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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • @kurth

    You mean that you wanted most advanced ever human greated virus to not account for antibodies issue?

  • @Vitaliy....I don't know what I mean ...or what I know. I don't understand any of it !

  • does anyone know what's really happening ? ....

    Well, big money are at stake and also lot of new control methods (remember - Microsoft is one of core developers of tracking software).

    I think we will soon hear lot of horrors about HCQ again.

    I clearly see how main media now reversed gear and do all in their power to increase number of sick people.

    So, not only media all across the world are against HCQ, they are also against proper masks mode. No, not directly, but results are already bad.

    Original longer articles are at

    Thing that we see now is just beginning of the next global total war - war of corporations and people who are their screws (and who are screwed by this crops) and new emerging society where people who like their work and who can look around themselfs and think are forming new society.

  • During the Lockdown regime, cancer screening and treatment was put on hold. Cancer Research UK estimate that 290,000 people have missed cancer follow ups, indicating that around 20,000 current cancer sufferers, who would otherwise have been detected, remain without a diagnosis in the UK. They state that 2.1 million people have missed screening appointment, potentially at the cost of another 3,800 lives. The impact upon cancer survival rates alone has been devastating.

    In London the mean ambulance response time increased by 43 minutes.

    Here it is all much worse. Ambulance response can be up to 2 days sometimes (for coronavirus guys) :-) As almost all of them stand with coronavirus patients waiting to make CT scan.

  • hydroxy anomaly is India, who has widely adopted it's use, yet still has record number of deaths. Obviously it's not the sure cure we all hoped at the start. I'm still taking it once a month as a prophylactic btw....but w/o much faith in it's efficacy. I think what we're seeing is a breakdown in our faith, since science is our religion, and science has betrayed us.

  • Germany, Bismark monument will be removed in next few days after being colored in red, new Lenin monument is open



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  • US anthem lyrics author monument is gone


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  • @kurth India has a low per capita death. Any statistical study uses normalized pop groups.

  • Dammm. They keep on going the red way.

    It’s not good it’s not bad it’s change.

  • They destroy their history while they charge their iphones. Violence is what people do when they're incapable of doing anything else. It's going to get worse. We're having a civilization wide existential crisis. A new paradigm is coming. All of our governments and all of our knowledge have not served us. We're jumping out of the plane. Grab your parachutes.

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  • @kurth

    Masses are becoming key player. They are not too expirienced with it for now, and ruling class try not to provoke them by feeding them something not very dangerous and keeping race as main focus.

    But with good teachers and organization they will learn.

    One thing that you ignore is that ruling class constantly learns.

    For example, 1905 happened not because ruling class had been fools, quite reverse


    They had big meeting and top advisers told to tzar to leave capital (instead of staying as people expected) and reject getting people demands (very loyal ones!). As during France revolution staying and getting similar demands ended ver bad for person who did it.

    So, ruling class always try to learn past lessons (but it dows not mean that new problems can be solved such way).

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  • @Vitaliy....The ruling class has lost control. Their paradigm has failed. The masses are flailing blind. Their gods are dying. Only a miracle can save them. Last time this happened was the collapse of the roman empire.

  • @kurth " I think what we're seeing is a breakdown in our faith, since science is our religion, and science has betrayed us. " I fully agree. Long ago i discovered that since its a religion the most advanced one but still a religion. The academy it's a great pillar for the darkness the world is in.

  • @kurth

    All this idea to attach collaps of Roman empire to modern time thingy that Austrian guys are running with in circles is pretty dumb.

    Same stupid guys also add to this that USSR collaped because oil ended (only total moron could do this).

    Idea with collapse is very attractive to people who want to go back into regress, as they are afraid of any progress they make some for of self pleasing narcotics - talks about collapses.

  • @Vitaliy ....the idea of collapse isn't attractive to anyone. Those theorizing about a collapse would be in a protected economic and intellectual position, therefore aware of what they stand to lose, and everybody else, who are just living day to day, would be in an even worse state. Collapse is far more complicated than just economics. It's a paradigm change on multiple levels, symbolized by the creation of a new religion. The Ghost Dance and Cargo Cults are well known examples, along with Christianity during the fall of Rome. It's the cultural inability to process events using the accepted models that are accepted pillars of society. The fact is 100% of world governments, including their UNified body, and all of their scientific institutions, from educational to investigative, have failed to provide people understanding and protection. But not only. They have actually exacerbated the crisis with obvious false information, and even precipitated the crisis itself with the practice of their religion thru so called scientific research....if you could call improving gain of function of a killer virus, scientific research. Chaos is the result. Looks like we're on that slippery slope. They might have a year for their model ( of religion) to save us before it reaches critical. That's obviously why a vaccine is so important. If history doesn't repeat itself, it certainly offers fresh material for metaphors.

  • @kurth It seems to me like it was a joke at first, then this pandemic punched through all countries and all religions. The sickening is real, but the data seems to be extrapolated, twisted facts. Reality from my perspective hasn’t been so real lately, searching all day for what move on next and trying to understand the complex and constant truth.

    Colapse will happen, if not in this year we’ll may be next, everyone saw it coming. I’m really worried cos I have family over there very close ones. I’m not trying to be fatalistic, but the transcendence of those statues drop downs and all the boiling in socialmedia and news, it’s not going down any near. There is a emerging new generation of not that profound thinkers that haven’t struggle that much, that survives in lattes and twitter keyboard warriors, influencing the dynamics of information constantly. Without even really knowing what’s really going on arround them.

    To young and too aggressive, but already influenced by a trend thats not only real but it’s against the system and seems to be a domino of stupidity collapsing one to other not knowing that they are gonna destroy the last chance of freedom in those stupid acts. What really got me worried on, how willing to die is people protesting and making the “move” with no liders, no “apparent” plan.

    There is a big daddy behind this.. pushing to see what happens if I ....

  • @kurth

    The fact is 100% of world governments, including their UNified body, and all of their scientific institutions, from educational to investigative, have failed to provide people understanding and protection.

    As you are not on using class based approach it is turning into such conclusions.

    Goverments in capitalist country have no intention to "provide people understanding and protection". YOu just had illusion.

    Constant push of apocalyptic themes in films, games and so on is not random - it is that ruling class actually feels, issue is that it is destiny of ruling class not humanity.

  • New research offers a glimpse into struggling households, discovers out of the 2,000 American homeowners polled, over half (52%) of respondents say they’re routinely worried about making future mortgage payments and nearly half (47%) considered selling their home because of the inability to service mortgage payments.

    The study, conducted by OnePoll and the National Association of Realtors, determined 81% of respondents had experienced unexpected financial stress due to the virus-induced recession. Over half (56%) reduced spending so they could service mortgage payments.

  • If many people never develop an antibody, that effectively means that they can be carriers, over and over and over again. I just don't think this thing will end until everyone gets it. This will come around every year like the flue. It's only logical.

  • I’m telling you. This virus was release about a year ago.

  • Issue with antibodies tests

    14-15% seems to be some mgaci number here, especially in Mordor. First strange test in Aptil showed this number, much much later tests in Moscow showed same number, some unknown published tests in regions showed also same numbers. Even Germany tests showed too similar numbers.

    Issue can be either with very unspecific test that picks up antibodies to completely different viruses. Or it just have 13-15% false positive rate (quite normal for such tests to have 5-10% false positive rates, btw). And here all business is also very interested to have this number quite hight.