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Pentax K-01 Digital Mirrorless
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  • Me too, my first film reflex was a Pentax.

    My point is that K-01 "needs" to be a serious video tool in order to make any sense (and I hope that's Pentax idea too).

  • Boy is this baby ugly!

  • I fucking love the prospects of this camera...this is what nikon should of done,allow support of its current dslr lenses. Yeah its a ugly duck but whats inside that counts. if it does better video than nex 5n im sold!

  • i bought the K-x as my first foray into hdslr, then went to canon, then the GHs, maybe it will come full circle eh. i would want this K01 to succeed.

  • I like the ugly look of this guy. I am so tiered of the we are in the future/apple look to products. This is a refreshingly ugly camera.

    I have high hopes for this guy, k5 sensor and built in image stabilization are cool features. Also you can mount nikon glass on pentax cameras!

  • Boy is this baby ugly!

    I think that Pentax did right thing. As good design have exactly this goal - love/hate separation, and do not go unnoticed.

  • I'm in the "like the design" camp. I also like the stabilization in camera, and the lens options. I'd like to see a GF1 style viewfinder but with NEX5N view finder resolution.

  • It looks like the car Homer Simpson made for his brother, with equally disastrous consequences awaiting it and Pentax.

    The sensor is the same as the NEX 5N... 16MP Sony.

    There's no EVF.

    Screw-driver AF is older than I am.

    Most probably, lenses are not optimised for contrast detect AF like Panasonic.

    Sorry Vitaliy but I really dislike it.... So far....

    Marc is not a camera designer and it shows.

  • You made me laugh with your arguments. :-)

  • This might work great on a fully equipped rig with ext monitor, ext mic, follow focus, etc.

    How many tripod mount holes it has? Two?

  • Glad to entertain you :)

    But there is not really an argument here.

    Which is unusual for me :)

    It looks like a lego Pentax.

    The benefits of a DSLR are optical viewfinder, disadvantages are size and weight and more complex. Advantages of mirrorless are small size and weight, EVF and ease of use.

    So Pentax's plan?

    Keep all the disadvantages and none of the plusses.

  • @EOSHD

    You are keeping doing it :-) It is so funny.

    Let's just conclude that you have zero understanding of Pentax market and lenses.

  • My understanding is very few Pentax lens owners don't already own a Pentax DSLR. So they are all going to rush out and sell their K5 for this Lego Brick?

  • And there's no right and wrong here. Everyone has a personal reason for liking something, and different needs. I don't have any Pentax screw-drive AF glass, so what would I do with a screw-drive on the mount? Attach a toothbrush and brush my teeth with it?

    Fact is, it is not for me.

    Olympus OM-D on other hand... 5 axis image stabilisation, 9fps very fast digital sensor readout, 1080p and probably a very good, clean output, lovely style of body and high build quality, fastest AF in the world, plenty of nice lenses, decent EVF. I think it could be a GH2 beater.

    Have just got the NEX 7. That is also very nice.

  • @EOSHD

    Most Pentax lens owners don't have K-5 :-) Or just want good extra camera.

    As well as many new users, who'll certainly buy it.

  • Fact is, it is not for me

    Can I ask stupid question?

    What are you doing in this topic in such case?

    You also have horrid specifications fixation. Especially for the cameras you never ever held yoursels.

  • I am in love.

    can't wait for the video mode tech spec, codec, 10-bit, hdmi uncompressed,422... VK hack,.... oh sweet dreams

    canon is really out of the game, sure they are preparing some fancy announcement for their mirrorless, just prepare 10K$ and canon will find the way to take it

  • Looking at the boxy design, there's nothing blocking around the mount. No problem in using a follow focus either side. The thick base & sturdy body would give more lens support. Plus live HDMI, ext mic-in, audio level, full manual control, and 24/25/30/50/60p. K-5 sensor has 13 steps dynamic range for JPEG. Add a bunch of Samyang 14/24/35/85mm K-mount where 14mm is around 22mm in 35mm format. No adapter required. Body only $749.

    Waiting for hands-on reviews and samples...

  • @EOSHD

    I don't think anyone is going to sell their SLR for this camera.

    However, I might very well sell my Panasonic GF2 for this camera, especially since I am already using adapted Pentax lenses.

    I think it looks awesome, I am strangely drawn to the yellow one. I like the price vs. features. I'm already used to shooting without a viewfinder, it has its drawbacks but for a compact camera it works pretty well.

    I don't compare it to an SLR, but rather compare it to all the other compact mirrorless cameras out there.

  • What could be really interesting for video (if scaling is done right), is if the hdmi port gives a clean signal. If so (enabling external recording), it does make for a really interesting video module.

  • No built-in hdmi lock either...

  • @stonebat

    :-) As on every camera that I know.

  • @adelorenzo: "I don't compare it to an SLR, but rather compare it to all the other compact mirrorless cameras out there."

    Sorry but I couldn't agree less:,34

    Again: K-01 needs to be an excellent video tool in order to make any sense, otherwise it will be a mutilated DSRL more than a mirrorless camera

  • The current mirrorless nx/m43/e/x/cx/q mounts have much shorter flange focal distance (ffd) than dslrs'.

    The m43/cx/q has smaller sensor and shorter ffd. Thus smaller lenses, sharper corners, more noisy sensors.

    The nx/e/x has aps-c sensor and shorter ffd. Thus big lenses, less sharp corners, less noisy sensors.

    Who says mirrorless can't have longer ffd? Pentax removed the mirror and kept the k mount. Thus big lenses and good sensors. Sounds reasonable. Prolly good corner sharpness. But where are CDAF lenses? What about AFC? What about AF speed? Even if AF sucks, MF video might be great on this system... if Pentax is serious about video features.