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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Wee all knew about the chem trails, this just makes it more approachable to a actuall reality. I don’t doubt that those planes make this.

    When All this finishes we will be an extension of China’s technocratic fascism

  • No chemtrails are mentioned in that article...and is easily dismissed by the evidence that ebola hasn't broken out on some other continent. The stat for being outside and contracting corona is less than 1% of infections are made outside in aire libre. Imagine if that friggin virus has traveled in the upper stratosphere, crossing oceans, to make me sick. That's something I can't waste time believing.

  • Global car sales


    2019 had been very strange year, especially in India.

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  • Effects of demonetisation. It fucked the economy.

  • @zcream

    No, it is not.

    Issues in Chinese and Indian markets are fundamental and related to resources limits.

  • Social transferts now play very big role in US citizens income


    YoY real income changes if we remove social payments


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  • The war continues

    The Food and Drug Administration is withdrawing emergency authorization for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as treatments for COVID-19, the agency announced today. Recent clinical trials showed that the drugs were not effective against the disease.

  • @Vitaliy Who are involved? Trump himself or Rich-Poor group?

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  • @tinbeo

    I mean long war on hydroxychloroquine. It does not fit any country or any big commercial group, as you can't make good profits.

  • Chinese public health officials on Tuesday morning reported 40 new cases across the country, with more than half of them in Beijing.

    Texas set its 4th-consecutive record for people hospitalized with the virus.


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  • Orlando


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  • As far as I understand it is big pharma project - to throw small bone

    Dexamethasone reduced the 28-day mortality rate by 17% (0.83 [0.74 to 0.92]; P=0.0007) with a highly significant trend showing greatest benefit among those patients requiring ventilation (test for trend p<0.001). But it is important to recognise that we found no evidence of benefit for patients who did not require oxygen and we did not study patients outside the hospital setting.

  • France

    800,000 jobs will be cut by the end of the year announced Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy.

  • Capitalists are silently restoring air transportation industry

    It is already performing 118 thousands flights compared to 181 before coronavirus and restoration is fast.

    Instructions in almost all countries now is to not pay attention to possible coronavirus cases and open no matter that.


    United and American Airlines said Monday that they will temporarily ban passengers who don’t comply with a new industry-wide mandatory mask policy that goes into effect this week.

    The new policy announced this week by industry trade organization Airlines for America covers United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest, and JetBlue. Face coverings will now be required on all these companies’ domestic flights

    This guys do everything for money.

  • @Vitaliy...don't you need to give yourself a warning for straying off topic ?

  • @kurth

    I am on topic, as coronavirus and all this protests are one thing. I try to limit al much as possible posts on this.

    meds for people really in bad shape...

    I referenced dexamethasone thing above. Seems for me like some timed thing.

    WHy this guys did not try it WELL before this? As it had been clear candidate for exactly this cases.

    It can actually be masked attempt to get out of responsibility.

  • @Vitaliy....executing by chemical injection is a message they've been sending for a while. Related to coronavirus? mean like the whole universe is an interacting web of possibilities ? ...maybe. But as a message, executing child killers still doesn't compare to the ruling class chopping off your head with a scimitar for making a post on fb.

  • @Vitaliy....and this is funny. if a drug to be used ( i.e. dexamethasone) on critically ill patients wouldn't be under medical supervision?

  • chopping off your head with a scimitar for making a post on fb.


  • @kurth

    All this WHO and related guidance seems to more like guidance how to accidently not to cure patients.

  • Recovery coming

    AT&T will lay off more than 3,400 technicians and clerical workers, along with managers and executives.

    AT&T will also close more than 250 AT&T Mobility and Cricket Wireless stores. Around 1,300 retail staff will be affected.

  • @Vitaliy...I trust WHO as far as I can throw them. And really...going even farther....why trust any doctor , without she, or he providing some example they're competent. The medical field as a whole haven't really done anything to gain anyone's trust terms of demonstrating a cure.