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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @marcusbrody upper left exactly, maybe your going to see it when it loads, but from what i know Firefox don't delete moire from resisez picture don't see it 100% crop, Because a video frame is from a big part of the sensor (scaled down to 1080p)

  • @amateur Ah I see. I didn't realize that you were just talking about moire generated by downsizing in a web browser. I thought you were talking about something done by the camera.

    Not that I can make mine do it in any case (I'm in firefox).

  • @miko it has an HD version XD

    the moire looks good the guy's blue marine dark sweater :o

  • @amateur when i watched both were in sd, i choose the first one, but both had HD download.. :P

  • The Camera Store, who does quite decent reviews, got their hands on a GH3 for review.

    I'm not seeing any moiré or aliasing in the footage, which has lots of detailed views from the natural world in Canada.

  • @ahbleza, thanx for posting this review. I actually love the reviews this guy does for the Camera Store. The way he rattles off info about the cameras he reviews seems so natural you'd think he actually designed them. I like that they always have some decent video clips and I believe they actually shoot the reviews with a Sony FS100 or 700, I can't remember which one it is, but i'm sure it's a Sony.

    The clips from the GH3 looked really good. If you look at the ones with the deer I think that looked nice. I just hope Panasonic can deliver a flat picture profile in the final firmware and that they can add Focus Peaking.

  • hmm, review of gh3 done with FS700, LOL. gh3 may be deserves better...

  • @magnifico don't worry i'm sure next year GH3 will record other Camera's review :P

  • Hope so ! I love ghx serie :-)

  • I would think that the raised rubber on the dial was intentional so the palm wouldn't turn the dial by accident.

  • I have the Gh3 in my hands for the day in Brighton. :-)

    Ill be testing mainly 24/25p modes in All-I - the 50p modes are identical just about to the G5 so I'm not too interested in those for the time being - however I'll make a number of various recordings. I'll be using the Voight 25mm 0.95, OM f2 50mm Macro, Wide 7-14 Pany, X Lens 45-175 f4.

    1) Firmware.5. Initial hdmi out test: set to 1080p, viewed on Pany monitor TV sync is showing clean 1080p / 50hz on a 24p all-i record mode. Old Ninja jumps to 1080i. I am confident by release date we will be able to record a true progressive clean signal to hdmi devices.

    I have done a series of recordings which I will be analysing tonight. Its been pretty difficult to do 'in the field' stuff with Panasonic around me at all times. The good news is that next week I get more time on it to pick up from tonights results. :-)

  • great. Sound exciting. If possible please try some tests with some manual lenses such as the voigtlander slr magic, zeiss and any other manual lenses you have so we can see how bad the moire is. Really looking forward to your report.

  • Good news Driftwood. You are one of the few we can have confidence as far as feedback on the GH3 (on .5 firmware). I am really looking forward your observations. Have fun!

  • Finally we get a review from a true professional. Thanks @driftwood, looking forward to read what you have to say. Have fun!!

  • @Driftwood Just for fun, can you rig your GH2 with latest hack at same exposure and other settings, so we have a nice baseline for comparison, and try the usual suspects, i.e., moire, aliasing, rolling shutter, noise, water torture, etc. Which of your many hacks would you think might offer the best comparison?

  • @driftwood

    We all hope for serious approach :-)

  • If we could get comparison footage from say GH2 (Sedna or Canis Majoris Night) vs GH3, this will be a real eye opener and Panasonic should be very very scared. Yes the GH3 has some nice features, but as a filmmaker, all I'm interested in is the best picture for composition, and the best picture for color grading after. The other features are more like nice gimmicks, yes wifi monitoring with an Ipad is a cool function but I'd much rather have a high quality image.

  • @driftwood

    I have the Gh3 in my hands for the day in Brighton. :-)

    I like the sound of that.

    Have fun and let us know what you like and don't like. Thank for your efforts.

  • @driftwood Please try iAuto with 1080 50i mode ;) No. seriously: looking forward to your analysis!

  • @driftwood you are under pressure now for our pleasure :-)

  • @driftwood you are under pressure now for our pleasure :-)

    best coment.

  • 2 years of sacrifices, 2 years of hard work from the japanese in the hands of ...driftwood :-)

  • I hope the aliasing was worth the wait...

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