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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Very early stages my friend. At this point we can safely say, 1 of 4 will die in future from covid complications. Post covid or vaccines complications.

  • Complications are widespread

    In 20-30% of those who have had a coronavirus infection, thrombosis may occur as part of the postcoid syndrome. This is stated in the memo (.pdf) of the Ministry of Health on the prevention of complications after COVID-19 disease.

    Among other serious complications after the illness, the department attributed dyspnea (it is observed in 31.7% of those who had recovered), cough (13.5%), complaints of chest pain and tachycardia (12.7%).

    The above symptoms may indicate disturbances in the functioning of the patient's cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the Ministry of Health said. There are other symptoms that are less common, but they can lead to complications, the department warned.

    We are only in very early stages.

  • UK situation


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  • @firstbase

    All I see is guy trying to using strange logic, never using any statistics and he should. He is also 100% interested to blame vaccines as his main income last year had been treating COVID using his own approach.

    Interesting part is about spike protein and blood clots.

  • Highly respected medical expert Dr. Peter McCullough reveals the horrific effects of the so-called "vaccines".

  • UK chief scientific advisor Patrick Vallance stated that roughly 60% of people being admitted to hospitals in the UK have already received two vaccine doses. Top health authorities in Israel have arrived at a similar conclusion, warning that the Pfizer jab is only 64% effective.

  • US and Delta

    During a White House briefing, Rochelle Walenski, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the average number of coronavirus infections in seven days rose by almost 70 percent in just one week, to about 26,300 cases per day. The average seven-day hospitalization period also increased by about 36 percent over the previous seven-day period.

  • Vaccines are not stopping Delta from spreading at all


    UK dynamics.

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  • People in France who enter a bar or restaurant without a COVID pass face 6 months in jail, while business owners who fail to check their status face a 1 year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.

    New laws coming.

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  • A group of scientists from the Center for Cancer Research in Seattle (USA) have discovered an antibody that is able to fight various coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV2. The research results are published in the journal Nature.

    Biochemists have studied 12 antibodies that were derived from people who had been infected by various forms of coronavirus. The authors of the study compiled a list of thousands of mutations in the binding domains of various variants of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses belonging to the sarbecovirus group. Among them, one was identified - S2H97 - capable of attaching to the binding domains of all sarbecoviruses, neutralizing their effect in living cells. Experts have called it "supernatural" because of its versatility.

    And yet we don't have any mentioning of such cure development (if you exclude one that Mordor prepares).

  • The head of the World Health Organization acknowledged it was premature to rule out a potential link between the COVID-19 pandemic and a laboratory leak, and he said Thursday he is asking China to be more transparent as scientists search for the origins of the coronavirus.

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said getting access to raw data had been a challenge for the international team that traveled to China earlier this year to investigate the source of COVID-19.

    U.N. health agency based in Geneva is “asking actually China to be transparent, open and cooperate, especially on the information, raw data that we asked for at the early days of the pandemic.”

    There had been a “premature push” to rule out the theory that the virus might have escaped from a Chinese government lab in Wuhan - undermining WHO’s own March report, which concluded that a laboratory leak was “extremely unlikely.”

    “I was a lab technician myself, I’m an immunologist, and I have worked in the lab, and lab accidents happen,” Tedros said. “It’s common.”

    China will be blamed, 100% now.

  • It's starting to sound like the plot to the Amazon series Utopia in here. I should add a remake of a 2013 British series.

  • Mordor news

    Now cameras record not only traffic violations, but also violations of the mask regime by bus and taxi drivers.

    According to Valentin Kushnikov, head of the control department of the Ministry of Regional Security, in Omsk, since last week, the Potok-plus system has been activated within the framework of the Safe City program.

  • The genetic makeup of an individual contributes to susceptibility and response to viral infection. While environmental, clinical and social factors play a role in exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease severity1,2, host genetics may also be important. Identifying host-specific genetic factors may reveal biological mechanisms of therapeutic relevance and clarify causal relationships of modifiable environmental risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection and outcomes. We formed a global network of researchers to investigate the role of human genetics in SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 severity. We describe the results of three genome-wide association meta-analyses comprised of up to 49,562 COVID-19 patients from 46 studies across 19 countries. We reported 13 genome-wide significant loci that are associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection or severe manifestations of COVID-19. Several of these loci correspond to previously documented associations to lung or autoimmune and inflammatory diseases3–7. They also represent potentially actionable mechanisms in response to infection. Mendelian Randomization analyses support a causal role for smoking and body mass index for severe COVID-19 although not for type II diabetes. The identification of novel host genetic factors associated with COVID-19, with unprecedented speed, was made possible by the community of human genetic researchers coming together to prioritize sharing of data, results, resources and analytical frameworks. This working model of international collaboration underscores what is possible for future genetic discoveries in emerging pandemics, or indeed for any complex human disease.

