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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • GH2 rules - or am I blind? I see mudddy colours with GH3, lesser sharpness and not a bit more dynamic range. In all clips I have seen so far. I do not think, that any finalized firmware will make things better.

  • There has been a lot about this on this thread and other threads too. I agree anyway, nothing I have seen on the GH3 so far lights my fire right now, that may change I guess....... we will see. I posted a recent clip I filmed with the GH2 here...its not as pure as the magnifico clip cause its a music vid with a fair amount of effects and postwork, but if you watch or download it in 1080P then some of the outside shots are quite nice. Shot with Quantam 100 and the guitar solo shot with AN Boom


  • @Driftwood Is there anything you can share of your GH3 experience from Thursday besides the audio pictures (GH2 vs. GH3) that you posted?

  • Very very nice gh3 shots are slowly popping out. The resolution just above me is mad and his previous train video has a fabulous dynamic range, colors and detail. Drastically improved over the gh2!

    It'd be safe to assume that as more and more quality footage comes out and unveils the real gh3 potential, the moans will come to an end. :) Still waiting for the cameras to start shipping and order mine!

  • I just read in certain forum blog that in the last firmware all the creative profiles are gone like "High Dynamic profile". All but standard/vivid/natural/monochrome/scenery/portrait/custom.

    Can anyone please confirm this? If that's the case i'm cancelling my pre-order... Thanks.

  • @under1979 - how do you know how these new picture profiles aren't an improvement without trying them out?

  • @mrbill

    I don't but from what i heard so far there are no significant difference between -5(x4) and 0. And i still don't know why Panny insist in "wide dynamic sensor" thing when (personally) i haven't seen any over GH2 improvements regarding this until date. ... Any thoughts?

  • Let us wait for tests and direct comparisons of a hacked GH2 and the GH3 and not speculations with not knowing anything about the settings in an unfinished firmware.

  • @aked Agree! I could look up a whole raft of GH2 videos and say "that looks awful".

    Side by side comparison will tell the full story in time.

    In any case, regardless of whether it is better or not, I will be getting it simply for 1080 50p 50mbps, sounds strange but that is what I need for my workflow.

  • from this video (GH2-hacked VK "Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now - Nebula' 6 GOP Settings"):

    you can download one piece here (original .mts from camera):

    To be compared with this video (but we need original .mov directly from camera):

  • Ok, regarding this: I'm officially out of preorder. Let's see what's coming next on other hands...

  • @under1979 - "This video is removed by the user."

  • @RatLabProductions - Well, the reduced moare & aliasing was the reason to get me interessted in m43 in the first place. Yes, I know there will be compromises regarding the performance/price point. Still I'l be more happy if the GH3 had a 8 or 10 megapixel sensor and full videoresolution read out instead of artifacts cased by binning, sub optimal optical low pass filter for video, sub optimal LSI processing or whatever. Thankfully I shot mostly stuff underwater and will probably not encounter much fine detail likely to cause such artifacs, and the higher bitrate is a very tempting feature of the GH3 alog with many other nice improvemnets. Still, I think you are entitled to have expecations to get a GH2 sucessor with improved feature across the complete set...

  • @EspenB

    If the GH3 had those features it wouldn't be a hybrid stills camera. What you are expecting from Panasonic is an AF100 successor not a hybrid camera for under $1500.

    I agree its a shame that we see some things pop up in images we have seen but they aren't a deal breaker for me at least. the moire is very slight. I can deal with that and welcome the improved stills performance.

    As it stands right now the GH3 has the best combined stills/video performance for the dollar period. The GH3 improves on every single aspect of the GH2 except 2 areas (aliasing/moire) and even then it is better than almost all other competitors out there in that area also (I love those who are upset with the GH3 moire but want to move to a D800 for twice the price and more moire). If slight aliasing and non colour moire are deal breakers then that makes sense for you to pass I get that. I guess I'm a glass half full kind of guy (and not disappointed that the glass isn't a pitcher)

  • I haven't seen much difference in my own tests with GH2 v GH3 regarding moire. Its not better nor any worse. Hopefully this Thursday I get to see another GH3 sample when Im in Bracknell.

  • Color Profiles.

  • Lumix GH3 vs Olympus E-PL5 : 100 % crop comparaison in different iso levels

    look like E-PL5 have good resolution in the iso 400

    (The looklife green ball) have better lines in iso 6400 Now i'm really confuse :S (GH3 is better in iso 1600)

    Why the GH3 don't have purple lines? (see iso 200 first) out of focus? Bad colours?

    EM-5 is say to be better than e-pl5 in moire and have more better DR and color depth, could just be a bad comparaison.... (EM-5 got beat up by GH3 in ephotozine review)

  • Hi everyone,

    I found this moire test with GH3, you may be interested...


    My conclusion so far is that Gh3 is a little bite sharper than Gh2 but it gets until now a little bit more moire. Sorry to disappoint you, but GH2 also has moire, every digital camera has moire to a more or less degree. The conclusion that GH3 is less sharper in video mode compered to GH2 is because everybody dialed the sharpness to minimum, with may not be the best option.

    I find this camera very interesting, compared to my DSLR's and I will buy two pieces in the spring.

  • @Eno Please resend the complete URL. This, with the ... in the middle does not show any results.

  • I am starting to ask myself if they did not remove some of the picture profile in Video. They had a suppose hi-dynamic mode that is suppose to be the flattest mode. Have they removed it!!!!!!!!! Are they that stupid that even if they don't provide some log base profile and that they don't give you a way to do your own like Canon and Nikon; they decide to remove some of their profiles. Damn if it is true, if this camera does not show a good improvement in DR, I think I will loose a lot of interest in it.

    If it is confirmed, I think that Panasonic is really starting to be out of touch. That the success of the gh2 in video is such that they can just slap a sticker on any camera and that a people will buy it.

  • Well, since the GH3 is using some sort of Sony sourced sensor - like the Oly EM5 - I expect it to boost significant improvement over the GH2. The DxOMark for the GH2 sensor is an overall score of 60, the sony Sony sensor in the EM5 scored 71 overall.

  • Here is the link location again: I hope it works, of not I will try we transfer.

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