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Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other CC Suite 2021 products
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  • Adobe is releasing a new update to Premiere Pro this week that includes hardware acceleration for Nvidia GPUs. The 14.2 update includes GPU-accelerated encoding using Nvidia’s hardware encoder for the company’s Quadro and GeForce graphics cards, with the promise that video editors will be able to export high-resolution videos up to 5 times faster than by just using the CPU. The changes also apply to Adobe’s Media Encoder, Affect Effects, and Audition apps.

    Finally thing can do that plugins and such could do for years.

    Just note that it'll be very inflexible contrary to them.


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  • Thats great! Important note: in Mac OS from Zero (times 5) it will be Very Fast Zero :)

    I did even try to update since a year.

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  • It's a shame it doesn't offer Constant Quality (Constante Quantizer ?), only CBR and VBR. But fast! A 48" test sequence it encoded in 38" (i7 2600K@4.3Ghz, GTX 1060)

    (funny, software encoding does the same time, in a 1080p test, and also uses my GTX1060. Decoding?)

  • The June update of the Adobe Premiere Pro includes support for importing Canon EOS R5 video.

    Premiere Pro now supports the following file formats:

    • Enhanced bitrate controls for JPEG 2000 MXF export
    • Import of Canon EOS R5 footage
    • Import of Canon EOS-1D X Mark III footage
    • Import of RED Komodo footage
  • New export and import

  • The idea that choosing not to know what you are doing makes it look like you know what you are doing is so funny. Obviously the metadata is going to show that you are pressing the burger button.

  • Support for Apple M1 is now in production version

    As well as text to speech engine and scene detection.