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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @Rambo I hope the models you use Cluster on are better looking than the ones I tested it with!

  • @all, is it possible Driftwoods latest patch has made our little camera ahead of the memory card curve? Meaning we will soon need to wait for the faster memory cards to come out before utilizing further patches to their fullest? @Driftwood, I am not implying they can't be fine tuned to work with the high end cards perfectly, just that to truly squeeze every last bit of juice out of this camera we may need a slightly faster card to come along. Edit.. this is all just my hypothesis, but I was curious if Driftwood or someone else could shed any light on whether there is some truth to it.

  • *** Latest News *** Canis Majoris with new matrices built from the ground up to fully support 1080i60/HBR/720p60 and looking good... ;-) All testing conducted on the 14-42 X Lens, 45-175 X Lens, 20mm pancake, for compatability reasons.

    Here's a grab from 30p HBR at 86M which incidentally passes Stray's Colour death chart. This was from an older matrix... :-)

    canis majoris at 85M HBR 30p.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @driftwood Looking forward to it! Will it be posted on the first page or here? Thanks for the hard work...and 720

  • Driftwood: Last time you gave us a countdown clock, this allowed those of us in the US to explore time zone changes; subtract 5 (in my case) and try to figure out if GMT included my daylight savings, then (like my prom date) held out for a couple hours. Please include the same fun. Thanks.(veiled attempt at humor)

  • @driftwood Hi. I shot pictoris 25p hbr and i´m having problems transcoding the long takes with 5dtorgb (free version) just 10-15 frames before the end it stops... short takes go ok! evrything looks fine on VLC Do you have any idea about the cause of this problem? thanks

  • Canis Majoris sounds good, looking forward to it.

  • @driftwood So, Canis Majoris won't support 24p?

  • @driftwood So, Canis Majoris won't support 1080 24p?

  • @Terry2 I am not Nick, so take this for what it is worth. I cannot remember a time when Nick launched a patch without 1080 24P. He includes it by default. The modes he listed are the less commonly supported ones that he wanted to emphasize, not an exhaustive list. 720 60P is one he has often described as problematic in the past, for instance, so it is notable that it is working.

  • @driftwood "*** Latest News *** Canis Majoris with new matrices built from the ground up to fully support 1080i60/HBR/720p60 and looking good"

    Ohhh my .... i can't wait. I actually have a shoot coming up in a couple weeks that is going to require 30p, this couldn't have come at a better time. Just a quick question though, how does the HBR30p in Canis Majoris hold up to say the 24p of pictoris or Rocket, which if I can remember, I can shoot at 80% to achieve 30p.

  • cluster v2 will come with canis or sedna matrix??? or both version??

  • I posted before at the basic and beginners site, and thought I might as well try here as well.

    I was testing some hack's and have found V4B cbr ORION, to be the hack (patch) I like the best. I'm going to be shooting a short movie (22 minutes) with this V4B, and a lot of the footage is in a car, with many different mounting points, the hood, the door, and the windshield, as well as tracking shots from another vehicle. The background for this sequence and most of the movie is the desert! There will be one seen with a lot of motion within the frame, but these shot's will be on stix and a jib. How would you think the V4B ORION, will hold up? GH2, SANDISK EXSTREME PRO 95MB/s 32GB & 64GB. 24P Cinema, 24H, 160 to 320 - ASA, ND3, ND6, ND9. 1/50 to ? shutter. Vibrant/Standard/Cinema/Nostalgic. Leaning towards Vibrant! Recording times can be up to 4 minutes? ( Will the card record this length consistently without cutting off) Most of the vibration in the car is minimal, yet still there. I'm dumping the card's to a NEXTO 500GB field hard drive. So I think the 27 minutes run time I'm getting on the 32gb card's will not be a problem as I will always have a card ready! I will really be pushing the GH2 and ORION, so just wanted to run it by some of you masterminds here before I committed to ORION V4B, CBR. ( She sure does look pretty )

    Thank you all for any idea's or suggestions


    Venice CA

  • @berrygood Yes, all the testing indicates reliable 3 minutes and 50 second plus takes with that combination of card and settings in 24H. You should be good to go.

    Heck, I had completely reliable 3 min 50 sec plus takes with Delikin 16Gb 95 with that patch in 24H.

  • berrygood: I would wait a day or two to see what Driftwood is cooking up, once you get it you're really going to have to test spanning which depends on the right combo of lens, card and settings. Just when you think it's as good as it's going to get around here Nick ticks it up a notch. At that point I would ask for Nicks opinion as to camera profile, it seems he is really fine tuning this next one.

  • @berrygood yes i accept orion v4b is the best,..but now i like sedna AAQ1 for its sharpness and low noise ability in higher iso,.. yes you can now push the iso upto 1600 without getting any really visible noise,..yes you will find noise but very fine and its minimized a lot,..more over if you keep sedna in standard and in smooth it does the job,..the sharpest and most detailed footage ever,... i tested sedna for 2 days,..continues after banging my head orion or sedna,..i ended up tested it so seriously,..if you really want some proof,..wait 18hrs from now,..i uploaded a 11min clip in 720p but i want to show the same clip in 1080p to all our members,... amazing,.. same day i used orion for couple of hours,..and yes sedna AAQ1 beats orion in sharpness , details and in noise levels for sure,...orion v4b stand next to sedna now,.in the second row,..if you want more of a official avc intra matrix keep orion ,... but if u want something superb a hybrid,..go for sedna AAQ1. i call sedna AAQ1 as the "predecessor killer" (wait for another 18 hrs just watch compare and decide)


    thx to @driftwood @Vitality

  • @terry2 even i have the same question in mind do Canis Majoris improve 24p?? but its a great news that we have the 1080 60i in a better look,..and 720 60p ,...its a very good news if hbr 60i 60p 720 and all other settings are also improved,... we have sedna which takes 24p to top,.. its better to see other setting improvements in sedna,... so i feel Canis Majoris is going to improve sedna in 720 60p 1080 60i and so on,...only mr driftwood can say what he is upto,...ya ya you can guess or try to dream just like i do ;)

  • @driftwood I saw this frame and was about to be overwhelmed with geek joy but then ... is this in Brighton? It would be funny if it is... I am looking forward to new settings too but now I want to go back to Brighton as the weather improves hopefully hehe

  • It improves on deblocking

  • I don't know if it's just me but I see a lot of interlacing artifacts in the frame that driftwood has posted.

  • @kodakmoment WMP tries to deinterlace hbr footage it seems so that is why you are seeing that

  • For those sticking with Orion 4b, what do you like better about it vs Sedna?

  • Had my first chance to test out Sedna today, with High detailed Matrix, and an old Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 in FD mount that I picked up this afternoon. The combination is a deadly one. After only one day of shooting I can already say it's my new favorite lens, and coupled with Sedna....Perfection! A Couple of grabs for giggles. Straight out of camera, untouched.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Wow, look at all the clean detail on the bricks in that first shot.

  • @Ian_T , agreed. I haven't my GH2 perform like this since I've owned it, those bricks really shocked me.

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