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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @Manu4Vendetta What I think disturbss, that you hear the wheel click all the time when something is changed. I noticed that when I played with the GH3 at the Photokina already.

    When you are in shutter priority, is the change of the apertures smooth or in steps like in the GH2?

  • @AKED I hear the wheel click on my gh2 when I change settings whilst recording. I dont think its a big deal. an external mic will fix that. it appears that they have gotten rid of the external stereo mics and gone in body pin hole.

    @driftwood Thanks. Do you notice any improvement with your ears on the gh3 AGC? Lower ambient noise? It appears to have more audio controls like custom profiles (onboard or shotgun) going by that camera store video review. Quite interesting hack wise

  • ouch....guess im gonna have to do a grey import just like my other gh's and hope for a language patch soon. $399 for battery grip...double ouch

  • @MRfanny Yes, it is also a little there in the GH2, but much more and louder in the GH3. Also, I do not always use an external mic.

  • I was thinking of selling my GH2 and saving to go for a full frame camera such as the D800, but man alive, the specs on the GH3 seem to make it really good value for money without any considerable sacrifices. Sure, it probably won't have the Depth of Field a FF will have, but if the low light performance and the focus system are nearly as good as the D800 or 5D mk III, then I'm going for the GH3. And an official battery grip is exactly what I was longing for on the GH2 because it feels too small for my hands.

    And the new lenses such as the 12-35mm f2.8 look delicious and light (o.O)

  • nasty moire at 0:38

  • @amateur, is this new video shot with the 12-35mm? If it's yet another video with that lens then i'm not going to get too put off by it. Until we see a lot more video that is shot with other lenses, I think we can agree that the 12-35/GH3 combo will certainly give you some sporadic Moire. Other than that one spot everything else looked OK. Tho i'm not in love with the overall look of the video anyway. Was that shot in 1080/60p?

    It's always so hard to really judge these brief vids. We often don't get any info on the settings used. Also trade show lights are murder for getting good image. Just too much going on. I much prefer the video done by "The Camera Store".

  • @aria 1080p 23.976fps

    is this new video shot with the 12-35mm? : Yupp, look at the video's tittle ^^'

    Actually i really like Manu4vendetta's video posted on page 23 in the end it is a 60p with 50mbps, i think i'm going to use that setting much over all ones (and convert it to 720p if it is not hacked)

  • The footage from that expo show shows me that there are many things that ENG cameras with knee controls do way better. Being able to adjust the linearity of the luminance response of the camera beyond the choosing a picture profile might be an idea. As an exercise - is there a picture profile on the GH3 that would have done a better job with this type of material?

  • Well, Manu4Vendetta you are faster than even me at posting my own test ! So what do I think about the GH3 ? Having the GH3 in my hand felt really good and solid. The original file looks much better. First of all, this kind of exhibition is definitely not the best place to test a video camera as this one. Color & light balance are impossible to hold properly anyway. The GH3/ 12-35mm is a very good combo, AF is very fast but it's really sharp and doesn't seem to work on all kind of subject. There is so much new settings and parameters that it will require a lot of test in REALLY good condition with more cinematic lenses to get the best of the GH3. I know a lot of people here won't like it. Those who saw my videos knows that I am a "GH2 guy". But right now, I am confident and not disappointed... Again I think that in good condition and we'll find a way to get the best of this camera.

  • Due to the fact I am seriously considering importing the GH3 from one of the European sites (I live in the UK), this will perhaps be a very stupid question with an obvious answer, but I wasn't able to find any information else where.

    Will I be able to select English as a language on the model i receive?

    Other option is to import from USA but I am concerned about working with 60p as everything else I use is 50p. Can 60p be inserted into a 50p timeline with no issues?

    Any help would be great

  • In my german bougth GH2 I can change the language to english. So I would think, it will be the same with the GH3.

    Do not use NTSC in PAL country. Especially with some lights, that use a 50 hz frequency, you will get some problems when filming with 60p.

  • Great stuff.

    Forgot about the 50hz thing, filming at 60p with a shutter speed of 50 will look terrible. Cheers!

  • @Ciclismo What do you mean? FF, APS-C and MFT sensors are so different, each has its advantages in the different situations. Before your decision consider which lenses do you already own as well as do you need your gear only for videos or also for stills.

  • @tetakpatak I currently don't own much in respect to noteworthy lenses, apart from the 20mm f1.7, so I am in the fortunate positon to not have to make decisons with legacy considerations. I tend to do some, but not much, video. We go on a lot of day trips, and the camera is a constant accompaniement, so the m43 has a massive advantage in that it is nowhere as heavy or obtrusive, another big bonus in my opinion when in crowds. The only thing that that I currently miss is the low light advantage from FF (having recently used the 5d MKIII for some stills at Oktoberfest).

    Quick comparison:

    D800, with 24-35mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8 = 3.5kg, at €5400

    GH3, with 12-35mm f2.8, 35-100mm f2.8, = 1.3kg, at €3300

    So are the benefits of a D800 worth €2000 and 2kg more? Especially because this is a hobby for me, not a profession. At this stage, I am leaning towards the GH3, unless I can find convincing metric arguments for the additional investment in FF.

  • @ciclismo there is the weight of the lenses but also the size, i can imagine the fulframe package to be considerably bigger. As for low light, with the extra 2000 you have the extra money to buy some exceptional fast lenses! (I'm thinking fast primes).

    I was never really enthousiastic about my gh2 when it came to stills,but then i bought a few decent lenses and i'm happy as ever. (I can actually go out with only my 25mm not needing a zoom and be happy with the results)

    I like to go backpacking and not having to haul the extra 2kg and save 2000 is a huge plus. Even on short hikes i found my canon 400d+2 lenses way too heavy.

    Question is: is the difference in lowlight performance worth the extra 2kg and 2000 euro...

  • Sorry about that Vitaliy, wont happen again!

  • On topic: gh3 can be ordered in netherlands with 14-140mm lens for about 1691 euro (incl vat), at , 2199 incl vat for 12-35mm kit at cameratools, i believe 1130 incl vat body only

  • GH2, same place (Paris) :

  • @magnifico Many know that im not a GH2 fanboy (prefer my Nex) but got to say that footage looks better than the GH3 ones ive seen at the show.

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