footage; and advances color, with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows in Premiere Pro CC and improved color fidelity and adjustments in After Effects CC. Remix, a powerful new audio feature is added to Audition CC. New Touch capabilities are introduced, with Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Character Animator optimized for Surface Pro, Windows tablets or Apple track pad devices.

  • Except ... be careful in the Mac world ... quite a few intriguing problems with El Capitan ... sigh. And for PC's, Win10 is working for more folks, still problematic for others.


  • Ahh ... Dave Dugdale found a blurble in the Premiere Pro CC2015.2 color workspace ... the sat controls. Increasing sat using the controls on that right-side color-control panel caused the color to "bend" towards the "left" around the color wheel. Skin tones that lined up right in a narrow spike on the i-line that people often call the "skin-tone" line became very diffused and shifted quite a ways to yellow as you push more sat into the image.

    I tested and confirmed ... Dave also says the hue controls gave him some trouble, I've not tested that yet.

    However ... the 3-way & fast color corrector sat controls worked as expected. And bug reports are filed.

    Just an fyi ...


  • @rNeil I have found the same issues. The saturation and hue controls don't seem very "tight" they tend to just flood the entire image with color that doesn't quite match up with other scripts that you can adjust saturation with. With gh2 footage I can't ever seem to get these controls to fit quite right. HOWEVER the tonality controls in Lumetri are fantastic, and the temperature controls fair very well. I tend to use Lumetri to get my base and then use RedGiant or AE's Color Finesse to fine tune my colors. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can have my wavelengths and effects and adjustments (stable) on the same page/workspace.

  • Yea ... parts of the movement of Lumetri panel controls into PrPro are great. And right now the Direct-Link to Sg is working ok for me. Was slowish & occasionally just glitchy a while back. I still find it's so fast for me to work in Sg that I prefer that to the PrPro-Lumetri panel for most work.

    But if it's a quick dash-off, the WB & exposure, sat, & contrast are pretty decent in-cam ... a few moments in that Lumetri "workspace" and it's outta here ... that's nice.


  • @thpluto

    you mention tonality controls...which specific tools in Lumetri are you referring to?


  • In the various tabs ... as displayed in the images, you've sliders, curves control, & wheels with the vertical sliders for luminance next to them ... all in PrPro CC2015's Color workspace.


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  • @soulkeeper look at rNeil's first picture (to the left) for reference.

    Furthermore: In a video I just posted we had a lot of lighting issues. It was raining on and off all day, and on some days it was bright and sunny. Other days the light was not coming into the room at all. I adjusted the temperature in lumetri along with some other adjustments individually to get the clips to match and had some great results without being in there for hours matching wavelengths and checking levels for every adjustment. The saturation controls though just bled everywhere, not my favorite.

    If I need more color I'll adjust the saturation with something like RedGiant or just use AE's standard controls. Then I'll use RedGiant's cosmo to target the skin specifically and adjust to where I want it to be, within reason.

  • @soulkeeper, the first picture to the left in the post above mine.