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Pentax K-01 Digital Mirrorless
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  • You made me laugh with your arguments. :-)

  • It looks like the car Homer Simpson made for his brother, with equally disastrous consequences awaiting it and Pentax.

    The sensor is the same as the NEX 5N... 16MP Sony.

    There's no EVF.

    Screw-driver AF is older than I am.

    Most probably, lenses are not optimised for contrast detect AF like Panasonic.

    Sorry Vitaliy but I really dislike it.... So far....

    Marc is not a camera designer and it shows.

  • I'm in the "like the design" camp. I also like the stabilization in camera, and the lens options. I'd like to see a GF1 style viewfinder but with NEX5N view finder resolution.

  • Boy is this baby ugly!

    I think that Pentax did right thing. As good design have exactly this goal - love/hate separation, and do not go unnoticed.

  • I like the ugly look of this guy. I am so tiered of the we are in the future/apple look to products. This is a refreshingly ugly camera.

    I have high hopes for this guy, k5 sensor and built in image stabilization are cool features. Also you can mount nikon glass on pentax cameras!

  • i bought the K-x as my first foray into hdslr, then went to canon, then the GHs, maybe it will come full circle eh. i would want this K01 to succeed.

  • I fucking love the prospects of this camera...this is what nikon should of done,allow support of its current dslr lenses. Yeah its a ugly duck but whats inside that counts. if it does better video than nex 5n im sold!

  • Boy is this baby ugly!

  • Me too, my first film reflex was a Pentax.

    My point is that K-01 "needs" to be a serious video tool in order to make any sense (and I hope that's Pentax idea too).

  • So you care about video, don't you?

    I care about Pentax :-)

  • So you care about video, don't you?

  • So why not going for a K-5 or a K-xr (same size as K-01 and live-view available)?

    Are you serious? K-5 is twice the price. It is pure SLR, not really suitable for video shooting (despite liveview, etc). Same for all video related features. And it has good photo too. As for K-xr, I hope you are joking here.

  • @Vitaly: "I really do not care about video much here [...] For me screw drive and, good sensor, good screen are enough."

    So why not going for a K-5 or a K-xr (same size as K-01 and live-view available)?

  • @Vitaliy, No, got me wrong ! I love the camera and everything about it. Just the fact that there is no VF makes me wonder how the heck i'm going to frame my still shots. I can't shoot handheld with my arms extended especially at slower shutter speeds. That posture makes me feel like Japanese tourists snap shooters. Certainly the components and features they put in this camera are pro stuff.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    It is not small because it uses SLR lenses. And if you ask me it is the best solution for Pentax.

  • @AmandaNL

    You can install any K mount or M42 glass. Also many old Nikon F glass (if you turn it backwards and know not to hurt camera) :-) For me it is enough.

  • No adapters so no vintage lenses..... Or adapters with glass...

  • I am sorry. I just couldn't get past the way it looks to even read the specs. This thing isn't small right? I like the idea but I just can't forgive the execution.

  • guys, please. we are forgetting most important thing.

    It comes in my favorite color

  • @010101

    Try not to talk into extremes. Like "this is for tourist picture snappers ". It is quite strange to call such one and only mirrorless camera with support for any old glass, one of the best sensor on the market. Many professionals people just use camera inside for interviews or with external monitors. And they are certainly not tourists.

  • The lack of viewfinder says; " this is for tourist picture snappers ". Can you imagine putting a 300mm/2.8 on it and then trying to frame a shot handheld at the arms length !? On the other hand if video is good and Vitaliy does his magic on it we could slap a magnifying VF on it and laugh all the way home knowing our K mount glass now could enjoy image stabilization for full HD. The look is bold and new. They should make the leather(et) look available to order. I will be to first to contribute to the hack as soon as Vitaliy sets it up.

  • Focus peaking, lets hope this mode works during video too.

  • Yep, it also have special video timelapse mode.

  • That yellow one is starting to grow on me. Either you love or hate the design, personally i don't care. This are the points i like about it.

    • Cheap starting MSRP
    • able to adapt K-mount lenses without a need for adapters
    • Body Shake reduction
    • K-5 sensor, i think this is one of the better APS-C sensors out there
    • HDMI out and mic input with audio levels control
    • Timelapse recording

    I just hope it has fully manual controls for video recording No tilting LCD though thats a bummer, maybe thats what the HDMI out is for.