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GH2 v1.1 new firmware with 25p discussion topic
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  • @Mr_Moore - the link is broken.

  • The new Olympus OM-D E-M5 recording format MOV(MPEG-4AVC/H.264) Full HD: 1920(H)x1080(V), 59.94i Recording *3 20Mbps

    You think this quality is better that GH2 firm 1.1 HBR 25p 24Mbps? Thanks

  • @cocute

    1080i is never better than any progressive format. The 720p for the Olympus camera is only 30 FPS as well. Basically this is no match for the GH2. It might not even be a match for the GX1 if it is true 1080i/60. I would much rather have 1080i/30p than true 1080i.

  • I tested ClipWrap 2 from Divergent Media ( to convert Ver. 1.1 30p HBR clips to ProRes. Final Cut Pro reports the clips are, indeed, progressive, rather than interlaced. Why Panasonic wraps its 30p clips in an interlaced container eludes me.

  • Panasonic puts their 30p in an interlaced stream to maintain compatibility with 1080i televisions and the AVCHD 1.0 standard.

  • Firmware 1.1 / HBR Mode / Hyperprime magic SLR 12mm/ f.1.6/12ms/ 3200 ISO/ noise reduction 0 /

  • First video E-M5 fullhd, i think not good

  • Firmware 1.1 / HBR Mode / Hyperprime magic SLR 12mm/ f.1.6/12ms/ 3200 ISO/ noise reduction 0 / it is my first movie with the gh2.

  • @pop24

    Top! Any grain reduction in post? Love the joke(kann ja auch Deutsch hehe)

  • Nice Story, well done.

    From 1:31 i can see vignetting. Is this with the Magic SLR 12mm a problem at any aperture?

  • Oh, we have done our 99FireFilms entry with 1.1 GH2 too.

    HBR Mode, some Minolta MDs and mostly iso 160.

  • Firmware 1.1 / HBR Mode / Hyperprime magic SLR 12mm/ f.1.6/12ms/ 3200 ISO/ noise reduction 0 /

  • @gerald vignetting is not the problem with the hyperprime, its just a effect in the post. @zorba noise reduction is not needed with 3200 iso. the new frmware is much better now

  • Is it 2/15/2012 where you are yet?

  • Can anybody tell how to roll back to previous firmware 1.0E from 1.1? I've reformatted SD card and put the original GH2__V10.bin on the root folder, turned on and nothing happened. Same thing with the patched GH2__V10.bin that I renamed to GH2__V12.bin Thanks (Edited - found my fault - just to confirm, you can easily go back and forth between versions)

  • @pop24 - very cool work - i was wondering what do you use for stabilization - so smooth...

  • so is PTool v3.64d able to patch GH2's v1.1 now? i guess not yet, right? UPDATE: oh i saw the version update history! GREAT to see =) now i just need good settings again just for people wondering where to find the new ptool able to hack v1.1:

  • Neo Scene seems to automatically recognize 25p in the HBR files.

    I always transcode just because it makes editing so much smoother but in this case I checked the "Maintain source format" since I simply forgot about the 50i wrapper. In AE the original MTS are recognized as 50i and the transcoded files as 25p. Awesome.

  • This "25p in 50i wrapper" thing makes me nervous... I now use ClipWrap2 (latest version) to convert my .mts files to ProRes 422. The problem: There are those lines in the footage, that make it look like interlaced, but it is progressive. The lines are there in every player and editing software and seem to be a "feature" of the image. If I just rewrap the mts files with CW, the image looks better and exactly like the original ones, without the lines. The downside: AE crashes, as soon as I import one of the rewrapped .mov files. The files converted to ProRes work fine, no crash, but there are the lines... What am I doing wrong?

  • I never used ClipWrap but it sounds like you´re actually de-interlacing instead of just rewrapping the footage. If you de-interlace progressive footage you´re bound to get some crazy lines.

  • Dominant field is probably mixed up. You are combining field 2 from frame 1 and field 1 from frame 2 into one frame.

  • Hm... That makes sense to me! ;) Maybe this is the answer I was hoping for, thank you. So ClipWrap converts GH2´s progressive 25p footage into files with visibly offset lines, because it thinks, the footage is actually interlaced? Anyway, this effect only appears if I convert the files to ProRes. "Rewrapped" footage looks as it should, but as already mentioned, AE crashes everytime I try to import it.

  • I think that´s it. As I mentioned, I use Neo Scene and those files play fine with AE. But your rewrapped ones should definitley behave also...normally.

  • @sir_danish that may be the case for you, but i for one, if i look closely, do notice little interlacing-like lines in HBR, at least in the 30p NTSC version. What's causing that, I'm pretty sure, is that even though the footage is progressive, panasonic's firmware sends it into the h.264 encoder already tagged as interlaced and therefore the encoder treats the 2 fields as separate images when encoding. When you have a lower bitrate (like the stock bitrates) the normal compression artifacts are significantly different between the two fields and result in every other line being slightly different giving an interlaced-like feel to the image. This is just laziness or something on the part of panasonic because it seems like they should have first encoded HBR footage as progressive (camera already does that for 24H/L) then just simply tagged the stream as interlaced when writing to the card. This is also probably why the HBR image, especially vertically, is not as sharp as the 24p modes. And unfortunately it seems to be hard to get the camera not to error out when shooting HBR at any bitrate high enough to mitigate those compression artifacts. I remember someone said the line artifacts were not there in the HDMI output (because it's not h.264 compressed). But for those of us not about to shell out $$ for an external recorder (or who want to be super mobile), that's not much consolation.

    Edit: forgot to mention that 5DtoRGB seems to be able to make the vertical resolution a little better with HBR, as long as you override the input field dominance and tell it to treat the clip as progressive (which unfortunately means you can't use the free version with the batch script because there's no documented option for that control from the command line)

  • Kind of embarrassed to ask....The Ex. Tele Conv mode is grayed out when i try to shoot stills in Manual mode. But not for video. Is there a setting i need to change? Thanks.