  • In January, England broke international agreement when it decided to increase the time between doses of Covid-19 vaccine from the recommended three weeks to 12. This allowed more people to get their first dose faster. It was a gamble that initially worked because it allowed more of the most vulnerable people to gain partial protection faster, and early evidence confirmed that a longer period between two shots was most effective. The government has since shortened the waiting time between two shots in response to the Delta option because two doses provide maximum protection against it.

    Two shots is also very interesting thing. In vector vaccines at least they explain it that you can have antibodies for one of the used viruses. For mRNA vaccines explanation is much more vague.

    I think that two vaccines shots are required because final stage (not now) will involve some kind of binary virus, that will be 100% safe in each vaccine, but combined it produced antibodies that attack female eggs killing them in less than 24 hours. And two vaccines are required exactly for speed and inevitability, as people will have tons of antibodies already in your body.

  • A sanitary pass indicating a vaccination or a negative test result for COVID-19 will become mandatory in France from August to visit bars, restaurants, as well as when boarding a train or plane, said President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron.

    "Starting in August, a sanitary pass will be required in cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, nursing homes, as well as on planes, trains and long-distance buses," Macron said in his address to the nation on Monday.

    In addition, from July 21, a sanitary pass will be required when visiting cultural events, concerts, performances, festivals. All visitors over 12 years old will have to provide a sanitary pass, the head of the republic noted.

    All is progressing very fast now.

  • More On Lidocaine

  • As expected

    The Epsilon coronavirus mutation discovered in California has learned to bypass antibodies. Research by scientists at the University of Washington and Vir Biotechnology laboratory is published in the journal Science.

    Experts have found in the new SARS-CoV-2 strain, three changes in critical areas of the spike protein, which the virus uses to link with angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) on the cell surface. One of these mutations affected the receptor-binding site of the coronavirus "thorn".

    The other two remodeled part of the N-terminal domain of the spike protein. Thanks to these metamorphoses, COVID-19 "learned" to neutralize monoclonal antibodies that are produced after vaccination with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

    Spike mutations of the epsilon strain in the same way bypass natural antibodies that arise in humans after infection with a coronavirus infection, scientists say.

    According to experts, the effectiveness of vaccines Moderna and Pfizer in relation to the "California" version of SARS-CoV-2 decreased by 50-70%.

  • The study was conducted from March 25, 2020 to January 24, 2021 by scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in California. It was attended by over 37 thousand people using Fitbit, Apple Watch and other wearable devices. The research was carried out using the MyDataHelps application. Back in October last year, an article was published based on the collected data, according to which combining data from wearable devices and user messages about symptoms provides a more accurate detection of COVID-19 diseases in the early stages than focusing only on symptoms.

    Now scientists have analyzed other data collected during the study and found that wearable devices can tell about the long-term consequences of the coronavirus. It is noted that wearable devices record persistent negative changes in health indicators in patients with COVID-19, including heart rate and sleep indicators.

    Scientists have found that about nine days after the first onset of symptoms, the heart rate of COVID-19 patients decreases. After this decline, which is not seen in people with other medical conditions, the heart rate rises and remains high for several months. It takes about 79 days to normalize the heart rate. Sleep quality and physical activity levels in those who have had coronavirus return to baseline values ​​much more slowly than those who have had other diseases.

  • @Mistas

    Free spike proteins are non-functional, they aren't attached to anything else so while there may be some short term low level competitive inhibition going on, I fail to see any mechanism that would be responsible for detectable downstream cellular changes. These short-lived floating spikes should eventually be metabolized by either the kidney or liver.

    I am not so sure.

    We clearly see huge push for total vaccination, we also saw extreme resistance to any other cure, most such things are banned on all main media and platforms now. This is not usual and normal.

    And only real common thing among vaccines is that all of them produce lot of complete spike proteins.

    Most probably we just don't know that authors of all this know already.

    Personally I think that we still have many steps left before endgame.

    It will be false hopes, celebrations, new tragedies and after this it will be checkmate.

  • Re: spike proteins in circulation binding to receptors - spike on the virus changes shape to latch onto the cell and this leads to a cascade of cellular events to enable the virus to enter the cell. Free spike proteins are non-functional, they aren't attached to anything else so while there may be some short term low level competitive inhibition going on, I fail to see any mechanism that would be responsible for detectable downstream cellular changes. These short-lived floating spikes should eventually be metabolized by either the kidney or liver.

  • Spike protein is 450 base pairs, or 150 AA. Antibody binding domains on the heavy chain are 5 to 15 AA in sequence so there are an almost infinite amount of combinations from the mRNA and DNA vaccines. Even if there are multiple mutations altering sets of base pairs there will still be more than enough viable antibodies. The bigger worry is if there are mutations that change the way the spike protein folds or that change its charge enough to impact antibody activity. There's also T cell competence which is highly variable and is probably the more important factor in the body's ability to ward off a covid infection - problem is that T cell action is very difficult to study and quantify.