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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • What is known of the GH2 subsampling down to 1920*1080 resolution? Does the GH2 sensor also use binning?

  • GH3 beats nex-7 with no doubt and very close to Fuji' x100

    what's your toughts?

    1100 x 894 - 1M
  • My thoughts? Id buy a Fuji x100 or Nex 7 over the GH3 for photography In fact I could buy BOTH for the same price as the GH3 looking at UK ripoff prices! :-D

  • Maybe the new AF105 is the reason why the GH3 outputs only 8bit 4:2:0.....

    Link replaced. VK.

  • @Tobsen It looks like only a firmware upgrade for the AF100, which signals this cam's last hurrah and likely something entirely new will come out in less than 6 months (NAB). I would say if they can juice the AF100 from 8bit 4:2:2 over SDI to 10bit 4:2:2 with just a firmware change, it is entirely possible that the GH3 could see an upgrade to 4:2:2 output (8 or 10 bit) after the (4K 4:4:4?) AF100 replacement is announced. Not saying it will happen for sure, but it may at least be possible.

  • @Tron according to the panny engineer the reason for 4:2:0 output was hardware limitations..

  • @Tron that would be great if they could juice up the GH3 as well, but as @RRRR said, might not be possible. I still got some hope that Panny could positively surprise us at some point. Like the Varicam with large sensor and crop mode for MFT. But till then, lets hope the release firmware of the GH3 looks more promising.

  • That may be the case, however Canon said their output could not be 'clean' or higher than 720P due to hardware limitations, but to everyone's surprise they have announced new firmware for clean 4:2:2 at 1080P (after magic lantern reveals it's possible). It looks like AF100 engineers and PR people said the same thing about 10 bit not being possible on the AVCCAM, only to later install it in firmware when they needed a sales boost at the end of the camera's lifecycle.

    "She repeatedly said that it would cost many thousand more to implement a 10 bit codec or 10 bit hdsdi output to the Af-100."

  • Since its November I'm surprised we haven't seen more official reviews form Bloom and the lot. Driftwood said he was getting to play last week but we haven't heard anything back from that. I think the thirst for a proper review and some charts is so large its causing everyone to get crazy with the speculations.

  • @RatLabProductions

    Just calm down. All will be ok. You'll see reviews, etc.

  • The firmware hasn't finalized yet. The longer they take, the better :)

  • GH3 with almost all lens in every positions, size comparaiason with some MFT cameras, size with grip and no grip and more (Just click!) :

    @Mimirsan i you have the idea to buy them two you could have photography plus video in GH3 simply :D

  • @stonebat Ever heard the phrase "you can't polish a turd"? :-)

    Just kiddin'

  • does the g5 utilize the same sensor engine - venus 7 fhd - as gh3 but w/less advanced firmware (28 max ipb only bitrate)? if so, does this mean we can expect, in a general sense, similar video quality?

  • @iTimjim. Actually, mythbusters have shown that you can really polish a turd... :-)

  • @stonebat

    The firmware hasn't finalized yet. The longer they take, the better :)


  • @stonebat @mpgxsvcd

    Previously we compared a pre-production Panasonic Lumix GH3 vs the Olympus OM-D E-M5, with video comparisons, (then we compared a final image quality version) of the Panasonic Lumix GH3 and the Olympus OM-D E-M5, with low light sample video.

    Source?: Ephotozine

    So you guy are saying that when we will have it on our hands i will have another firmware than the 0.5? so they just did a firmware for bloggers?

  • Sounds like 10steps forward for me and 1step back (moire, although all evidence links that to sharp lumix lenses). Also he mentioned HDMI was 422 output.... interesting although I wont b needing that anyway. I look forward to what this cam may be in the future when I feel like upgrading, especially if it gets 120fps/peaking/flat profile and maybe some interesting app development and VK has his way with it.

  • Uematsu-san replied that the only surefire way to reduce moire was to read-out all pixels and oversample. He said it was preferable to reduce the pixel count to 4K (8MP). 10MP was also a good number

    i don't understand scan 10 to 8MP and downscale it to 1080p or scan the whole sensa and reduce it to 4k ?

    Now for better news – the GH3 maintains the insane resolution of the GH2 in video mode. This aspect of the image in 1080p is well up there with the best 1080p cinema cameras costing many times more. It resolves more than the Sony FS100 and has a better internal codec especially in 1080/60p (with nearly double the bitrate). It resolves as much detail as the $15,000 Canon C300 and at a higher bitrate in 24p


  • In the actual state of the camera, moire its present by two reasons:

    1.- There is a reduced AAF 2.- Pixel bining will be diferent via sensor, its not that fast reading all photosites like GH2.

    Those two items tell enough to know there will be an issue with moire. If panasonic implements a harder AAF, maybe we could see some improvement. I think we can live with that.

    One of the parts that GH2 exels was in plants, foliage, grass, wide shots, now those will be harder times with GH3.

  • @amateur

    I removed Voldemort link due to heavy speculations and inaccuracy present in it.


    There is a reduced AAF

    It's cut frequency is tuned to photo resolution.

    Pixel bining will be different via sensor, its not that fast reading all photosites like GH2

    Not entirely.

    If you look at the sensor tech, both statements are not really accurate.
    GH3 sensor is faster than GH2 (or any other m43 camera prior it) and photo AAF not really affect video much.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev About the sensor, was the same thing i read first, that its currently faster than other m43 sensors, but voldemort news make me wonder about new bining inside sensor. You cant deny GH3 looks diferent, and about that quality vs speed coment sound rasonable.

    The real issue here is Panasonic not making any deep information about their sensor. Much could be tell.

  • No one is providing deep information :-) Except some scientific sensors.

    As for binning - it is all speculation, until we'll see sensor and LSI documentation we do not know how exactly it works. Thing I am sure is that it does not skip lines, or anything like that.

  • IMO, from the footage I´ve seen.. the gh3 resolves less than the gh2, c300, fs100 a.s.o

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