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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  •, but that really happens ...what a world !

  • Issue with antibodies

    Researchers behind the non-peer-reviewed paper ran antibody tests on samples from hospital workers who were exposed to infected patients at early stage of outbreak. Only 4 per cent of 23,000 had antibodies – but they estimated at least 25 per cent could have contracted the disease.

    Humans may never develop immunity against Covid-19, according to new research on antibodies by Chinese and American scientists.

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  • Beijing goes into total lockdown, all air flights cancelled.

  • Chinese authorities believe that Beijing SARS is new strain with some generic differencies to previous, it can be one of the strains that will lead second wave.

  • "what do we know about the novel coronavirus" ? ....just a little more than nothin' ! This article is a month old but I don't think we know more a month later. . First they said there were 2 strains....L & S. Then they said they've discovered over 30 different strains. The illness manifests itself in myriad symptoms and forms...from apparently no symptoms at all, to dying before they hit the ground 30 minutes after the first symptoms. It affects the brain, the lungs, and even the toes. Whoever said it couldn't be a bioweapon didn't know much.


    Masks wearing rules can be main difference between Trump and other camp this year.

    California reported a record number of new coronavirus cases Wednesday, eclipsing 4,000 new cases in a single day for the first time, according to county data compiled by The Chronicle.

    County health departments reported 4,233 new cases as of Wednesday night with nearly all counties reporting. The state’s previous single-day high was 3,683 cases last Friday.

    The rise in new virus cases comes as many areas of the state ease social restrictions and reopen sectors of the economy. All but five counties - including four in the Bay Area - have received state approval to advance into Stage 3 of California’s reopening plan, where services like indoor dining, fitness centers and hotels can begin to reopen and gatherings can involve more people.

    Who could have thought that strategy to hid in the house while bear will pass won't work with virus.

  • @kurth

    In reality we know same amount of things about lot of very old viruses and bacteria.

    We have lot of "research" and written "scientific papers", but 80-90% of them is just plain fantasies or copypaste or something like this, made to have necessary ticks in performance reports or grant reports.

    Remaining 10-20% usually can't be rechecked by independent researches. :-)

  • Note that all main countries tracing apps foundation is made by Apple, Google or Microsoft.

    Some countries are making interface parts, and some only change few text lines (big corps made all, just silently).

    With upcoming second wave it is expected that you will need such app on your smartphone working 24/7.

  • Wtf!!!! It’s not justified but I think Soros and gates must be very happy seeing all this.

    What strikes me is the ignorance from the people, for this battle, it’s very broad range of facts for them. I’ve seen, seems to be no líder, all is social media call to action but who is giving the orders and the money and the coordination is there is no líder.

    but a very deep messages such as tear down the police and other messages that are well thought after. The main subject here is like Floyd was the last drop that flowed The Valley.

    To me I see it as an excuse to move sh&t before elections

  • Please to start civil war press 2

    Anti trump people : 2, click.

  • unfortunately common sense and education is not in the DNA of the 45 and under age group in the states, this country is going down , and going down hard.

  • @sammy...haha...and so if you think americans over 45 are any smarter, then why did they let the usa murder a half million Iraqis based on lies and propaganda ?

  • Kurth be like

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  • Mordor news


    Only Moscow has the cases dropping.

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  • @endotoxic....thanks, that's a pretty good likeness. Might be able to use it for a covid passport.

  • World dynamics in last days


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  • Dark spots matter

    The Neutrogena and Clean & Clear products, which were advertised as dark-spot reducers and were sold in Asia and the Middle East, will soon come off the shelves, the manufacturer said.

  • Apple will re-close some stores in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Arizona due to coronavirus spikes.

    More stores are expected to close after WWDC.

  • Half truths half lies